Creating a monster

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I am now ready for that big Boeing 747 to drop from the sky and hit me head first. Or for that sneaky alligator which lives in my hospital bathroom to sneak up and drag me to it's hideout.. Heck, I'll even go the slow way - watching the "Bold and the Beautiful" series right from the beginning.

Why, you ask ? Why am I so willing to die all of a sudden ?
Financial woes ? ( No, that exclusive right still belongs to my dad, when he remembers me ). Love trouble ? ( Well, I narrowly escaped a hat-trick of lonely Valentine years, having received a "Will you be my Valentine" from my godson, though at 44 days of age, I have a suspicious feeling that his mom and dad had to help him with some of the "bigger words" )
Work ? ( Well, I know what I signed up for when I joined years back so that ain't it, either .. heck, in fact, I just won a second prize at the poster presentation in the Annual Research Committee meeting too, so that's a big bonus. A normally grouchy neurosurgeon barking "Fantastic" to me later on, is the icing to that particular cake. )

So why the readiness to pass on and meet my blog maker ? You see, one of the dreams I least expected to happen, happened. My name appeared in a national paper today morning.. and there weren't the words "Arrested / Molested / Naked / Kidney racket / found wearing women's clothing " associated with it.. what more can I ask for ???
The article "The World at your Fingers" by the ever talented Preeti, published in the Times of India, Pune Eastside Plus ( also the Westside Plus , actually ) today discusses bloggers and the role blogging has in our lives, here in Pune. Representing the medical community bloggers ( yes Preeti, I know, I'm exaggerating.. allow me this luxury. I'll never get it again !! ) is a certain "Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan, an avid blogger whose blog is listed in the Indian Medical blogs directory."

In reply to your next question.. yes, I will sign autographs, but only between 5 - 8 pm.. Before 5, I'll be busy in talks over my soon-to-be released autobiographical movie and after 8 pm, well, that's time reserved for the female fans..Candle light dinner, flowers, chocolates, Transformer toys.. that's a list of the stuff I'm expecting the fans to get me when they come, incidentally.

Anyhoo, the Roshan Rads merchandise ( shirts, mugs, toys, innerwear, outerwear, casual wear, formal wear, seldom wear etc) will only be available in a few months.. Talks are on with those Europeans to release a Skoda Rads limited edition car nearing the movie release with ( what else ) an extra large boot space at the back.. but that's top secret for now. As is the high level private meeting to be held with the Yahoo! guys regarding buying my previous blog articles.. they all want mua.. they all need mua. Look ma !! I'm a staaaaaar .

Jokes aside , Preeti, kudos. Told you you could do it.. Oh, and for the record.. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.. ..

P.S. Somehow I get the feeling she'll find someone else's name rather than use mine ever again, after this post...

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  1. Hey Roshan--You are NOT exagerrating--The article does carry that line! The only inconvenience is that it isnt there online--I intend to scan and upload soon.
    And it is me who has to thank YOU--I know I called when you were busy.(I did try texting but for some reasons the Gods of SMS didnt favour me)
    Keep blogging!

  2. so are you,a blog celebrity OR is this a celebrity blog???


  3. Hmm...great dude ...Atlast u are famous... :)

  4. lol!! at last ur efforts have paid off ;)
    maybe...maybe...a fan drops by and your next valentine is merrier :P

  5. Hey Roshan, I read your blog sometimes,
    :) congrats , you are famous
    nice colour on your blog :)

  6. oranges? seriously??

    and yeah.. congrats (grrr). i am sure she hasn't read MY blog! hmpff!

  7. well well well ... kudos roshan .. you are going places :) ..

    Keep It Going


  8. ps.. thanx again..

    gazal.. but of course, its a celebrity blog

    nags.. ha ha.. no comment..

  9. doc! so the green beauty is there! and also, if you read closely you would have noticed that i DID SAY 4 blogs are too much, even for me! hmpff!!

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