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Promotional Articles & Campaigns

A documented highest social media reach in 2018 of 6.6 million in just one week on Twitter alone via a verified profile having over 10,000 organic followers (as of June 2020) ensures that brands across the country invariably reach a new wide and diverse group of readers. Tweets from the author have gone viral on multiple occasions in the last few years, sparking huge interest and debate online from the public.

At the Website:
Over the years, I have collaborated successfully with over two dozen national and international brands, promoting an eclectic variety of products over the years, ranging from luxury automobiles & hotel resorts to NGOs & beach festivals. 

Brands I have collaborated with include:

  1. Land Rover
  2. Renault Lodgy
  3. Tata Zest
  4. Tata Tiago
Health & Healthcare Awareness
  1. Sanofi Pasteur 
    1. My First Encounter with Meningococcal Meningitis
    2. Why Taking the Influenza Vaccine Matters 
    3. Make the Right Choice: Immunize Your Child
    4. Debunking Misconceptions About the Flu
    5. Your First Year as a Parent Can Save your Child Forever
    6. How Do Vaccines Work
    7. Be Aware of the Less Painful Vaccines Available For Your Child
    8. Delaying Booster Doses of Vaccinations is Not an Option
    9. 3 out of 5 DTP Vaccine Boosters is Not Good Enough
    10. Why the Yearly Flu shot is Beneficial and Protective
  2. Sasakawa - India Leprosy Foundation 
    1. Beyond the Myths - Life After Leprosy
    2. The Blueprint for Eliminating Leprosy in India
    3. Spread the Word About Leprosy to Help End the Spread of the Disease
  3. AllergyFree
  4. Sputnik V
Healthcare Devices
  1. Philips GoPure SlimLine 230 Car Air Purifier
  2. Philips DreamStation
  3. Philips HeartStart
Beauty & Personal Care
  1. Welspun Face Masks 
  2. VLCC
  3. VLCC DNA Wellness
Drinks & Nutritional Supplements
  1. Ensure 
    1. My Journey to Ensure a Stronger 2018
    2. Time to Ensure a Stronger 2018 for Myself
    3. How Can You Boost Your Immunity as You Grow Older 
    4. What Failing the StandUp Challenge Taught Me 
    5. Build Your Strength From Within and Without - Here's How
    6. The importance of complete nutrition while recovering from COVID19
    7. As we Age, Why do we need to take extra care of our nutritional intake
  2. Protinex
  3. Tea Culture of the World
  1. Cif Perfect Finish Oven and Grill Cleaner
  2. Puma El Rey Future 
  3. Urban Ladder
  4. Asian Paints Luxury Aquadur Wood Finish  
  1. ICICI Lombard
  2. Royal Sundaram Health Insurance 
  3. Edelweiss Tokio Life - Criticare +
  4. Funds India
  1. Ola Rental
  1. Hotel Alila Diwa, Goa 
  2. Hotel Leela Palace, Goa
  1. Coca Cola - The WASH program
  2. East Asian Medical Students Conference
  3. Muzhappilangad Beach Festival, Kannur
  4. India's Digital Superstar  
NGOs & Other Brands
  1. The Wedding Spell (Wedding Decor)
  2. Azure (Brand Management) 
  3. Cancer Patients Aid Association 
  4. AhamBhumika (NGO) 

Godyears in a nutshell

One of the longest, consistent blogs in India ever, the journey beginning back in 2005. 

Interviewed and featured in the media on over 50 occasions, including in articles by BBC, The Times of India, NDTV and The Indian Express among others. You can find the entire list over here.
Was one of the motivational speakers for the Changing Tomorrow Youth Summit 2017 alongside the likes of actress Raveena Tandon and politician Sachin Pilot.


  1. The Best Creative Writing Blog in India (WIN'14)
  2. The Best Blog from Kerala (Indian Blogging Awards 2017)
  3. Only Indian to have won first place in both Season 1 and Season 2 of Write India, India's largest literary contest.


You can connect with me online via any of these social footprints of mine: 

So what are you waiting for? Talk to me already.

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      How do you manage your time creating such awesome articles, being an Anaesthesiologist !! (Y) ~ http://pcfunkies.com

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