It's our New Year, if you must know. And while it's been a long time since I've had the fun of a Vishukanni or recieved a Vishukkaineetam ( money from parents / elders on this day ), I hope everyone else enjoys their day. As it usually is 'down under' in Kerala, this wish extends beyond religions and is for everyone.

This picture depicts a typical Vishukanni scene, the first sight we should see when we open our eyes on the day of Vishu. I'd like to thank whoever had uploaded this pic onto the net.. I know you not. You made my Vishu.. literally. In a hospital, with all our workload and the fact that I and my partner are not exactly the likeliest suspects to prepare a Vishukanni at 2 am, this pic was a godsend.
I downloaded it yesterday and placed it as a desktop wallpaper. You can guess what my plan was. I guess I just didn't want to have the sight of sleeping roommate's behind as a Vishukanni ( as you may have guessed, "he" is not Kim Kardashian or Jamie Pressly that I should covet the ass as a morning sight. ) Anyhooo, after waking up with my eyes closed, I got the laptop out and set it up with my eyes still closed... it's one of my few talents, even if I say so myself. If only I could scale walls and pick locks, I'd be the best catburglar in town. Anyway, after giving adequate time, I opened my eyes to this pic.. my first Vishukanni since medical college.
I then went to my fellow Mallu doc's room, closed his eyes and dragged him into my room. For a few moments before his eyes opened, he must have wondered how I managed to make the whole set up so late at night after work. Ya right !! Anyway, I guess he was pleased with this form too. After all, beggars and docs-to-be can't be choosers. Now, let's see how the year goes on from here following this CyberKanni.

Well, my mom always told me I was supposed to read some book after Vishukanni for a good year.. she naturally envisioned texts so the year would be filled with knowledge while I envisioned ummmm... anatomically correct books so that my year would be filled with .. what else, anatomically correct gals.. Anyway, today, the book I picked up was that old haunt I'd bought the last time at the airport.. "The Messiah's Handbook" by Richard Bach.
I wanted to see what knowledge he had to offer me today. It had been a long time since I'd seeked his wisdom, after all. "So what's in store for me, padre ?" I asked and opened the book.

"Destiny doesn't push you where you don't want to go.

You're the one who chooses. Destiny's upto you. "

Of course, he was right again. But sometimes destiny can be a tough road to walk on when you're barefoot and blindfolded. Let's see how I fare in the year ahead.

Rad's popsicle-n-cola note : One of the many variations in the legend of Vishu speaks of how Lord Parashuram, while battling Lord Ram, realised that he, the 6th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu was infact battling the 7th avatar ( boy, talk about your personality disorders. You'd think a timely email from up above could have saved a lot of bloodshed. ) Anyway, realising his purpose on Earth was over, Parashu decided to go spend the rest of his life on meditation. The Gods granted him a boon that wherever his battle axe fell when he threw it into the sea, the land would rise and he could meditate there, in total peace, with no grumpy warriors, hottie apsaras or vada pav stands encroaching on his area. Anyway, da man hurled da axe and thus, da Kerala was created. And we've been expanding / encroaching the world boundaries ever since. ( Though I have no idea how the Mallu tea stall in the moon where Neil Armstrong had his first cuppa chai after landing got there. )

Fascinating story, though. My only problem is that my house is kinda near the beach and with all the prophecies from tsunami experts ( my 75 year old gossip infected neighbours ) and even Nostradamus, I just really wish that Parashu had eaten his morning bowl of Kellogg's cornflakes that day before he threw that axe. A couple of kilometres more, dude. I mean, sure he could meditate on his hammock with a pina colada et al back then , but I'm the one having sleepless nights now when the waves go Crash! Boom! Bang! at night.

God bless, y'all. Happy Vishu, world.


prodigy?? said…
Happy vishu man. Hmmmmm, maybe i show this image to some of my mallu friends, who knows one them might also get sentimental like you and tell some heretic stuff ;D

BTW, i hope you are aware of certain organizations working for harmony in the country like RSS,VHP etc,etc..., may they not come to know about your heresy :)
Roshan R said…
Ha ha... I live to irritate these harmony inducing organisations !
Gazal said…
exactly my thoughts too....too much of cyber shyber influence is killing our culture...blah blah..
who cares!!!!

the very thought that you kept up with tradition....virtually though...speaks that deep down we all are culturally sound...and no western tsunami can change that!!!

//beggars and docs-to-be can't be choosers//..i wonder if the beggars know about their worthy comrades!!!!
Enigma said…
heheh so there is indeed too much of cyber influence..but anyway cyber or not good to know u had a vishu kani...happy vishu
black coffee said…
happy vishu!

i loved the part where Parashuram fights with ram! the personality disorders bit cracked me up!
you are hilarious doc!!

aishu_here said…
Happy Vishu to you too Roshan.

God bless !

BTW, cool way of kanni you have there. I did mine at home ( far away from the catualy one) , but missed the enthu we had back then, to first see the the sleepy eyes to that load of garden grown fruits, veggies and flowers.
Roshan R said…
Gazal, trust me. They know. We've shared too many paper cups of coffee with them at odd hours of the night at tea stalls. They probably learned a lot on medicine from us during these chats too.

Enigma, thanks.

Black coffee, when you think of it, ain't I gotta point.. Atleast in the 6th meets 7th bit while the big daddy forgets to inform them.. Oh well ! Our gain, the world's loss.. ( mallu invasion )

true, aishu.. It just isn't the same as home
sumz said…
Belated wishes!! We slept thru the kani this time!
ap said…
Belated Wishes...
Hope u have a great year ahead..

Last heard beggars want the proverb changed..... ;)
Roshan R said…
Belated wishes sumz and ap. Ap, I've discussed it with the heads of medicine in India and after much consideration, We've agreed to ... Delete the beggars from the proverb!
Lalith said…
Happy Vishu to you Roshan. Have a great year ahead and keep writing wonderful posts on your blog :)

Shibani said…
Roshan evideyanu? :) U've changed the look and feel of your blog too..nice :)
Dhanya said…
Happy Vishu to u :)
Today morning was not much better for me either. I saw the Krishna wallpaper in my mobile as kani :)
Dr Roshan R said…
Happy Vishu DhANYA...
Ya, I know.. things just aint the same :(
Vidya said…
That was funny, interesting and cool...
anyways, belated new year wishes!!