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My debut solo eBook
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Over the years, 25 short stories of mine have found their way into anthology collections, both in India and abroad.

My best achievement as a teller of tales.

author holding two Indian books

I hold the distinction of being the only Indian to have won BOTH Season 1 and 2 of Write India, India's largest literary contest.

You can read all about the competition & the star-studded book launch here.
The book, Write India Stories, (featuring the top 0.1% of all entries only!) is available on Amazon and Flipkart


In addition to this list: 

I also have over 40 articles published in various magazines (including Huffington Post), journals, periodicals and other websites. 
You can find the entire list here.


The List of Short Stories

01. Write India Stories - Season 1 (Times Group Books) 
(Inspiration) - The 1st prize winning story for the prompt by judge/ author Durjoy Dutta
A girl with a unique physical ability finds herself persecuted and imprisoned because she is different. In the darkness of despair, she finds an unlikely ally.

02. Write India Stories -Season 2 (Times Group Books)
Thankachan’s curse
(Humour) - The 1st prize winning story for the prompt by judge/ author Twinkle Khanna
Traditional beliefs clashes with the lone exasperated skeptic (and an unsuspecting cat!) as a matriarchal Keralite family resorts to extreme measures to stop the effects of a curse.  

03. Write India Stories -Season 2 (Times Group Books)
Runaway Girl 
(Family) - The 2nd prize winning story for the prompt by judge/ author Sudha Murthy
Lying in a hospital bed unable to speak, a young woman is forced to confront her past, present and future when a visitor comes calling.

The God Complex
(Medical / Real Life) 
When we doctors beat the odds and cheat death, yes, we do tend to develop a God complex. But sometimes, even in the miraculous recovery against all odds, there is a harsh lesson for us.
(Impact of the published story at the hospital)

05. Have A Safe Journey (Amaryllis) - The World's first anthology on Road Safety
The Good Samaritans
My story deals with an aspect of road safety closest to my medical profession - the golden hour a.k.a. the first hour after an accident during which time more than 50% of all road traffic accident victims can still be saved with proper measures... and a few good Samaritans.
(Preview here)

06. Urban Shots: Bright Lights (Grey Oak Publishers
Father of My Son
What do you do when your wife comes home with the startling revelation that your seven year old child is getting married?
(Reviews of my Short Story)

Phoenix Mall, Pune, 2012

07. Love Stories That Touched my Heart (Penguin Publishers)
No matter what fate has in store for us, we always remember the first time we confessed our feelings to the person we love.
(HeartStrings is also available as a standalone book.)

Lulu Mall, Kochi, 2013

08. An Atlas of Love (Rupa Publications)
(Romance) A young boy secretly leaves a package in his classmate's schoolbag. How the giver and the receiver react once the contents of the package are revealed form the crux of this tale.

09. Ten Shades of Life (Mahaveer Publishers)
Harry's Bluff
The hunter becomes the hunted as a hitman struggles to unravel the mystery behind a routine job gone wrong. But in seeking out answers, he will find himself confronted with the one villain that truly terrifies him... his past.
Winner of the 'Action/Adventure' Category in Fablery's Short Story Contest.

Atta Galatta, Bangalore, 2013

10. Family Matters (Nivasini Publishers)
A Mother's Touch
When a tourist on vacation wakes up to find her daughter having an acute episode of asthma and realizes that there are no medicines at hand, an unlikely saviour arrives in response to her silent prayer for help.

11. Twilight's Children: Tales of an Uncommon Life (Readomania)
The Strongest Person
Based on the real-life experiences I witnessed of the guardian angel I found beside a unique patient I had to care for as an anaesthesiologist.

 12. Stories For Your Valentine (Pageturn Publishers
Something Beautiful, Something Eternal
A son notices his aging father paying money to a total stranger on the platform. When pressed for an explanation, his father finally relents and tells him the story of the first girl he fell in love with during his school days; a story of young love, stolen kisses and life's twists. 

13 & 14. The Long & Short Of It (e-book/Indireads Publishers)
A Second Chance
A detective finds his bath interrupted when his past comes knocking at his door. (Also available as a standalone short story)
Winner in the 'Crime' category of the 1st Indireads Short Story Contest

Sowing Seeds
An old man takes his grandson through the jungle for a walk. The events of that evening change their lives forever.
Runner-up in the 'Crime' Category of the 1st Indireads Short Story Contest 

 15. Voices, Old & New (e-book/ Indireads Publishers)
The Ballet Lesson
As an elder sister helps her younger sibling in her ballet practise, she resents the privileges her sister has today that she missed out on during her formative years. But there is still a lesson to be learned by both siblings before the final note of the song plays.
Winner in the 'Drama' Category of Indireads 2nd Short Story Contest

16. Railonama (Good Times Books) 
The Boy With the Chocolate Eclairs
(Real Life) 
As the train carries on towards its destination, the passengers within the AC Compartment are all lost in their own world. One inquisitive young boy with a hand full of chocolate eclairs was about to change all that.

