Ragging.. tick.
Eccentric roommates... tick.
Common batchrooms.. tick.
Front bench teacher's pet.. tick.
College terror... tick.
Death in the campus... tick.
Drinking on rooftops... tick.
Gate crashing weddings... tick.
The girl you covet dating a weirdo... tick.
People learning to follow their dreams... tick.
The fun gang of 3 idiots ... tick.

Rest assured.. 2009's gonna end well for Bollywood, not just Hollywood (with Avatar ) ... after all, All izz well !!

3 idiots takes us on a journey into the past, into our college lives. 2 members ( Sharman Joshi and Madhavan ) of a gang of 3 have finally got news about the whereabouts of their friend (Aamir Khan ), who's been missing for over 5 years. As they journey across states from Delhi to Shimla and Ladakh, we're taken back into their own history from the day they first joined college and laid eyes on each other. This journey crosses roads we've all seen through our college days - from hostel life and ragging to crushes, drunken nights, irritating professors, failed exams and yes, even suicides and shattered families.

Of course, a tale like this has every scope to get boring too as each event just passes by our eyes. But not with Hirani on the director's chair and Aamir at the helm. And both excel in passing on a valuable message to the audience while ensuring they are having fun as well.
The treatment given to some scenes are just mindblowing - even the moments depicting a main character's family poverty and getting a sick man to the hospital are dealt with in such a manner that you can't help laughing. A student's 'memorized felicitation' speech for the chief guest where Aamir changed a few strategic words too brought the house down. Of course, at the interval point, there's a huge plot twist that'll leave you shocked too.

In the second half, while the hunt continues for their friend, we come to see different aspects of each member's personality and how Aamir influenced / changed their lives. Of course, the laughs keep on coming, once more diluting key moments that could have been really melodramatic in any other director's hands. But where is their friend ? Is he safe ? Is he even alive ?

Frankly, these are strong roles. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi are given ample opportunities to show just what college life is about - the joys and humiliations, freedom and restrictions, friendships and commitments. And they rock it. Kareena, as the girl who falls for Aamir has a much smaller role since they've chosen not to focus on the romance too much but that's okay.. we have too much of a story to worry about romance. And besides, she acts her heart out when needed.
Boman Irani , as the head of the college, is tremendous. When needed, he can make you laugh at him and minutes later, you see in him every professor you've ever hated. It's a class act from a class performer. I don't know the actor whose car Sharman and Madhavan use through their journey, but he is truly hilarious too and is a worthy glue binding the past and the present of these characters as he too seeks Aamir to gloat over how he won the 'bet of success' against Aamir's character. Mona Singh is sweet in her brief role.

As for Aamir, well, if you thought Ghajini was a tough role to top, here's your answer. This man is pure genius in the right hands. That impish smile is gonna make you root for him even 20 years from now, touchwood. As the 'kid' who refuses to follow the rulebook and convinces everyone eventually of the method behind his ideologies, he excels.

Again, here the director and script writer need a big round of applause. Because after depicting the iconic 'Gandhigiri' earlier in the Munna Bhai series , now he takes on the education system and it's flaws and succeeds brilliantly. He tries to show you the values of thinking beyond marks and textbooks and using practical application of what we learn in real life. His 'all izz well' policy too has relevance in real life and during the study period to prevent the tensions of life from breaking us down.

Scope for improvement ? Well, while the songs are visually appealing, I doubt they're ever gonna be chart busters ( even the 'All izz Well' number ). And for a movie that was truly realistic in nature, the end of a baby delivery sequence is as filmy as it can possibly get. But these are minor issues. Because in this hunt for Aamir Khan, you will find yourself having too much fun and laughter to care.

All izz well that ends well, after all.


Sharon said…
On the one hand, it does look interesting - and from what you've written, quite well-made too - but on the other hand, Aamir Khan as a college student? :-S
Prats said…
brilliant movie... Can't agree more with the review.
Dr Roshan R said…
Sharon.. believe me, he makes a very believable college student.. not like the 1980s chocolate boy Aamir Khan, but very much like todays college student type

Prats. exactly
Dr Supriya said…
Hmmm.. Nice storyline.. Just cant wait to see the movie.. After u have described it so well..
Anusha Narayan said…
Saw the movie today finally! What a riot :) thoroughly enjoyed it. Apt review.
Dhanya said…
hmm Avatar n 3 Idiots are in my list now.. Looks like I'll ve to get out of my theater phobia at least for Avatar..
Rohan said…
its too good!!! better than the book.. lov d climax!!!
thou the baby kicking on hearin All z well ws a bit too much of Bollywood!!! :D
Pri said…
yeps..i loved the movie too
the 'aal iz well' philosophy rocks!! :D

wish u a happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the review, will watch the film, dephinitly!

Got tired of waiting for a 2010 post for me to wish you!

Okay, here's a fan request a a review of 2012 and please, please compare it to The Day After Tomorrow.

(indem! indem? The idiotic phrase I have type in for this post to appear!

I am really indemed to you for the great post on the Beer and Bondi Babes bash!)
Dr Roshan R said…
Sadly, Havent seen 2012.. got stuck in work during that period..
Poonam said…
Agreed with most of review. Just saw movie, enjoyed it. :)

Laughed a lot, script was well-written. But flaws were there. Songs esp Kareena, Aamir songs were unnecessary.

Baby crying at All is Well...Boman's portrayal as that character was not entirely natural (nitpicking some would say, but I pick these things up naturally), but these are all overshadowed by fantastic acting by four guys and a strong comic script.

Just tell me Aamire ki twacha se uski umar ka kyun nahi pata chalta. Find me that secret, doc.
$$ said…
This is what I call a true entertainer - Songs, laughter, romance, message, drama and a lil bit of exaggeration! Don't be idiotic; guys - please go and watch 3 Idiots (of course not a pirated version)!