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Promotional Articles & Campaigns

A documented highest social media reach in 2018 of 6.6 million in just one week on Twitter alone via a verified profile having over 10,000 organic followers (as of June 2020) ensures that brands across the country invariably reach a new wide and diverse group of readers. Tweets from the author have gone viral on multiple occasions in the last few years, sparking huge interest and debate online from the public.

At the Website:
Over the years, I have collaborated successfully with over two dozen national and international brands, promoting an eclectic variety of products over the years, ranging from luxury automobiles & hotel resorts to NGOs & beach festivals. 

Brands I have collaborated with include:

Godyears in a nutshell

One of the longest, consistent blogs in India ever, the journey beginning back in 2005. 

Interviewed and featured in the media on over 50 occasions, including in articles by BBC, The Times of India, NDTV and The Indian Express among others. You can find the entire list over here.
Was one of the motivational speakers for the Changing Tomorrow Youth Summit 2017 alongside the likes of actress Raveena Tandon and politician Sachin Pilot.


  1. The Best Creative Writing Blog in India (WIN'14)
  2. The Best Blog from Kerala (Indian Blogging Awards 2017)
  3. Only Indian to have won first place in both Season 1 and Season 2 of Write India, India's largest literary contest.


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