It's going to be a month since the crime. A fortnight since the death. 
Since then, I have learned the following...
  • Women should not wear makeup.
  • They should not be dented, whatever that means. 
  • No discotheques, of course.
  • Chowmein makes boys horny.
  • You should not board buses after night.
  • Girls should wear long overcoats. 
  • No coeducation.
  • Women should understand that marriage is a contract and they are allowed to be in it as long as they 'satisfy' the man. 
  • They should not cross the mythical 'Lakshman Rekha'. 
  • Western culture is to be blamed. 
  • India, not Bharat, is to be blamed. 
  • Biharis are to be blamed. 
  • If you are being assaulted, submit. 
  • Allow yourself to be assaulted so that you can still live, said one female 'scientist'. 
  • A Godman says she's to blame because no crime can take place without both parties being involved. That if she had called him Bhaiyya ( brother ), they would have stopped. 
  • One of his 5 crore posse comes on National TV and says proudly that if she had said Saraswati Mantra and boarded that bus, her inner conscience would have saved her. 
  • Another minister says she got raped because of the astrological stars.
  • Last but not least, even if you have no political influence and have admitted to the worst of crimes against women, there will be enough a$$holes ready to try to defend you by blaming the woman.

Realize what the words above mean.
It implies you are not supposed to study beyond a certain standard. It implies you should have no other occupation other than housewife while the man hunts and toils to bring home food for you to cook, caveman style. It implies that by your shameless act of walking out of your house, you are the initiator of your rape. 

I don't have a miniscule fraction of the following of the big guns behind all those quotes. I don't have their bank balance, their years or their pious nature.
But I can promise you one thing - if you allow them to continue, they will eventually make sure you are tied to the living room chair and only let out of the house on your wedding day - to be tied to the next living room chair. You tell me the girl was gang raped for two hours and 31 kms on a bus. I say you are wrong. Her character is still being raped today, long after she passed away, thanks to these idiotic people who are allowed near a mike.
Rape. In India, it happens to small children aged 2 months and it happens to elderly women aged 65 years. The infant is too young to cry out Bhaiiya, which is of course her fault. The old woman is of course dented and not chanting the Saraswati Mantra right.   
Stop looking at this as only one case. In the days since the Delhi rape case, another 15 females were gang raped across India. Can you remember even one of those instances ? Why not ? Are they not 'India's daughters and bravehearts' ? 

Please look beyond the crap.
Rape is never just about sex. It is about domination. It is about asserting one's power. It is about humiliation. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can deal with it.

The saddest part of this experience has been the response from the political parties we elected. 
Neither the ruling party nor the main Opposition has been able to give a single reassuring statement. If one party chose to use tear gas and cannons before crying on national television, the other is forced to remain silent as their sex-starved bosses in shorts start preaching morality and sanskar.

Which sanskar allows to rape a 2 month old child ? Seriously. Stop giving such idiotic views like 'She's asking to get raped.' If you guys wear tighty-whitey Jockey shorts and sit on the busiest road in Delhi, do you imagine that you will get raped by women ? No ? Why not ? Because she has sanskaar ? You just said that if she's going to work, wearing skirts and wearing makeup, she's lacking in it, remember ?

Stop blaming women for rape. The problem isn't your penis, it's not even your fantasies... it's the need to act out on those fantasies. And that is the most disturbing aspect for me. 

The one thing that becomes abundantly clear while glossing over old texts is that contrary to popular belief, women are not treated like Goddesses in our culture -  abduction, rape, molesting, stripping... all this is also a part of our culture. If Ram and Arjun are part of our culture, so are the scheming Kaikeyi and the lustful Dushasana. So stop looking to the past for answers, women. There are none that will comfort you. 

Look to empower yourselves. 

First, accept the truth. 

  • It will be ages before you change the neanderthal mindsets of those in power - be it politicians, policemen or religious leaders. Above all else, that empowers those who seek to rape. 
  • Rapists may be of any faith, any religion, any age and more often sadly ( as statistics show ) someone you know.
  • That doesn't change the basic fact. No one has a right to your body without your permission.No dress you wear, no time of day and no state of inebriation changes that rule.

Second and most important - don't stay docile. 
  • They tell you to become Sita and Draupadi ? By all means, be one. But be a kickass Sita who pokes Ravan in the eyes (all 20 of them, if need be !!) and knees him in his balls. When Kunti says 'Share whatever you got with your brothers, Yudhisthra', be a Draupadi who laughs and says 'Not happening, Mrs K !'
  • Asura Baba told you to chant Saraswati Mantra. Do so if it pleases you... but I humbly request you to learn to 'SING' the Sandra Bullock Mantra as well. It certainly seems more effective and is applicable to all men.

