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I had enumerated my published short stories (24 till date) list here.

Below are the list of published articles on e-magazines, periodicals, journals & other websites.


I made my debut in the prestigious Huffington Post in 2016.
My articles appear here.

1. Who will heal the healers? A cure for violence against doctors    

2. Why the touching love story behind the 'love is...' comic strip should inspire Indians.  - This would later be featured on NZ Edge as well.

3. Suicide Prevention : Recognize the Signs Early 

4. World Anaesthesia Day - The Magical Tale Behind Your Freedom From Pain




8. Why I will never allow my child to become a doctor in India

The Medical Post that went viral was shared (with permission) in quite a few websites too, including:
b) Scroll


12. My article on the Write India Book Launch Experience was featured in Times of India.



01.  Why I will not allow my child to become a doctor in India
Book : GP Clinics
Genre: Medical

The 'blogpost shared around the medical world' also appeared in print in GP Clinics.*

02. When "viral" is a good thing for a doctor*
Book : British Medical Journal
Genre : Medical 

The follow up article to my May 2015 blog post on the fallacies of the present medical system in the country featured in the prestigious British Medical Journal.
You can read it here.

03. Horace Wells
Book: Hektoen International (Journal of Medical Humanities)
Genre: Moments in History

The story of how we let a good man down centuries ago and how we need to learn from that error in judgement.
You can read it here.

04. The Side Effects of a Perfect Surgery
Book: The DentCare
Genre: Anecdote

Sometimes, even doing a difficult surgery perfectly is not enough for the patient as we found out to our amusement.

05. Know your strengths
Book : Heart Calls ( Periodical of charitable organisation for poor patients, Ashraya )
Genre : True Story, Inspirational

Instead of focusing on how others get things done and your own shortcomings, look to use your own strengths to achieve success. 

06. My 5-to-1 odds
Genre : Medical, True Story

If you were to give an ICU physician a 5-to-1 odds on the survival of his patients, he would be pleased. Because he knows how simple everyday events can be shockingly fatal.

07. The bigger they are, the harder they fall... asleep
Genre : Medical, True Story

The doctors version of 'size does not matter' : Where a young girl proves to be much braver than people twice her age and size, when it came to visiting the operation theatre.

08. A tale of three doctors
Book : Heart Calls ( Periodical of charitable organisation for poor patients, Ashraya )
Genre : True Story, Humor

Three separate anecdotes which showcase the humorous side of doctors.


01. Can our Tuberculosis patients get their drugs back please for IndiaMedicalTimes

02. The Masks we Wear for Blogadda.

03. Read. Write. Listen. Evolve. Repeat for Indireads.

04. Writing and Creating Audiences for Dr Danny K Simon.

05. Semmelweis' legacy for Change For Better.

06. How I made a Profit even during a Global Recession for MoneyView.

07. The Three Rs and Two More That you must teach your child for EverydayGyaan

08. Recipe - Mughlai Chicken for Something's Cooking

09. Say 'Thank you' before it's too late for Sukupedia

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