Rippin' me a new one !!

by - November 07, 2010

I asked iwillf***ingtearyouapart.blogspot to review me.
In case the title doesn't give you a hint, they specialise in reviewing sites and ripping apart the bloggers. What can I say ? I'm a dangerous kinda guy. I eat french fries without ketchup. A real tough guy.
Anyway, I couldn't find my whip to beat myself up so I figured I'd go outside and get whacked around for a change.

The reviews of the guys prior to me were pretty brutal ( Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C) , so when news came that my 'blog was done', I finished all my affairs, wrote my will leaving my blog to the first person who has the guts to sing all of Justin Beiber's songs back to back and escape a mob lynching, took a huge bank loan and bought myself a private jet ( the keys are still in the ignition if you want the jet. The ignition is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, incidentally. )

Having said that, I was kinda relieved in the end. As I told them, I kinda felt like the guy in the Saw movie who's smiling in the end after escaping with just a 'sawed off leg."
The review was as expected, but I found myself agreeing with most of the points he made. Anyway, me rambling on and on is one of them so I'll stop here...
I'm leaving the link to my review  here so that others can read it too ( Embarrassed ? Who, me ? ) 
Tell me what you think.

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  1. Dear Roshan,
    Good Evening!
    Got through the review done;brutally with softness hidden!
    Good and u have guts to ask for teh review!
    So,a changed outlook and better posts........
    Wishing you a lovely evening to dream of more stars,

  2. You do have stuff, doc! Mine was ripped apart and trampled!

  3. loved the post on hometown blues...well i am in our hometown!!!shot you an email couple of days ago...please check your gmail Rosh!!! A.N.

  4. "more than a hopeless romantic" ????
    That was the most cruel of all!!!! :P

    Reviewed or not reviewed; you def have more than a handful of curious readers!

  5. The review dosnt say anythin bad. . Som other blogs wer torn apart there. . Yours s nt dat bad. . :-P

  6. Hey Doc,

    You got a GOOD review! These people simply TEAR a blog apart - they did mine too, a while ago. So, what you've got is a pretty positive response, which is very, very rare. So Kudos!


  7. Hi Roshan, if eating French fries as it is wasn’t tough eat them without the ketchup..yiy yiy yiy
    So my kinda guy:-)
    Going now to check your review...
    Catch you the Indian Ocean, perhaps?;-)

  8. hats off to your guts...

    they were pretty rude..

    u deserve more than 1 star

    i was ROFLing at the review

  9. That was a damn good review...
    Minus a couple of hitches here n there...
    Abhi kahin to criticize bhi karna tha na;-)
    U inspired me to submit my blog too...
    Waiting the post mortem now:-)

  10. the capacity to laugh at oneself is a rare gift doc. Nevertheless i don't trust them assholes to understand what an Indian is made up of or his/her thoughts for that matter.

  11. Its not all that bad, Doc :)

    I am sure that it is the compulsive disorder of the reviewer that makes one approach them... so that we can nit-pick on their nit-picking. For instance, the gadgets on your blog; as you choose to have them its wrong and if you did not have them, well they would invent another problem with that too.

    Noodles, dont noodles... it is :)

    Take a chill pill, Doc. You are doing just fine! :)

  12. Same pinch... I too got ripped - royally!


Let me know what you think.