My real countdown has already begun...

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

1. How I Met Your Mother Season 6 - Will those poor kids who've been listening to their dad ever find out how he met their mother ? I certainly hope not !!! I'd miss Barney !

2. Supernatural Season 6 - After hiding from both God and the Devil for a year, didn't the younger brother finally succumb and fall down... into hell ? Well, my favourite TV brothers are back so let's see what's next on their agenda.

3,4,5. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI ) Season 11, CSI Miami Season 9, CSI New York Season 7. - It is beyond me why the morons in Bollywood can't get inspired by 'any one of these episodes' and make a good murder mystery ?

6. Dexter Season 5 - I watched 4 seasons in one week. Never before in my life have I prayed for a serial killer to have a happy ending.

7. Fringe Season 3 - A worthy successor to the X-Files after so long. Hidden clues and alternate realities, here I come.

8. House MD Season 7 - The doctor everyone hates. And loves.

9. The Big Bang theory Season 4 - Geeks of the world !! Unite !!!

10. 30 Rock Season 5 - Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey. Enough said.

11. Cougar Town Season 2 - It's official. Courteney Cox is the most successful of the 'F*R*I*E*N*D*S*'

11 shows, encompassing the best of humour, science fiction, horror, drama, murder, medical mysteries, character studies and award winning actors at their finest roles.
They all start this fortnight.

Now seriously, with this lineup facing me every week, you really think I'm gonna SIT AND WATCH the Commonwealth Games, just because 'it's ( after all the corruption and the collapsing beds and roads and snake infested rooms and lacklustre attitude for the last 7 years ) NOW a matter of national pride' ?

Even otherwise, this was not an event I follow regularly. I suspect that applies to a lot of you as well. Under such circumstances, there really should have been a better effort to promote the games and pique public interest, considering we're hosting it. Instead, all I've been hearing is "Deadline missed. Deadline missed. Money stolen. Deadline missed."

People defending the few snaps showing a grand construction need to factor that in. Where are the seats going to be filled from when noone has promoted the event ?
For all the "Waka Wakas" that invaded our ears ( and eyes ) during the World Cup, how many times have you seen AR Rahman's 5.5 crore rupee song on TV ? Where are the highlights of past records and glories ? Where are the merchandise ? Where is anything that will make you want to leave your home and travel to Delhi to watch the Games live ?

Seriously, you're nuts if you think that these Games need dengue, floods, evil press or misguided terrorists to label it a 'national disaster'. It is one because it was shoddily managed. End of story.
Enjoy watching the 100m race with "Walk slowly. Road under construction" signs on the track.
I've got better things to watch.

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  1. But there are increased chances for indians to win this time. . So many players and countries are not comin rt?? And with the babri masjid verdict there are chances its gonna be a big time soup!!

  2. Agreed.... they have screwed it up big time! And they deserve no apologies!

    Still... don't be so pessimistic! I am sure it won't be as bad as we think cos I guess we have already gone through the worst!

    Cheers to CWG!

  3. it isnt just the annoyance at all that has gone on.. Its a general apathy to the games itself.
    We've never actively followed it in earlier editions.. The OC should really have looked to promote it and gain the public interest in the games.. Showing old editions on sports channels etc..

  4. Hey you did not mention Californication

  5. as far as I know, the new season of Californication is only due in January for some reason...

  6. Roshan....seriously email me (gmail account) I got to tell you something...A.N.

  7. I have to watch Dexter if you actually managed 4 seasons in a week! Tell me this, do you watch these online and if so, where??

  8. nags, afraid i dont watch it online so no idea which sites stream it.. I do download em all via torrents though.. And its a really nice tv show.. Very unlike the stuff we're used to. 13 episodes a season so crisp storylines with nice twists...

  9. Like that cartoon of Kalmadi & Sheela

  10. really ? havent seen it yet. good ?

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