God is my witness...

by - April 08, 2007

I am unique. There is only one of me walking the streets of Pune. And I am in demand... but more on that later.

It started out as a joke. A good laugh. And then it carried on. And on. A week. Longer. And then, it turned serious. No, I'm not talking of my last love story. I'm talking of something more recent and more annoying. It all started when my roommate and I joined college in March for our residency course. Among the various articles we'd brought from our homes was a humble laptop. To enjoy the free moments we were sure would be present in the first few months, he had also brought a collection of good Mallu comedy classics to watch. And a Hindi Cd. I don't know why, I don't know how.. But for some inexplicable reason, that Cd was the old Amitabh starrer - Khuda Gawah!!!
After the initial howls of anguish and wonder died down, finally we saw the fun side of it.. and then work took over. We both realised that free time was a myth and , in fact, till date have only seen one movie of the whole set. But the joke persisted- how when we do get some free time, we mustn't waste it and enjoy to the core.. no, no. Not partyin in Pune. But by sitting in our shared room, with a bottle of Manikchand's Oxyrich water ( 300 % more oxygen.. forgive my chemical ignorance, but doesn't that make it hydrogen peroxide ? ) , a bag of chips.. and watch the one and only Khuda Gawah! It became our call of freedom- "hey Rads, I'm free this Saturday night after 10.30pm. Set up the laptop. We'll watch Khuda Gawah, right!!!"
Today, one month later , I still haven't watched Khuda Gawah. But not a day goes by that I don't hum the title track - nay, not hum, sing with outright gusto -
"Tum mujhe kubuul, main tujhe kubuul
Tum mujhe kubuul, main tujhe kubuul

Is baaat kaaaaa... Gawah Khudaaaaaaa
Khudaaa Gawaaaaaah Khudaaaa Gawaaaaah"

There have been many a time when I have got the quizzical stares of a wary pedestrian watching me walk a confident walk to the college with this song in my lips and probably wondering -"Damn idiot Southie !!! LAST FILM HE SAW IS KHUDA GAWAH!!! Who lets these morons into Maharashtra ? "
I don't mind them. It's the people who are scared I'm loony and have called up the hospital's Psychiatric Department that have me worried. I'm praying the fact that the present Psychiatry resident has suddenly taken an acute interest in me and has been popping up where ever I go is just a coincidence. I'm praying.

Thus you see, in the end, I am unique. There is only one of me walking the streets of Pune singing this extinct song. And I am in demand.. Damn psychiatrists. Think they can get me.. hah!! Better people have tried and failed, fool.
Is baaaat kaaaaaa
gawaaah Khudaaaaa

Khudaaaaa GawaaaH
Khudaaaaa Gawaaaah !!

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  1. Someone seems to be pretty regular in updating his blog, contrary to what someone told someone else. Now someone else has only one thing to say.


    Yeah, that's it.

  2. my cable waalah is obsessed with KG...shows it once every two days!
    I loved the sings though :)

  3. wonderful blog u have...
    will be back for more reads...

  4. no wonder Pune is in the news these days :D!!!

    loved the post and even imagined u walking, singing that song and lots f ppl on ur back to get hold f u!!howw wondeerful ;)!!


  5. n.... sigh, if only u knew. P.S., stole your video bar idea. |:)

    chandni.. damn, i thought i was the one in 2007 who would be watching KG.

    dj.. always welcome

    shammu.. still free from those mad drs.. i mean "mad" mad drs


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