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So what do you think?

March 02, 2009

Move with the times, huh ?
Well, I was just really bored being bedridden and so went in for a whole makeover of the site.. while some of the old stuff is still retained, I've also added other fun widgets and gizmos to give it a fun look.. so those of you who have me on a RSS FEEDREADER and those who just stop by, please do tell me whacha think of this look..

I wish I could make the REACTIONS COLUMN at the end of each post more legible. But can't find out the place to edit the colour scheme for that.. any ideas, pals ?

oh, and as for the pic.. I found this application from Aathira's site which allows you to make your own superhero.. I totally agree with her.. the world needs more superheroes.. I too volunteer my services.. ta da ta ta tataaaaaaaaa... 

Beware, criminals..Fumbling, bumbling doc by day, crime fighter extraordinaire by night. Wherever there is kindergarden bullying, moderately rabid chihuahuas and unfinished cake, just saythe magic words and The Meaty Spectacled Spork and his plastic Spoon of Doom will be there !!! 
My first assignment - the slabs of Galaxy chocolates taken hostage in a fridge downstairs. Rest assured, young ones.. I take no prisoners.

P.S. Yes, if I had my way, all superheroes would be wearing yellow spandex underwear !!!

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  1. I read yours in the reader so either ways works for me.

    You like dark colours, don't you?


  2. COSMOS!!! i am in total love with this theme...

    yellow ?? wasn't it green with pink polka dots last time?? hmm? :P

    and for reactions color change.. goto edit html, expand widgets, and do the change there.. just u need to know the code of the color u need...

    save some chocolates for Ruby too , Doctor...

  3. Nags.. honestly I was aiming for vibrant colours.. but after trial and error for hours, finally settled on this..

    Rat, cant find the polka dot variety.. so it'll have to be yellow.. and who're you kidding.. this is a dog that eats only foreign chocolates and even turns her face away from meat 'if she's not in the mood.'

  4. seems like u r doing nothing but bring online... Doctor..

  5. Oh Yellow Spandex clad Spork!

    Me like the Greek inspired theme! Though, the reactions are sure a pain, I have been trying to get them to appear at the end of the post and successfully given up on two diff occasions!

  6. Superhero is back..and again in yellow spandex :D

    i like the underwater or extra terrestrial background on top..what is it really?

    it's good.. i like it better than the last one.

  7. just today, Rats.. been so long since i got such a break.. ah heaven.

    Aathira, I was hoping to learning the key to the damn Reaction Puzzle

    Illeen. true, I like it too.. as for theme, naturally it aint my original work.. but its definitely the skies.. can see a lotta astrological signs too in there

  8. First time here ... the yellow Spandex clad Spork is cute :) I tried this too, and created a Pink Lady ... If you change it to pink, you get excellent exchange offers these days ...

    (conditions apply, no guarantee)

  9. mr dr! awesome theme.. i mean i honestly did not like the previous one much - a theme is not supposed to take over the content after all! This ones brilliant!

    @ IHM - I m sure you reached here from my blog? hhehehe. the doc's got a fun blog i tell you!

    @ Nags - I dont have a speck of doubt that you are Nags from Google days! even the virtual world is small it seems! :))

  10. Indian Home Maker, welcome.. The Meaty Spectacled Spork has been by your site earlier ( intrigued by the name initially ). Awesome site and great causes you stand up for. But I'm afraid, I only wear yellow spandex.. The Pink Chaddis go to certain other famous Mangalore dwellers :)

    Jinu, thanx. I like this one too.. And yeah, Nags is Google Nags ( why o why is my mind telling me to tell you "BUT I SAW HER FIRST !!! BEFORE YOU.. SO BWAAH !!! AND PFFTTT TOO !! She's mine, not yours..." )
    Good thing I'm a mature doctor, huh ?

    Nags, hehe.. good thing you're in Singapore and can't beat the crap outta me, huh ?

  11. Very sporty ! I like blue ! But perhaps, if you could think on the font color(it's a little dull now), it would make it just perfect !

  12. Doc, relax. Jinu, how are you? :D

  13. @mr dr - nags is all yours in the blogosphere. I have other places to 'nag' nags :D

    @ nags - hiee! we'll catch up one of these days. it's been a while!

  14. purpleheart, wish i could but no idea how...

    nags, ok, if you say so :)

    jinu, hmphh ( with my snooty nose stuck up in the air ) :D
    Man, I'd be a great theatre actor, huh ?

  15. I love the yellow colour but no yellow underwears for me just the same!

    P.S.: You have a great blog, very smart and beautiful! Your are also a NaNoWriMo winner, OMG!

    I'm very busy until November; but will show up thereafter and leave long comments (as is my wont). Thank you for inviting me to meet the MSS!

    When the comment link opens as a new window (as here)it is a bit of inconvenience; you can change it from the settings and it will open in the same page. Don't mind the suggestion. I understand that you are into blogging since ages (while I am only two months old)!


    Vikas, New Delhi.

  16. busy till november.. wow !! that's a busy life.. anyway, do remember and stop by.. lookin forward to ur long comments.

    as for the comments thingy, i personally like it this way..

  17. err. that truncated comment is the result of an error!

    I ain't really so busy! I overdo things so I deliberately took a break. Need job badly! So must use all the time for studies.

    Still have a lesser known blog where I write my diary!


  18. wow.. you reply fast. dont you get tired of studying... Im only asking cos Im fed up myself :D

  19. Of course! UPSC has almost killed me! I have planned an eye-opener book on it but the project is getting inordinately delayed and will be completed by the end of this year now!

    Poonam calls me 'nimble'! If I am online I always reply swiftly (also I have a good typing speed).

  20. was going through the site.. man, you are working ur butt off on this, huh ?
    Good.. really admirable

  21. That looks like Abhishek Bachchan in Drona :P

  22. the blog looks cool.. :)

    thank you so much for the compliments about the blog.. but I dont see myself blogrolled or followed by you Doctor.. :(
    how will you come back again? :(

    hope to see more of you there ...:)

    p.s. i will keep coming here, me likes this place.. :)

  23. D, hehe, no way.. mine's way cooler !!!

    Pink Orchid.. i'd actually added u to my feedreader... anyway, u're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. changes have been made as u can see..


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