My Bloody JRs

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
"You bloody JRssssss !!!"

The first time that phrase was uttered by us, I doubt if there was much love in it. It was probably out of frustration after watching our new set of 8 juniors find a fresh and unique way of getting us into trouble. As CRs ( Chief Residents ; JRs stand for Junior Residents ), we were responsible for all their blunders while simultaneously, in charge of teaching them the subject. And while the two of us were definitely not the greatest options in the latter, we did our best in the former.

Each mistake would be accompanied by a "You Bloody J-Rs !! In our time, things were not so easy. Blah blah blah.. Everytime I tell you people and everytime you forget.. blah blah..." I imagine that's how it is when dealing with juniors for the first time. But soon, we learned to dissociate work from personal time and got to be friends with the 8 of them - a decision we've never regretted.

From sharing in their individual unique qualities to saving them from the senior staff's anger by hiding their follies, it's been a wild ride. In less than one year, we made more memories with them than we had in the past two years.
More importantly, we learnt a lot about ourselves from them too.

This video is just a thank you note... for being the crazy set of juniors that you are..
Till we meet again,
Your "bloody" CR

P.S. A week before I left, I witnessed one of them calling her new junior "a Bloody JR" for some mistake of his. The junior complained that there was no need to be so harsh.
Her reply made me smile... "Someday you'll be proud to be a bloody J-R."

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  1. i really loved this... gr8 work..again as usual.. this should be shown to present bloody jrs..!!!

  2. thanks sir... present batch has yet to rise to the level of "bloody jrs".. the title cannot be bought, it has to be earned !!!

  3. Such an inspiration ! It takes a romantic doctor to reminisce, laugh thru' and remake those great small moments of life !! Great video ! And with some bloody CRs and Jrs running the health dept of the town, Of COUSRE, WE'll all be alright !!!

  4. Did you know that according to the rules exist in our college calling a junior 'bloody' can come under ragging and you can be charged with a police case??? :P :P
    U are extremely lucky to get away with it!!!
    Good work by the way!! I hope the idea is not copyrighted!!

  5. purpleheart, Awwww, shucks !! thanks. that made my day...

    Rohan.. seriously, thank God.. but ya, recently, the rules have become really weird, huh.. and idea ain't copyrighted...yet :)
    though i dont think my bloody jrs will like it if u try to steal their title !!

  6. ur write abt tht, o exalted one... v wudnt like our title stolen.
    thanks for this blog n video n 4 being the best CR v cud hv gotten ( along wid renjith sir).

  7. Arunima, hehe.. keep me posted on the new bunch of kids :) Chatted with Renjith just now.. doing ok..

    Thinkala, everyone misses college once they'e away from it.

  8. Doctors!!!
    The Saviors!!!

    I like you video

    Smiles :)

  9. I still tell u... u have a 'bright' future.... its not too late to consider a change in career... gud work!!!! ur bloody jr.

  10. pacifier returns.. thanks man.

    Hnas, if i had a rupee for everytime someone said that, we could have gone to Mainland china buffet this weekend on my treat :)

  11. Good one!!!
    Completely unrelated profession, but share the same sentiments.

    Cheers doc.

  12. Thanks Mukesh.. long time no news.. How ya doing ?

  13. Roshan bhai what u have written is absolutly write!!!Still i am having a dought weather V r good enough 4 dat praise!!!anyway great thanks 4 dis great blog n video n being 4 our... BLOODY CR....

  14. heard ur back, SHouku.. will call at night

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