Mad ads...

by - January 02, 2011

I always wondered about this ad...

In it, Vinay Pathak ( the auto rickshaw driver ) tells the guy that he won't take him to the ATM because now with VISA DEBIT cards, he can GO DIRECTly where ever he wants, be it for shopping or a cinema or a restaurant, as everyone accepts the card.

Smart ad ? Well, not really, as far as I'm concerned.  Because they overlook a very glaring flaw. After all, one of the services which most definitely DOES NOT BENEFIT from debit cards is the very service Vinay and co. are portraying in the ad - the Auto Rickshaw service !!! You can't give them your debit card at the end of the journey, so why are they all acting so high and mighty about taking this dude to an ATM machine ?

I always wondered how a company like VISA could make such a basic error. Have you guys seen any ads with wonderful errors you'd like to point out ? Do tell and if possible, add the link too. Let's see what mADness we can get which we may have missed.

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  1. I guess they want to show the auto rikshaw dude as a good Samaritan!!! Helping the other guy nt to waste time!

  2. You got them...never thought about it..
    Wish you a Happy New Year,doc.

  3. Remember that Pepsi ad play acted by Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt? I still dont get it...

  4. reminds me of the recent McD chicken nuggets ad.. the ad makes its notion that ppl have to act fast to make the last bite.. but does it not give an indirect meaning that one cannot have a whole pack coz..umm maybe its over-priced?? n that it has to be shared among 4 always ...

  5. Wouldn't it be nice though if the autos would take Visa? Maybe that's a business idea worth implementing...

  6. The most ridiculous add on TV today is without doubt the new "Washing Powder Nirma" commercial..

  7. Sandy is right. Nirma ad is totally ridiculous. Their 50 year old song ad was much better!

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    Oh Yes! about our ads...I don't think the recent ad by idea featuring abhishekh with two phones is very bright. They are trying to take this 'get an idea' idea just too far and aren't in tune anymore.


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