To the stranger I love

by - June 01, 2007

I haven't met you yet, I guess. That's what makes this post so weird.

I don't even know you and I'm missing you already.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we've passed by each other, too busy in our own lives to glance at each other. Maybe our eyes met. Maybe we're miles apart with no idea that the other person exists.

I wish I knew who you were. I would love to know what makes your eyes twinkle - is it a brash YO MAMMA joke, or perhaps a subtle flirtation ? A hidden smile ? Chocolate ?
I would love to know what is "your" unique expression - a seductive lip bite ( grrrowl ), an arched eye brow ( say wha' ) or a rosy blush ?
I would love to know who you are, what you read, what you listen to and how you relax at the end of a rough day.

I don't know you.

But someday, in the future, I will fall in love with you.
And I hope you will too.

I want you to know that while I am gullible, I do wear my heart on my sleeve.. and I do love easily. I still believe as I did before that a person becomes more beautiful when you are in love with them. I realise now that it isn't necessary for couples to like the same things for love to exist.

I hope to let you know, as the years go by, that I will stay true ( disclaimer : mental fantasies excluded ), and while being a pain in the ass, I will be an adorable pain in the ass.
I hope you will learn to trust me the way I will blindly trust you ( unless you're a lawyer.. that's fair, right ? ) I hope you will grant me the space I desire without worrying that I need you not ( for nothing can be further from the truth )... I hope you can see beyond the jokes and realise that there is a serious person too trapped inside.

Till that day comes when we finally meet, stranger, stay safe. If you are in love, I hope it is a wonderful experience ( though not lovely enough that I have to compete with the memories !! ) . I hope you look both ways before crossing the street and avoid dark alleys. I hope you ain't sitting in a cafe worrying while eating the chocolate fantasy how your figure will be judged.. my eyes, at such times, are glued to the chocolate fantasy, rest assured.
I hope you don't worry whether I find your hot friend attractive. While my eyes may escort her as she travels the room, my heart will remain with you ( or something like that ). I hope you love cats the way I do.. stir fried or in a nice gravy with our pet dog nodding appreciatively.
I hope you cry while watching tear jerkers - it makes it easier to tease you while I get rid of the dust in my eye.

Most importantly, I hope you have a keen sense of humour... you will need it to love me.. heck, you will need it to be in love with me !!

If, however, in the end, fate intervenes, if our roads never cross, I pray you have a good life. I hope you get the guy you always dreamed of, the house with the seaside view and the labrador that does card tricks too - just leave me the last slice of the chocolate fantasy back at the coffee shop to remember you by, in my mind's eye, as the stranger I never laid eyes upon and looked forward to loving.

Till then, my love, I hope you are praying for me too somewhere.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.

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  1. roshan..!!!! i cant believe that i almost cried my eyes out..!!!

    u know what..when u do meet that girl
    and when she does read this post believe me..things will be exactly like the way u imagined it..!

    ps:**my heart will remain with you (or something like that)

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2007


    *sighh!and now ur writing my thoughts before i can blog abt it :)!!

    takecare!hope alls well!

  3. *weeps*

    too bad u r staying in India..

    "oceans after day.."

    u reminded me of a friend i know eons ago..

  4. lol Roshan,i cant beleieve u r writing this! so long!

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hope u find her faaaast!! shes really lucky love the humour and its yet so romantic!!

  6. AnonymousJune 06, 2007

    Very sweet post. I'm speechless.

  7. AnonymousJune 07, 2007

    U're a celeb on my blog now...just had 2 mention this. Am completely moved by it :)

  8. Very sensitive and Beautifullll...
    Yet, someone I love would have written in response:

    "stranger, when we meet
    pl remember
    God gave you me
    as he trust you

    when i throw the icecream
    in a tantrum at your face
    pl lick it off with a smile
    or slap me--hard
    never be indifferent

    when I dance on the table top
    after two tequilas
    with my skirt riding high
    flirting with your friend
    with Brad Pitt butt
    drag me home
    and love me

    boz my world has (and needs)
    a few jagged edges
    to keep me alive

    God will give me you
    as you are different
    and still he would trust me
    to be me.


  9. ok, im speechless that u're all speechless.. except shoonyata of course, who beats me heads up with her version!!!

  10. Roshan,

    Shoonyta is a "he" :)

    Good luck.

  11. damn..sorry. typically me, shoonyata.. typically me.

  12. AnonymousJuly 14, 2007

    May u fall in love, and fast..:)..

  13. cutee!!! read a few other posts as well..aish being manglik n the whos ur swamy mommy...add me to ur fanlist!lol! blogrolling u.. :)

  14. i think this is one of the best posts i have read. Beautifully expressed. Keep going doc. Add a new fan to your fanlist which i am sure is quite long:)


  15. heye thr..wanted sumthng nice to read so askd a frnd to just snd me sumthng nice..she snd me d link to ur blog! ;) it cheerd me up...really cute one..we all get these kinda thoughts..but to pen it down so beautifully is commendable...grt job done yaar! ill keep visiting ur blog nw..;)

  16. speechless and believe me thatsa HUGEEE compliment because i hardly ever stop talking...
    but believe me, if u havent met the stranger yet, im sure HE is just making sure she is good enough to match this cute post...err oh and yeah he must be working on the 'sense of humour' bit too :p

  17. Matches will surely be made right here on earth...and if the ONE reads this after, she's gonna hold you dearly to her heart...
    This was such an "aaaw" post...

