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Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
There are quite a few blogs I turn to for relaxation at the end of a busy week. These are people who , with their uncanny sense of humor and zest for life make me remember that there is a life, unlike my own out there in the world. It was while going through one such blog I adore that I came across a short post that in so little words said so much.
"I found out something about me thats upsetting the people that love me.
I just cant seem to accept it or look into it. I don't think I ever can. EVER."

To say that it haunted me is , well, an understatement. Mainly because I had the 'pleasure' of going through that same pain a long time back. I longed to write in her comments section, telling her to keep her chin up and that compromise and acceptance was part of the other guy's responsibilities. I couldn't write the words.

Because anything I write in this matter would show me as a pure hypoocrite. When push came to shove, and I was given the choice of accept or be damned, I chose Option B. I refused to accept the other person's flaw. Now, when I so wanted to give sound advice to this sweetheart, I realised I had no right. I couldn't write to console her grief... I just couldn't.

So, I'll do the only thing I can.. I'll give you a blogger tissue box to wipe your tears ( long gone by now, thank God ) and to smile. If you're reading this, you know who you are, dear. I'd just like to take you through some interviews I've been conducting with a few folks down history lane regarding what they thought of their loved ones.

Kasturba Gandhi ( wife, M G Road, sorry, M Gandhi ) : You kidding me !!! Father of the nation he maybe. But man, what a cheater !! He told me he was a lawyer when he married me. Next thing you know, I'm spending more time behind bars than his clients. Not to mention he was bald too. And we never had a car. He always had to walk.. even if it was just for salt from the sea !! Man, I tell ya, living with him wasn't any picnic. Now, Nehru, that dude had style. No wonder Mrs Mountbatten went for.. never mind.

Josephine ( wife, Napolean Bonaparte ) : Wella, da trutha be a tolda, I thought he wasa cute little man when we werea dating. My momma, she tolda me he makea goood husbande. So I marry him. Whata happen ? He never stay home, not even when I make my famous ravioli. He always go outa with the boys, they kill everyone else. Sure, they hava the gala time, but whata bout me ? A gal want to have some fun tooo. Having to wear a chastity belt while he go play with the girls .. it no fun, I tell you. Finally, whata happened - two days after his life insurancee policy expire, the fool geta caught and sent to exile foreva.. whata waste.

Brad Pitt ( lover, Anjelina Jolie ) : Sure she's got lips that'd give a crocodile a complex, but my God !!! Can't she just stick to buying houses and jewellery like the rest of them ? She's always buying kids, I tell you !! Man, I miss Jennifer Aniston. Atleast, with her, I only had to worry about the F*R*I*E*N*D*S* dweeb who kept kissing her every season.

Tommy Lee ( ex, Pamela Anderson ) : I know. I know. She's the ultimate blonde bombshell. She's the most downloaded hottie. She'll try anything more than once. But c'mon, is there anyone who hasn't seen what she has to offer ?? Heck, is there anyone in the Baywatch crew who hasn't experienced all that she has to offer ??? A guy likes to have a bit of his wife to himself, you know."

Yudhishtra ( husband, Draupadi ) : I think my wife likes my brother more than me.

Arjun (husband, Draupadi ) : I think my wife likes my brother more than me.

Bhim (husband, Draupadi ) : I think my wife likes my brother more than me.

Nakula (husband, Draupadi ) : I think my wife likes my brother more than me.

Sahadeva (husband, Draupadi ) : Who da maan ? ( yes, this is the first documented time it was said in history.. WHO'RE YOU CALLING A LIAR ??? )

Nobody's perfect. Yet most of us recieve love along the journey. Don't look back and worry about hard words and the truth that pokes through. Have faith in one thing - you're better than half the world on any given day of the year. There is no single person in the world who has not frustrated the one he / she loves at some time. If you can change, fine. If not, so be it.

Now, read aloud with me.. you know the words...

" God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. "

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  1. blogger tissue box..awesome idea rosh..

    i know who u were talking about btw..

  2. Hellooo...
    wow..great interview!!

    hope lifes treatin u well...

  3. u're so sweet roshan! i hope the girl read this..n im sure she smiled all through.
    n the last interview...absolutely hilarious!

  4. thanks lemonade.. i figured u'd know.

    shammu, good to hear from u... been awhile.

    thanx, me myself and i and nisha

  5. i just knew that it was a matter of time before draupadi and the 5 hubbys would come up here...

  6. interesting article...especially the interviews....more so if you are the author !!!!

    coincidently the quote is my mantra for life....though i feel it has a defeatist tone to it !!!

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