New look for the blog... again !!!

by - October 31, 2011

While I really liked the previous template, I just felt the need for a more youthful look for the blog and so began working on this for the past few days.
This is the final result. You'll have to go to the main page of Godyears for the full effect as the dynamic pictures are not available once you go into an individual post.

Please do comment and tell me what you think about it.

P.S. All the 'pictures in motion' do lead to the respective category on clicking.

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  1. *speechless*I loved the previous look too-but I have yet to see anything this striking in blogosphere*bowing down to the master*

    aisa kuch hain jo aap NAHI kar sakte ho?:-)

  2. to be frank.. i loved the first ever look u had on ur blog.. that complained about the soup to God. this one's too plain to suit your personality!
    anyway, since u've done so much mehnat on it.. keep it for a while :)

  3. I clicked on 'Godyears' and then it showed me the flash bit. so not tooo plain :)
    ye to ekdum website ban gayi! way to go!! just bring back the soup pic tooo :)

  4. Suruchi, I cant juggle...once thats done, I become perfect :)

    Nisha, hehe.. I remember. Seems like so long ago. Wish I'd taken screenpics of all my blog looks..would have been a tremendous post.

  5. Awesome!! Btw i liked your choice of pics.. But you could have put pics of katrina,kim kadashian, paris hilton etc...

  6. its nice I like this one..
    more youthful

  7. Rohan, hehe... it would have been a parade of Kim Kardashian facial expressions :) All 3 of them !!

    Harman, Thanks. Thats exactly what I was going for.

  8. Previous one was really good.. and here I was thinking you finally got a good design taste :P

  9. The new look is fab:-))!!!!!


Let me know what you think.