The 'viral video' craze...

by - May 18, 2009

Like many pseudo-net savvy guys, I too was perturbed by the sound of a "viral video". It sounded like one of those .exe files that would serve you a hot cup of viruses with your cornflakes if you clicked on it after which you could spend all day debugging, formatting, reformatting and moaning over the lost porn... I mean important medical documents in your hard drive.

Turns out I was wrong... again. To quote from Wikipedia "A viral video is a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or Instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing websites".

Which is a cool thing... because you get to see people's tastes and also how insignificant things can make you a celebrity.

It may range from simple videos of a girl proclaiming she has a crush on Obama to a funny bunny tormenting a snake to the Susan Boyle video from Britain's Got talent which as I write this has been viewed 57,139,930 times... and that's just one version of hundreds available online.

I found especially hilarious the "Rick Roll'd phenomenon." To those who don't know what it is, it is a prank wherein you send someone a link promising them something they want to see ( let's see : for men, that would be cute b**bies, for women cute b*bies ( O and A, in case you're really wondering !!! ) Anyway, you click on the link and instead of what you've been promised, you get sent to the one hit wonder Rick Astley's Video of "Never Gonna Give You Up". For some reason, this prank really went viral and reached bizarre levels where you had news channels "Rick Rolling their anchors" and my personal favourite "the one where Astley RickRolls the Macy Thanksgiving Parade Live". Personally, I'm just glad with all the available options for porn, gore, smut and slut available, people still chose this funky ( yes, I said funky.. ) number to turn viral ( the present count stands at 16 million views... phew !! ) rather than something derogatory.

Anyway, this video below is an amazing video I came across that was apparently taken in the late 60's. It reminds me of an era when mankind was all about those two words.. man and kind, and how they could affect even the most ferocious of creatures.

The 'Bodyguard' soundtrack is the icing on this lovely video, don'cha think ?

Anyway, there are so many many awesome videos online that deserve to be promoted and turned viral. And while I'll need more time and posts to show some which I think are the best, I'd like you all to see this lovely video I came across about a young kid suffering from a fatal illness and the amazing lengths which someone went to just for his sake. I've seen it thrice already and truth be told, it brings a tear to my eye everytime. Truly uplifting, the ending is, don't you think ?
Who knows, maybe there is hope for humanity, after all, eh ?

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  1. Man..i got tricked.. even after i had read abt it..And for the first 1 min or so i was still expecting a kid to pop up from somewhere.

    But nice song.. :D

  2. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    Hey Rosh,
    Am reading your blogs after ages...Talking about links that bring a tear to the eye, I think the one below stands out for me always...


  3. Ha ha ha...I am laughing my lungs out...
    Men like B**bies and Women like cute B*bies...Gawsh...Hilarious!!!Funny post

  4. wow!! the bunny is doubts about it..and christian's video..i still get goosebumps whenever i watch it..another thought - trust and unconditional love is something we need to learn from animals..

    "It reminds me of an era when mankind was all about those two words.. man and kind, and how they could affect even the most ferocious of creatures" - i am going to read your blog more often now :) loved it!

  5. Illeen, can't believe you were actually expecting that kid to still pop up !! Congrats.. you've been Rick Roll'd !!!

    Anonymous, man !! That was something else altogether.. really amazing what some ppl can do. I'd have given up on life long back.

    Tabitha, Hehe.. I speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.. :)

    Anusha, totally agree.. so much about 'human' emotions that we should really learn from animals.

  6. Great work doc, you really do research before posting.

  7. Seen the 1st video before but its still manages to evoke goosebumps;-o.
    The other link didnt work. it said "This video is not available in your country.":-(

    And hey thanks for the info...on viral videos...didnt knw nothing abt it;-D

  8. im here after a long time...and i love the things you've stressed about in the top corner!

  9. Thanks T-rex

    Reflections, no idea why any of these videos would be banned in any country.. they're all just fun videos !!

    Nisha, thanks for dropping by :)

  10. This came up my feedreader today and reminded me of ur post..



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