  18. m's so sweet..

    i do take time to read your old posts..and they are always a delight esp after a tired day.

  19. Simply wow! Awesome :-)

  20. man, I have a lot of people to reply to here... be it ever so late.

    Nisha and Lalith, well, by the time I reply to this, you guys are practically regulars here... And Nisha has found her love too.

    Prachi, I hope you still are visiting this blog.

    Pri, no luck yet.. and it's been awhile.

    Prats, Illeen and anon, thanks...

  21. I have no words...this is EMOTIONAL

    You've made the woman come alive with your simple questions, the flow is just like it would be if it was already for real, and I love the 'Maybe's in the beginning.

    The way you've covered the intimacies, the tenderness of dealing with pain, the little things that add beauty...Roshan, I'm a fan!

    A beautiful symphony with words, very very rare! Do keep writing

    You have another fan to your already huge list :) Congo again!

  22. Thanks Avi.. this is one of my personal favs.. i guess its bittersweet that its been 3 years and the post is still relevant to me :)

    do keep commenting from ur end :) 5 years is a long time.. hopefully as u continue reading, u'll find more posts you like...

  23. i normally refrain from posting such cheesy comments..but this post just had me going "awwwwww" :)

  24. even 3 years later, its one of my own favourites.. the irony is i wrote it during one of my worst personal moments

  25. Absolutely WOW Roshan,
    You know I wrote a similar mail somewhere(I think I posted it too)
    Maybe yours n mine are up there somewhere kept against each other on some dusty counter!;-)

    Only you could make the reader smile in mush moments that almost turn into a giggle....

    Hope you found your love thereafter*warna...warna...sigh!;-)*
    A guy who writes such letters though should not be left unclaimed on any shelf or counter:-)
    Sharing this on my FB page coz I reallyyyy liked it:-)

  26. Thanks Suruchi for posting the link

    and to the writer of the blog .

    it was funny , it was witty and it was every bit what I would love to read and maybe write :D

  27. Suruchi, sadly im afraid I'm still in the "warna warna" category...still on the counter, slowly reaching the end of my "best before" date :)

    Hey, I cant find you on facebook.. rather, i found too many with ur if u find me please do add me..

    Shady, thanks a lot, dude... its these kind of comments you two sent that make my day.. just coming off a grueling 12 hour marathon in the operation theatre...

  28. mush mush poat :)
    love it

  29. dude fantastic post. i hope it happens real soon for u man.

  30. rainboy, thanks,

    sharat, i hope so too man :)

  31. I had read it before and had loved it too..but right now I needed it!
    Thank you for the post.

    ...and I hope you find her Rosh :)

  32. anytime pal... hop u find ur white knight in shining armour too..

  33. Good one bro! Don't know what else to say!

  34. Rosh... Its simply Awesome.. I am gonna b a regular visitor to this blog now on....

    Glad I stepped in here... :):)

  35. WOW!!! Didn't know even guys have such secret fantasies... :)
    May you meet your stranger soon and all your wishes come true :)

    1. We do have them too... among other fantasies... And sigh.. Keep those wishes coming.

  36. I am a busy mom who rarely has time to visit blogs. But when I do, yours is the first and usually the last (because I run out of time loitering here ;)

    Read this post again today and fell in love with it again.

    1. Thanks WD. Flattered to hear that. Seeing the date on the top, I just realised its more than 5 years since I wrote this. Scary in some ways, bitter-sweet in others.

  37. I read this post again and soothes me when am low..
    Thanks for this lovely post..

    1. Thank you Sumana. I guess its something I need to do too once in awhile.. look back upon my own posts for a reason to smile.

  38. Awesome chief awesome...touched ...

  39. Awesome chief awesome...touched ...

  40. how cute! Thanks for resharing this post =)

  41. Oh this is such an adorable adorable ADORABLE post :-)

    1. Thanks. glad you enjoyed it.. told ya it was the male version of yours :)

  42. You've put it so adorably.. :) Both yours and Madhusha's posts are those of the truest expressions for his/her Ms/Mr dream, which we rarely express. My best wises!! :)

    1. Thanks Madhuresh.. best wishes will be gladly accepted :D

  43. intense and full of hidden love...

  44. Such a tender post this :)

    1. IT's straight from the heart.. I guess that makes a difference.

  45. I wanted to write this sort of a letter to the husband before meeting him and all, exactly all that you have written but then alas got married too soon. Its magical what you have written...took me on a flight of things :)


    1. haha... you can always have a 'post marriage version' of the same.

  46. Just loved it :) its 6yrs now and hope the god has sent this stranger to ur life :)

  47. awesome post...

  48. AnonymousJuly 26, 2016


  49. AnonymousJuly 26, 2016



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