September 2014 - Godyears

Of Man & Dog

BardsOfTheBlogosphere Week2 Ch 6 – What lies beneath the surface #CelebrateBlogging

#5sentences Thank you note


Whose snake is it anyway?

How to Write Short Romance...

Alcohol Withdrawal: Just another thing Kerala is not prepared for post-prohibition

The Ongoing novel of Team 'Bards of the Blogosphere' #CelebrateBlogging

#15to50 Challenge: Live the Lie

Bards of the Blogosphere: Chapter 1 - Princess' Day Out. #CelebrateBlogging

This is not how my story ends #SuicidePrevention

Yummy Crab Curry

What's your favourite song featuring 'you' ?

Fact: Snakes can still kill you after they have lost their head!

My story shortlisted at Indireads 2nd Short Story Contest

Onam Sadya

Have your Onam Flower carpets ready! Coz' Mahabali is coming to town!

MakeMyHome: Dining Hall - Back to your roots

MakeMyHome - Bedroom: Luxury & Passion

MakemyHome - The Kids room: Freedom of expression

MakeMyHome: Living room - The serenity within blue

MakeMyHome - Study Room: My Faux cabin in the woods

The 10 peppiest TV theme songs of the last 25 years

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