The list - in brief - of my  interviews and media-bytes till date are:

dr roshan radhakrishnan interviews.


BlogaddaIndian Express *

Medicos IndiaHerald Goa *

Sweet SharingBBC RadioDeccan ChronicleThe News MinuteIndian Express /Tulips & MeDocplexusDeccan Chronicle (again)

Bombadil Publishing UKForbes USA * / Times of India / Manorama Arogyam

Urban MelangeFinancial Times * / Today */ The News Minute * / The Times of India * / Vanitha * / Hindusthan News * / The Tina Edit

PJ Media / Times of India / Outlook / My Sweet Nothings / The Logical Indian / One.Surgery / Times Literature Festival

Scroll / Sunday Times of India / Times of India / Healthcare Executive / Weather / The Straits Times

                                                                                             * - Opinions featured in media outlets

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan and his blog, Godyears, have been featured in quite a few popular newsprint and media over the years.

IN DETAIL (With Previews & Links)

Click on the headings to check out the respective interviews.

My most serious interview would be for DocPlexus, I guess.

Or if you are too lazy to read them, there are a couple of video bytes too at the end!

Bonus: Tada. My opinion featured in Forbes. Yes, the Forbes.

01. Speakbindas - Interview (2009)
02. BlogAdda - Interview (2013)

04. MedicosIndia - Interview (2014)
05. Herald Goa (2014) "The Business of Blogging"
06. Medicos India  (2014) "What medicos expect from the new government."
07. SweetSharing (blog) - Interview (2015)

08. BBC Radio (2015) - Interview (audio clip)

09 . The News Minute - Interview (May 19, 2015) - "Worrying? Medical fraternity agrees with man who blogged he won't let his child be a doctor" 

10. Tulips & Me (blog) - Interview (2015)
11. Docplexus - Interview (2015)
12. Deccan Chronicle (December 6, 2015)

A few minor inaccuracies at the beginning but still a nice interview
13. Bombadil Publishing (UK) - Interview (April 22, 2016)
14. Times of India (2016) My thoughts on winning the WriteIndia contest.
15. Manorama Arogyam (2016) July 2016 - 3 page feature in the Doctors Day Special Issue

You can read the full article here

16. Urban Melange - Interview (2017 - Doctors Special Edition)

17. Financial Times (USA) May 8, 2017 - "Doctors are scapegoats for India's failing health system"
The same article also appeared in Today Online
18. The News Minute May 16, 2017
"Mob of angry relatives of dead patient assault Mangaluru doctor, attempt to abduct him"
19. The Times of India "Write India winners share their favourite quotes from literature!"
20 & 21. Hindusthan News (Hindi) & Vanitha (Malayalam) - A picture I posted online of a patient playing games while doctors performed surgery on his foot went viral and ended up in a few news sites.
22. The Times of India - Write India Season 1 Winners share their writing tips
23. The Tina Edit (2017) - Interview (Blog)
24. PJ Media (2018) - "Indian Theaters Censored the Name of a Hindu God Put in 'Black Panther' to Appeal to Indian Fans"
25. Times of India (April 22, 2018) - Mentioned in popular O-zone series article "The Art of Giving"
27. Outlook (May 21, 2018) - MY ARTICLE on 'How Kozhikode Is Fighting Off The Nipah Virus Outbreak'. This would later be quoted in DailyO
27. MySweetNothings - Interview (Blog)
28. The Logical Indian - Mentioned in the article 'Assaulting Doctors is not the Solution'
29. ONE. SURGERY - My Interview as a voice of change in the global healthcare sector
30. The full video of my session as a host for a session at the 2018 Times Literature Festival held in Delhi
31. Times of India - Me being one of the winners of Season 2 of Write India.
32. Scroll - My views on caste discrimination in the medical field featured in "Mumbai Adivasi doctor’s suicide highlights extreme casteism in India’s medical colleges"
33. Sunday Times of India - Quoted in the article "A Doctor’s life! 15-hour duty at stretch, day after day, without any day off.'
34. Sunday Times of India: My anecdote related to caste discrimination was also featured separately in the same page as the previous article. 

35. Times of India - Quoted in the article "When doctors discriminate"

36. Healthcare Executive - Why can't We Solve Violence Against Doctors?
37. - Tips to Protect Yourself From Seasonal Illnesses During the Monsoon
38. The Straits Times - Intense online debate in India after Zomato refuses to pander to Hindu customer's religious bias
39. Quartz - If you’ve watched “Black-ish,” you know there’ll never be an Indian “Dalit-ish” or “Muslim-ish”

Video Bytes:

Me at WIN'14, India's first live blogging awards and conference ceremony.  P.S. I ended up winning!

Media bytes: Social Samosa 

I also got featured in two of Renault Lodgy's official videos after having a delightful time in Goa at their LiveLodgyCal event in 2015.


Featured in Rajasthan Patrika on
National Doctors Day, 1 July 2015


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