For those of you who patiently waited, here is the issue of TM Publishing's Crimson Fog, featuring my story 'Chasing August', which I had talked about earlier.
While it can be read on computers ( with flash installed ) from this blogpost itself , if you wish to read it as a pdf file on your laptop/ e-readers/ mobile devices, you can download it here. ( Allow the pop-up window to arrive and click download. )

Salient features : 
  1. Horror/ psychological thriller set in a notorious house in South India. 
  2. whodunnit. 
  3. Constantly shifting timelines as the events across two generations start to merge. 
  4. A relatively long story. ( So read it at leisure ) 
  5. Most importantly : tell me what you thought about it. ( We can decide upon a codeword if you didn't like it... you know, codewords like 'Awesome', 'Superb' etc !! )


Rohan said…
Awesome indeed! :-P Have read it in d blog long time back aand had an idea about the suspence. . But still a good read!!
In page 29 I think der s a mistake with the dates. . Given as 2006 where it is supposed to be 1964. .
Thanks Rohan... you're right. The first timeline should indeed be 1964.. amazing how after all the re-edits, we still got a glitch !!
amit said…
Grrrrr.. access denied in my office. Will go home and read.
Thanks man.. do tell me what you think of it.
Lazy Pineapple said…
I thoroughly enjoy this genre and your story was right up the alley. Had fun reading it and was totally engrossed.
simply me said…
Just one word MIND BLOWING :) :D
Loved it thoroughly...
Thank you Vinita :)
Thanks.. glad you took the time to read it. I know its lengthy, but wanted to get the right balance between telling the story with enough hints and not boring the audience.
Alka Gurha said…
Its not awesome or superb at all...LOL. Its engrossing though. Whats interesting is that it moves back in time and then jumps forward making it interesting.
maithili said…
:D :D Interesting! Although at some places it gets confusing because of the moving of the plot in two eras.
Thanks.. I'm overjoyed that you didnt find it awesome or superb :D
I know ! Imagine how confusing it was for me to get the moments right while crossing eras :D

But ya, I knew it could get confusing.. ideally, I would have wanted a font change/italics for the past so that the reader didn't have to look back at the timeline to remind himself where he was.
amit said…
Finally read it. Engrossing and engaging, gave me goosebumps. I would have loved it to be more elaborate but you must be having a word limit I think. I loved the shift between timelines. I like non linear stories.
Thanks Amit... was actually worried I had made it too long.
And the shifting timelines was a risk - but I really wanted to try it out and see if I could pull it off.
Soham Roy said…
I read it too..The seamless shifting between two distinct generations and the final harmony as the differences merge along , is quite nice to read. Nice one , I must say :)
Thanks Soham... glad you read it. Weird beginning for a first time entry into my site, Im sure.. :)
Ritika said…
Congratssss Roshan

I am downloading it right now :D :D
thanks.. tell me what you thought about it :)
Seena said…
I checked the timeline only in the starting, later on understood the timeline by the charactor's name. In p.29 I got confused and checked the timeline. But on reading the whole sequence I got to know that the timeline given was wrong.
May be the glitch happened because of the charactor's name in the beginning of that sequence.
Good job Doctor. It is a really engrossing thriller, kept me hooked till the end.
Roshan R said…
You're right Seena. The final error there was possibly due to exactly the reason you mention though I still dont know how it got missed since earlier edited versions had it just right..
And Thank you.. glad you liked it.
Rachna said…
I have to read it at leisure. Have bookmarked this post.
Roshan R said…
Thanks.. and yes,it does need a relaxed atmosphere and some free time at a stretch :) Tell me what you thought of it..
Riyaz.Sheena said…
hmmmm.. what to say.... simply superb writing.. from the bajla paneer of ur UG days to crimson frog is too good.. i really wonder how u get so much time to write.. i would personally love to see u write a novel. i know its a tough job but my dear friend u can do it!
Roshan R said…
haha.. its amazing to think the first post for this blog was written in 2005 during our internship days. From then onwards its been going on... I would love to write a novel, but I dont have that creative flair of those days - the Bajla Paneer, Jhoot Bole Kalu Kaate and Well-Wishers days :D
Rohit R said…
(on behalf of Amma:)
Well-done son.
I am not sure if you have checked this page in a long time, but I am picking this book of yours' (my first) right away!

Just so you know Doc, you are inspiring! A very HAPPY 2016! :)