Love at first sound

by - May 25, 2011

She's 21 years old.
She has no starry background.
She's a Canadian singing a Bollywood number.
And, by golly, she could just as well be reading the phone directory and it would still feel like angels were serenading me.
I pretty much stopped listening to English music and bands this last decade because I found that nobody seemed bothered about vocals or tunes. All that mattered was looks (  Britney... ) and fashion statements. ( Lady 'Gag'a !!! I mean, seriously ??)

But listening to Natalie Di Luccio sing was something else.
 Like many others, the first time I heard her was as a forwarded song on Facebook. It was of a girl sitting in what I assume was her home singing to her laptop webcam. It was the soulful and haunting Tu Jaane Na from Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani.
And it was amazing.
It was always an beautiful song but I think anyone who listens to her version will agree... she just made you fall in love with that song all over again. Minimal instruments, really heartfelt emotions and that pleasant passion for singing that is so missing in today's artists. It made me believe again.
Believe that I don't have to put up links of old bands whenever I want people to hear a good voice.
Believe that there are voices that can still be called magical.
Believe that, like Bollywood has taught me all these years, there really are people who can make your heart skip a beat when they sing.
Here's wishing you success in all you do, gal.
Because your success is music to our ears.

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  1. WOW. Even I stopped listening to English music long back. Its trendy if u say u listen to them, actually.
    But I cant...Some songs are okay but others are plain noise, I think.

  2. I like hindi songs only:)

  3. They have named those noises as different genres no? :-)

    I dont understand them. :) She sings beautiful

  4. simply me, ya... I know.

    Anita, totally agree. It's one thing if its just the lack of good music, but to compound it, the voices just arent anything great... Earlier u had voices like Phil Collins..where are those kind of voices gone now ?

    Renu, these days thats not a bad option.there are some really good soulful numbers coming.

    Insignia, thats the best part... Lots of genres for stuff that all sound the same... And ya, she does sing beautifully.

  5. Awesome is all I can say.

  6. wow..lucky girl to have stirred you my husband n daughter are sleeping next to me and so I would restrain the urge to hear her...but suffice with this that if you say so beautifully that she's good...she'd be rocking!

    and yes, seriously...what's with the world n Lady Gaga?
    what's with her anyways?:/

    will return back to hear her!:-)

  7. hehe in short u hav a crush on her :)
    hrd d vocals...nice

  8. Dr...!!!

    Satyam parayaalo... i don't like her hindi songs with videsi accent!

  9. Shalini BalakrishnanMay 28, 2011

    its the song i guess....makes u feel eternally romantic...!!

    A nice 'Angreji' version of one of the nicest songs in Bollywood.
    Gud one Radha!

  10. Alka, i know...

    Suruchi, hope u liked it :)

    Sadiya, :D no comment.

    SS, aawwww !! really ?

    Shalini..ya, i know. its a lovely song too...

  11. Lol! I think you just like the accent. This no comparison to the original score.Absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeee that one!

    And yes, bollywood still has a few good lyricist and singers. Angrezi men and women have gone mad!

    Wonder what the teenagers see in JB. Or are we too old!? :)

  12. Nisha ,maybe its everything..the look, the accent, the sweetness of the person.
    Dont start me on Beiber !!! How does that guy become a phenom is beyond me... i thought Paris Hilton singing was the lowest limits...

  13. Well I havent heard her but some people are really music to ears :)

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