Informative : Effect of Drugs on Spiders

by - May 03, 2009

Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Spider Webs - Watch more Funny Videos

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  1. ha ha...funny video..

    funny to see the effect of

  2. ROFL! wonder how u came across this one :D

  3. This is on your previous post which I just got to read and you know Roshan, reading it, one can't help silently acknowledging the point that life is the biggest experience that shapes you as a person, bigger than God, bigger than yourself. I am a firm believer in God too, but if religion is God, then I am an atheist. I felt good reading what the book has done to you. Every phase leaves someting in us. Am sure this phase in your life will take you a few more steps closer to life. God luck and again, get well soon ! :)

  4. Hahaha! I watched with all seriousness initially and was all 'Wha...t??Really??!" until that one spidey got a restraining order.LOL!

    BTW, Thnx so much for the new template. Love to read here, again :D

  5. hehe.. i know. love how they start all serious and then go nuts midway...


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