17. Myriad Tales (Half Baked Beans Publishers) 
The Unwelcome Guest 
(Horror) A re-imagining of one of Kerala's most famous urban legends, a priest from a foreign land tries to help the locals in a remote haven within Kerala defeat an evil they do not understand that has plagued them for years.

Kitab Khana, Mumbai, 2014

18. The World I Write In (Nivasini Publishers)
Two Worlds Apart 
(Real Life) The lives of two strangers separated by generations, states and religion have one poignant moment of intersection. 

19. Curtain Call (Half Baked Beans Publishers) 
Boys Will be Boys
Prepare to be scandalized as you peep into a private conversation between a self-proclaimed love guru and his conflicted apprentice as the latter recounts the events of his date last night.

20. Social Potpourri - An Anthology 2 (Authors Upfront Publishing)
How I Married Your Mother
A father has a very unique heart-to-heart conversation with his son about the woman that is an integral part of both their lives. 

21. Love - Lots of Volatile Emotions (Mahaveer Publishers) 
Black Magic Love Goddess Doctor
When an attractive new doctor arrives in a hospital, the narrator goes out of his way to put her in her place and prove he's the boss. 

22. Once Upon a Time (Fablery Publishers) 
The Woman of the Night
(Historical Fiction)
When the young Prince begins to assert his rule upon his countrymen, he is hailed as a worthy successor to the throne. However, from within the palace, various plans have been set in motion to destroy the Prince's resolve... plans that all lead to the doorstep of a young prostitute. 

23. I - An Anthology (FirstStep Publishers)
The Girl Without A Face
(Medical, Real Life)
Based on a true story about a young teenage girl I treated in the hospital and how her circumstances, her attitude and her determination affected me as the days progressed.

24. Mighty Thoughts (Airavat Publishers)
Pomegranate Nirvana
A foreigner finds himself disillusioned after coming down to India to meet a spiritual leader. Hope arrives from an unlikely avenue. 

25. Crimson Fog (TM Publishing)
Chasing August
Three decades ago, a myterious tragedy tore up a family in their own mansion in Goa. When the last surviving member of the family returns to try to solve the puzzle, he finds out that history has a horrifying way of repeating itself.


02. Ten Shades of Life in Bangalore 2013.
03. Myriad Tales in Mumbai 2014.
04. Write India Stories in Mumbai 2016.
05. Write India Stories: Season 2 in Delhi 2018

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  1. ur story 'heartstrings' in love stories that touched my heart is beautiful.

    it did touch my heart tooo...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tarang... it's been a fun journey for sure..

  3. i loved every story in "The Love Stories that touched my heart" . 'Heartstrings' was very touching tale.. i'd admit, i had borrowed the book from a friend, to read. i think the story had two characters' names starting with 'R'... The stories in there were very unique ones.. among my other favorites are 'A Train to my marriage'-(yes, one of the reasons is because the girl watches 'My little bride' korean movie during the train journey. 'Flirting' , 'A Pair of Shoes' and some names i don't remember..(one including a poem at the end- last note, or last poem..i don't remember..)

    1. Thanks Pratikshya. I too enjoyed the book and more importantly, I love the co-authors of this book who are now great friends of mine and always bring a smile to my face :D

  4. Wow, you truly are an inspiration for writers like us who are still trying to find a footing in the publishing industry. Congrats :)

    1. Thanks Prasanna... it's been a long journey but it's been worth it. Keep trying and keep reevaluating your style of writing... thats what I did.

  5. Guest post for me :-\:-\

    1. I know... I know :s
      I just havent got a good way of writing a post based on the theme provided

  6. Very impressive! Awesome! ♥

  7. Roshan, congrats! What a beautiful bouquet of published work!

    Now, write your own book! ♥

    1. sigh... writing my own book seems too far a dream for now. perhaps some day :D

  8. Great write-up! Writing is a talent, and it must not be wasted. As with everything that we had been entrusted, we should

    let it grow and share it with the world.> self

    directed education

  9. You have written so many short stories and I just realised that I have read many of them without knowing that it is you!

    All the best... Let many more come :)

  10. Oh my, what an impressive list! I am a fellow Chicken Soup writer--I am in New Mom's and Inspiration for Nurses. =)

  11. Writing is a talent, and it must not be wasted. As with everything that we had been entrusted.

  12. you truly are an inspiration for writers like us who are still trying to find a footing in the publishing industry.

  13. Roshan, congrats! What a beautiful bouquet of published work!

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