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Who am I? Well, the first thing you probably need to know about me is that I stab people in the back for a living. And I confess I like it. 

Yes. I - Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan - am an anaesthesiologist and have worn many masks over the years, be it those of :
  1. A doctor inside operation theaters relieving pain for over a decade, 
  2. A writer of short stories ranging from romance to comedy and horror or just 
  3. An observer of the world around me via this blog, Godyears, that began innocuously enough as an online diary back in 2005 (making me a really OLD MAN in blog years.)

Along the way, I have picked up a few blogging awards including:
  1. The Best Creative Writing Blog in India (WIN'14)
  2. The Best Blog from Kerala (Indian Blogging Awards 2017)

In addition to this, I have also won Season 1 of Write India, India's largest writing contest ever and am a runner up in Season 2 of Write India as well. These are two of twenty five short stories that have been published in print or e-books over the last few years. You can preview the whole list here.

Where others have carved out niches for themselves, I remain the 'Jack of all trades' when it comes to blogging, writing about topics as diverse as Medical tidbits, Motivational anecdotes, tackling controversial national and international topics head-on, Fun Movie and TV show Trivia, food recipes and of course, myself!

Want to get in touch with Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan of the award-winning blog Godyears? This is how.

I am particularly proud of my 'Real Life Heroes of Kindness and Compassion' series wherein I have scoured news from across the globe, seeking out and showcasing ordinary people who displayed genuine acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity. I have even tracked down and interviewed some of these individuals or the recipients of their compassion directly.
From Presidents to World War veterans, cafeteria workers to school-going children, this is a series that shows that even in diversity, there is an infinite scope for kindness.

I have gone viral for my whistle-blowing blogpost on the Indian medical system (Why I will never allow my child to be a doctor in India) that ended up being the topic of discussion in hospitals both national and global in addition to being featured in various national and international media, ranging from NDTV to BBC and is still debated even today.

In addition to being featured over a dozen times in various newspaper articles, I have also been interviewed by various media outlets including Deccan Chronicle, BBC Radio and the Indian Express among others. You can find that list over here.

In 2017, I was honoured to be one of the motivational speakers for the Changing Tomorrow Youth Summit 2017 alongside the likes of actress Raveena Tandon and politician Sachin Pilot.

Yes, it has been quite a ride, indeed.


Yes, I have worked with quite a few international brands and promoted an eclectic variety of products over the years, ranging from luxury cars and 5 star hotel resorts to wedding decorators and beach festivals. 

Brands I have worked with via Godyears include:

You can contact or connect with me online via any of these social footprints of mine: 

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