In 2009, Imtiaz Ali released 'Love Aaj Kal' after the grand success of his earlier film 'Jab We Met' and divided viewers into a) those who loved its sentiments and simplicity and b) those who wondered what the heck the movie was about.

Enter 2011 and he's back with Rockstar, another movie that's bound to do the same with viewers across the nation. So let me be clear where I stand here : This is a 'must watch' movie for so many reasons.

1. For starters, this isn't a story about the life of a Rockstar... rather, it's the story of a naive young guy( Ranbir ) who wants to be one and is led ( correctly ? ) to believe that the key to becoming great is through pain/ heartbreak.
His efforts towards breaking his heart deliberately leads him towards Heer ( Nargis Fakhri ), but things take an unexpected turn when they actually become friends. This sequence has some of the funniest moments of the movie. It also leads him on the path to a destiny he desired - though the path is more painful than he ever imagined.

2. Their moments together are magical by any standards of Bollywood : whether it is while fulfilling her wishlist of being a 'bad girl', the drives across a breathtaking Kashmir landscape or even their silent moments beside each other.
The constant confusion of the characters about the status of their relationship is actually a refreshing sight in a Hindi movies - it's how relations are in real life.

3. Imtiaz Ali intentionally keeps jumping back and forward, across many timelines - but it isn't confusing.  Cinematography was excellent - be it Kashmir or Prague.

4. The late Shammi Kapoor has all of 5 scenes... but they're bittersweet, especially the moments between him and Ranbir.

5. I liked a couple of songs when I first heard the album. But as weeks passed by, I found myself loving a couple more songs, then a few more and so on. It was lovely, because it was the A R Rahman of old - songs which grow on you, unlike Pritam's songs which you know are an instant hit/flop. Rahman has outdone himself here, sticking to a lovely blend of retro rock, some amazing guitar work and Mohit Chauhan's amazing voice. The second half of the film literally turns into a musical as the songs are a constant feature in the background. Personal favourites - Saadda Haq and Tum Ho.

6. Ranbir Kapoor has outdone himself, performance wise. Note the naive boy at the starting who wanted to feel pain and then, much later, the tearful superstar begging his mentor to save him from the pain - I doubt if any of the other young guns could have pulled off this role. I can think of a couple of Khans who'd overdo it, too.
Nargis is wonderful as the fiery spirit who is unsure of herself. I liked her characterisation, though I do have a few complaints with the person who dubbed her voice.

7. This is a film that focuses exclusively on these 2 characters. The others... well, it's like watching people at the train station while you're on a moving train. You register their presence, but they're gone before you can focus on them. Still, everyone played their role well.  

8. Where I can see people pointing out flaws : the characters constant confusion of their feelings, the non-linear method of story telling and the slightly ambiguous ending. For all 3 flaws, the answer remains the same - It just shows the confidence of a director who doesn't feel the need to spoonfeed his audience anymore.
And I appreciate that.

I feel you should definitely watch this movie. Tell me what you think after watching it.


rahul aggarwal said…
i read Rockstar's review on rediff .. and the writer disgraced this movie by giving just 2 stars to it...


i read it on 5 different blogs and heard from friends as well but this movie as per their views is one helluva awesome...

damn rediff...

now read your blog too .. which confirms my going this weekend to go and watch it...

Viyoma said…
Thank You, that was a real intelligent review, i must say.

Not that i have seen the movie, but your thoughts were crisp and to the point. It has helped me take my stand on the movie.
subtlescribbler said…
I liked ur review a lot. kinda removed all doubts and qualms I had about d movie..will definitely watch it this week! :)

Ditto, Viyoma.

Reassures my stand on the movie.
Dr Roshan R said…
Rahul, I too read the first review from Rediff... totally disagree with it.

Viyoma, Subtlescribbler, Anita, would love to hear your opinions back here after you've seen the movie... whether u agree or not.
Nisha said…
Agree with u on everythingg except that I didn't like Nargis.. n yes.. who the hell was talking so loud through her Angelina lips!!?
Sanjib said…
I Have Watched Rockstar twice and i just loved it.Ranbir was awesome, songs were great,loved the way Imtiaz unfolded the story, kinda new style of him.I found this review to be genuine and well written,this will help the movie goers who haven't watched the movie yet.
Harman said…
...I heard a lot about this movie in US ...wanted to see.. reading the reviews its for sure now its worth watching!
thanks for sharing!
Dr Roshan R said…
Nisha, hehe..they were rather 'disproportionate' lips :)

Sanjib, thanks a lot man

Harman, pls do watch it. Not necessary you will agree so would like to hear your opinion once you've watched it
Suruchi said…
i've been dying to watch this movie and now your review just buried me with more urges!:-)

you are quite impressed, eh?
hopefully i'd be to doc:-)
Nirvana said…
while I so love the fact that you've some up with the not-wanting-to-spoonfeed-the-audience bit, I am guessing THAT is exactly why reviews from *intelligent* critics have mostly been thumbs down. But you know what? After reading your review, I've just made up my mind to see it!
damn .. now I must go see it .

I thought it was another 'big stars-no story' movie :P
pri said…
i dont particularly like RK so had decided to give this one a skip..but i guess will watch it after this review :)
Alka Gurha said…
I am getting mixed reviews...but you have addressed each point in detail...Ranbir is being praised by everyone but the heroines acting is being criticized,
TheBluntBlogger said…
I am still in awe with the movie and would be watching again :)
Aparna Eswaran said…
Phew!! At last somebody who liked the movie, i was beginning to suspect I was the only one. Except for Nargis fakri's donald duck lips ( I still drooled at her) and her disturbing obsession with brothels, I came out feeling that tug in my heart that i was missing with bollywood movies lately. Good review, nice to have stumbled into your blog Doc.
Anand Kumar said…
Ranbir has arrived. Wow!

What surprized me most in the movie was new comer Nargis Fakhri for her acting range and ability. I wonder where she got her training from ? A fine young actress and a visual delight.A great,new wonderful addition to Bollywood. A class act.She was the focus of the movie and kept it alive and most interesting throughout.Congratulations to her on her fine performance.

Imtiaz Ali is a name brand now in story writing and telling as a director. He has a knack in finding new talent and beautiful actresses. He handled a very laborious job extremely well. Congratulations to him also.