Who Am I?

As an anaesthesiologist, Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan gets to do exactly what he aspired for when he joined the medical field - relieve pain. Turns out he is pretty good at doing the same with his words too.

Indian doctor

With over 2.3 million page views since its inception, Dr Roshan's Godyears.net is not just one of the longest-running but also considered one of the most popular in the country, having beaten out the competition to win the 'Best blog in India for Creative Writing' at the Country's First ever Live Blogging Conference and Awards Ceremony. His site is also the winner of 'the Best Blog from Kerala' at the 2017 Indian Blogging Award.

In addition to having a literary portfolio that includes over 50 short stories and articles published in various anthologies, journals, magazines and even being a writer for the Huffington Post, Dr Roshan boasts the unique record of presently being the only Indian to have won first prize in both Season 1 and Season 2 of Write India, India's largest crowd sourced competition ever.

Dr Roshan and his views have been featured over the years in dozens of media outlets ranging from interviews with the Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle in India to even international media and sites including BBC, the Financial Times (USA) and the British Medical Journal for his no-holds barred viral article on the failing healthcare system in India in 2015.

He looks to make a positive impact in real life too and in 2017, was one of the speakers for the Changing Tomorrow Youth Summit 2017 alongside celebrities like Raveena Tandon & Sachin Pilot, regaling young minds in Jaipur with his witty blend of medical anecdotes and social media interactions.

Over the years, Roshan Radhakrishnan has also worked with various national as well as global organizations, offering featured promotional articles at his site on demand for products from companies as diverse as Land RoverRenault, Tata MotorsOla, Leela Palace Hotels, ProtinexPhilips, VLCC, Asian Paints and Puma.


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