Modesty, thy name is me !!!

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I won the "You think you are funny ?" caption contest number 15 at LazyPineapple.

Now, as part of my New Year resolution, I had decided to add modesty to the list of virtues to attain by the end of the year ( it comes right in between "join a biker gang" and "using nuclear physics to get a girl." )

So, to honour this resolution, I will not be twirling my thumb and saying "thengaaaa" to the loser competitiors.

I will not be doing the macarena and celebrating this victory... after this last time.
"they all want me, they can´t have me
So they all come and dance beside me
( Oh come on, it's no fun if you're just reading the lines.. you have to do the dance too !! Now, continue with arms outstretched.. )
move with me jam with me
and if your good i take you home with me
A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena.... "
( Sniff.. such meaningful lyrics. Always brings a tear to my eyes.. sniff )

Anyway, continuing, I will not be dropping my pants a la Chatur Ramalingam ( Silencer ) in 3 IDIOTS and pointing out "Ithe, losers !!!"

I will not talk about sentimental stuff like my friends and how I inspire them everyday in a million ways or my teachers and how I've learned so much from them ( the ancient art of sleeping with my eyes wide open in class, the art of eating the crispiest chips in class without a single "CRUNCH" sound ) or crazy stuff like the monster in my closet which refuses to leave because it's in love with my clothes hanger.

I will not use this as an excuse to talk about my charity work. That's right, I will not be making a big fuss about the ANONYMOUS $10/- donations I give every year to the "Save the Whales ( Eat sharks instead - they taste better )" foundation... or the $10,000/- donations to the "Save Lindsay Lohan" foundation. [ God bless that druggie, drunk and disorderly lesbian. The world needs more misguided ding-dongs like her so that women everywhere will have a better self-esteem of themselves. ]

I may or may not wear my yellow polka dotted super hero outfit and stand on top of the tallest building in my hometown, while my adoring fans gush and scream "Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? Is it my next boyfriend ??"

And of course, I most certainly will not be making an acceptance speech like the earlier ones I made
1) when I appeared in the Times of India newspaper or when
2) Orkutheroes gave my blog a rave review.

Whew !! Being modest is hard work. Thank God I'm up to the task.
Now that that's done...
Men, you may envy me.
Kids, aspire to be me.
And women.. you may stalk me. I permit thee.

P.S. Thanks Vinita. Please don't refrain from giving me future awards based on this.. I promise I'll behave next time !!!

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  1. damn!! and i thought only i was modest :-|

    u beat me hands down to o how can so much modesty be contained within one person??

    *trots away feeling all impressed and inspired*

  2. Congrats!!! You are modesty Personified :-P

  3. Pri,Prats I'm sorry.. I'm the undisputed king of modesty. You have to accept facts.

    I'm considering getting the tattoo "if i weren't so modest, I'd be perfect" just so everyone knows.

  4. Wow.. the modest, humble doctor writes the humor post spiced up with jaada in abundance!'
    It was an amazing read... looking forward to more! :)

  5. Guruve - unge kaale konjam namaskaaram panniklaama !!!!

  6. jaada !!! who , me ? I agree with the other words.. modest, humble..yamayzing !!!

    purpleheart, please wait your turn. Like the first day first show of Enthiran, there are many waiting in the queue before you.

  7. Thulasy Mary ElizabethAugust 31, 2010

    Cool ! I enjoyed reading the post.

  8. Congrats doc!! Am amazed as to how you managed to finish dis entire post with absolute modesty and not a drop of show off!! :-D

  9. heheh..Roshan..oh my what modesty :P

    This is such a wickedly hilarious post...loved it..and thanks for mentioning my name...

  10. How modest. Enthoru elima. hhihi ... Good read as usual... and loved your new year resolutions.. :D Laughed aloud at that. (not bcos i think u cant join a biker gang :D)

  11. thulasy, thanks.

    Rohan, such modesty comes naturally to me.

    Lazypineapple, now u see the side effects of giving out awards to people like me :)

  12. anita, i'd make a nice biker... As soon as they finish painting my training wheels a macho biker black

  13. Omg...u are so super funny!
    Following you would be such a pleasure...
    Ya stalking too!;-)
    And I am so glad you are modest...pompous people kinda put me off;-)

  14. pshak!finding it difficult to act modest, huh? u'll havta b a saint to do dat wid al those awards!

  15. suruchi... Thanks, stalk away. And i know, i cant stand pompous people either.. Ppl unlike me, you know ;)

    reni, difficult ? Perhaps for a lesser mortal... Not me... :p

  16. Congrats Rosh.. !! :)

    can't u buy urself another pair of polka dotted underpants?..been ages since u ve been wearing that one..?!

  17. Illeen, BLASPHEMY WOMAN !!! Sheesh.. I'll bet Superman and Batman never get asked this ....

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