When I was born (1981)-

  • Iraq and Usa were friends. Iraq and Iran were enemies.
  • The big virus on the block was Small pox, fought and eradicated by WHO.
  • Sexual deviations like Paedophilia, extra marital affairs, porn etc was still a " dirty western thing."
  • Computer games ? Like that funky new thing called Pac-man ?
  • Aliens came from outer space allegedly.. people would welcome them with open minds.
  • Wrestling meant "pinning a guy to a mat."
  • Neighbours shared coffee and cups of sugar.
  • Micheal Jackson was a black man.
  • A conversation on windows,webs & mice were related to houses.
  • A beard was manly.
  • Lady Di and Prince Charles : Beauty and the Beast.
  • School bags weighed 5 kgs on an average.
  • Music depended on voice and instruments.
  • World War 3 meant a futuristic movie concept.
  • A channel devoted to music was started for the first time while a hotel owner was holding his new born infant after a sleepless night.He made sure videocameras were zooming in on that cute bundle of joy.
  • A weird lazy animal was being conceived in some cartoonists head. The US president is shot at.

I live in an era where -

  • Iraq and Usa still do business together. Iraq is just a "little reluctant" in these transactions. Iran sympathises.
  • The big virus on the block is HIV, fighting and defeating all the pharmaceutical companies.
  • Paedophilia, extra marital affairs, porn etc are still a "dirty western thing." Its just seen in India more commonly these days.
  • Computer games ? The stuff that comes with the release of any movie. "King Kong", "Underworld", "Miami Vice" etc.
  • Aliens come from other countries on Earth.. people don't trust them.
  • Wrestling means " Summerslam", "Wrestlemania", "Steel cage matches" and "Punjabi Jungle matches"
  • Neighbours bitch.
  • Micheal Jackson is a white..something .
  • A conversation on Windows,webs and mouse means "computer talk."
  • A beard means Arab terrorist.
  • Camilla & Charles : Mr n Mrs Shrek.
  • School bags still weigh 5 kgs. The rest of the books are placed in lockers in the school after all.
  • Music depends on "how famous you are?" and "how fast you can talk without lisping " a.k.a. rapping.
  • Can't know for sure whether World War 3 has already started.
  • Mtv's still in your living rooms and the Hiltons are still having sleepless nights wondering what Paris Hilton is upto... and praying she's just sleeping at night with NO video cameras nearby!!
  • Garfield is still going and growing strong. He'd probably win the US elections if he stood for it...stood being a relative word.

This isn't what I ordered, Mr God. I wanted the "paradise special". Try not to get my orders confused with the red, horn-headed guy's at Table 10, will you ?


max said…
this is the paradise special!!

i guess what you need is a virtual reality video-game. One PS2 non-compliant Adventures-In-Paradise Version 3X coming up...

any side orders?
PythoRoshan said…
side order -
a gazillion dollars ( tax free )
Amisha Patel, Catherine Zeta Jones, my own private jet, limo, the meaning of life, the real assassin of Jfk, a Kevin Costner movie that doesnt make me yaaawn!!!, a Salman Khan movie where he actually acts.. and then "rest on the 7th day, MiLord"
snowywolf said…
farnie entry..

got me tummy ticking with laughters..
Aneesha Pillai said…
tht was fantastic...lol!!
cocaynne said…
Oh Nostalgia
and what wicked times we do live in.Love it! :D
hey..thx a lot for your comment...and urs nice blog too...
saikat said…
lolzzz amazing post....hopped to ur space for the 1st time and really enjoyed it...'ll surely come back for more ...

neeways am blogrolling ya..rocK on :D
Love your post! Garfield im sure would do a better job then Mr. Bush the bumbling idiot.
Tejas said…
ROTF. Awesome! You should add the K factor haunting every Indian woman nowadays
PythoRoshan said…
You're absolutely right, you know..damn!! I missed that one..any others? feel free to jump in with ones i missed.