Show me a sign, Mr Waiter-man !!

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

Sometimes, I really feel I ought to resign my job as a doctor and start a new career, going around citie and villages with a white ink pen and a pain brush correcting signboards in restaurants.

I came across this in a restaurant menu card today in a pretty hi-fi hotel.
The first thought that came to my mind when I read this was:

"Man, those cows are gonna be so happy when they find out it's not them, but a bunch of tender lions that are gonna be served over here... that too with 'better rice'."

I still remember signboards from my past in school and college days which promised to serve me stuff like Meenkho joos, Bineappil jus, Born wita and Murgh Labrador. ( ok, I exaggerated that last one. I read it that way. It was actually Murgh Lababdar )

But anyway, I'm sure all of you have had fun too, laughing at things you've seen on the restaurant menu cards.
Write in and share the funniest restaurant board/ menu card dishes you've read.

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  1. should have been

    "Served with Better rice on fully washed plates"

  2. is there something like 'beaten rice'... maybe they meant that ?

  3. Lion meat!! This was indeed funny :D :D

  4. So how did d lion meat taste?? :-P Am guessing you ordered them!

  5. "Fruit salad with leeches and ice cream (they meant litchis)"

    "Please pay to be the cashier"

    Lion meat hah hah....

  6. what about the different spellings of "Chinese food"?
    and so many many more.... one for each roadside hawker

  7. Maithili, :)

    Rohan, actually i stuck to the more traditional chicken... only because they didnt have the tender lion :)

  8. Varsha, hehe... funnily enough, i would have expected the leeches thing to be more common. but havent seen it.

    Arunima, the fav is always chinees

  9. Ooooooh THERE'S a career my heart is after!! there are so many:

    - tea and 'snakes'
    - 'child' beer
    - chilled 'bear'
    -all the variants fo 'chinese'

  10. heehee.. beer reminded of an old Jagathy film where he reads the sign "B-E-E-R....BAAR !!" and happily walks in :)

  11. I have seen 'Cigan biryani ready':D
    Chicken aayirikkum ennu thonunnu.
    Lion meat adipoli.

  12. this is something that came in "deshabhimani" newspaper about the hazards of eating "chutta patti"!!!

    what they meant is 'hot dogs'!!!

    hail kerala... :) :) :)

  13. Anita, yup... definitely cigan ..sorry, chicken biryani.

    Shalini, oh God !! seriously ? you had chutta patti in a newspaper ... wow !!

  14. so funny
    lolz.,,too good!
    you knw if you try to correct spellings and take notice of that most of them are mis-spelled some to the extent they change the meaning ..totally..
    like"USE DIAPER AT NIGHT" written behind the trucks in india..which I could never understand ..and thought they are endorsing some diaper s for kids,,BUT
    its actually "use dipper at night"
    lol :))

  15. Harman, you're absolutely rt... you see so many amazing spelling mistakes which just change the meaning altogether :)

  16. I once went to a bakery and saw a tub of ice cream marked " Vennila Ice cream" and yeah... it was owned by a mallu.

  17. haha, but of course Moushmi :) We write our signboards the way we say them !!

  18. Well I heard one of my friends mention a.. 'CAUTION!! HUGE ERECTION AHEAD' board on the roads... ;-)

  19. Not bad:) I heard of a "Driver ahead" instead of a divider ahead... and I don't know if you know the sms joke, but the biggest 'man-made erection for a woman' was the Taj Mahal :)

  20. 'Panic'ker sounds more honest, at any rate :)

    and yes, I can see that u and ur pal are math geniuses too :D

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