  • Carry pocket knives. Carry pepper sprays. Make pepper sprays, if necessary.
  • Parents/ elders telling you not to go outside anymore ? Remind them of the watchman ( the guardian of the flat ) who raped the tenant in a fully occupied building. Or the woman who was raped inside a train while the other passengers watched. The old lady raped in her house. The burns patient raped in the hospital. If a person wants to rape, he will try, irrespective of the location. 
In an ideal world, I would have never imagined asking you to trade lip gloss for pepper spray and Victorinox knives. But this is no ideal world. And this is not a country whose leaders know how to look after it's own women. 

Thirdly, don't ostracize friends who have been manhandled/molested/raped. 
They are not to blame for the act of rape. Not 50%, not 5%, not 0.1%. They need you more than ever now. They don't need you to take a rifle and climb onto a horse seeking revenge. They need your kind words, your hands clutching theirs and your support to get them through it. 
Three of the sweetest, gentlest women I've known in my life were all victims of sexual crimes. They still wake up in cold sweats and nightmares, even decades later. Their stories were hushed up by them or their families, the assailants not even charged. They remain victims forever while their assailants are happily married and doting husbands and of course 'respected members of society'.

I don't want any girl to suffer the nightmares they live with, but sadly, not being raped is turning into a luxury in our country now.

So if you find yourself in danger, girls... break a nose and twist a ball. 
And remember your Sandra Bullock Mantras... Solar plexus, Instep, Nose, Groin   

Authors note : This note has been stuck in my draft box a long time now. It was originally a lot longer and perhaps a lot more vile. Like most of the public, I too wanted to vent out my anger at the system and the comments but then I decided - there's no point talking of what an imbecile Abhijit is or how no doctor who worked in an ICU can be convinced the girl was sent to Singapore for medical reasons. 
The fact is the system failed. The fact is the future doesn't look bright for women in general - both the ruling and Opposition party have their share of cavemen and even rapists. Waiting for them to make laws isn't going to change anything. It's time to make the change yourselves. Don't let people victimize you. Because given the chance, they will gleefully take it - whether they are 17 year old juveniles in a bus or neighbours left around an innocent 3 month old child. 


Rinaya said…
This is an awesome post & one of the first that I've come across that covers almost all the points in regard...being a woman I cry out in frustration each time my Mom tells me not to go out at night or to be dressed in a way that hides the fact that I'm a woman!
I keep arguing, why is the victim being held responsible, what's the logic in that?And who are these moral police to "teach a woman a lesson" ?
great post, am sharing it...
Shilpa Garg said…
It is so shameful and disgusting to read these regressive comments / statements from somebody or the other every day! It clearly shows the sick attitude and mentality that prevails in the society. When the nation is united to do something about these heinous crimes, these asses come and try to undo the good. I believe this 'Godman' has a huge followers among women... I wonder how they are reacting to all that shit!
Roshan R said…
Oh God... that person who supported him and said 'if she had said Saraswati Mantra, her inner conscience would have saved her' was a woman only !
I don't know what I felt hearing her speak.. she was so adamant and screaming that her Guru was 100% right. That she should accept her mistake of getting into a bus with 6 drnk men - do you do a breathalyser test on every person in a bus you enter ?
Roshan R said…
I know how frustrating it can be.. as I said at the end, my initial draft had a lot more bad words directed towards the powers-that-be, but I felt it was pointless... they dont care. Better to focus on how to make the victims stronger and leave the assailant regretting his action..

This whole system of moral policing being allowed all these years has just empowered rowdy elements in the end... not saved a single woman. As for the 'dress safe, walk meek' theory of parents... well, ask them to look beyond this case. This is in the end, just one rape. The list of rapes go across all spheres n places, through burkhas and miniskirts, locked doors and school yards... where do they want to hide the girl then ? Even the womb isnt safe in India, is it ?
Roshan R said…

I'm giving the video here... You can decide for yourself what you want about the devotee..
Harman said…
It's pathetic to read comments like that from spiritual guru call bhaiyya to rapists I mean what the heck ... It's a joke ... Will he say same for his own daughter..'s very disgusting .. Women treated sexobject and then comments like these ... Seems like every one needs a doze ... Should be slapped left right and center ..
Danny Simon said…
Hey nice post!
AS for the spiritual leader, the whole thing was a big laugh... He himself denies everything now...
Sad to see though, its like the only news we get to read now are more rapes happening all over....
Rachna said…
Good post, Roshan! Heck I am scared for me as well as for all the little boys and girls, teenagers and women out there. It is a dangerous place on the streets. And, the nimwits are a reflection of how we have many societies and decayed mindsets in our country. Mindsets take ages to change. Till that time, take care, stay safe like you said and continue to bring about change in your own small way.
Roshan R said…
thats whats so sad... 5 crore devotees for ppl like this. And they are supporting him on TV as well... what can you do ya ? Such people will take us back to the stone age, if they can.
Roshan R said…
Has he denied yet ? That is the usual tactic.. sorry, now the term they use is 'I withdraw the comment'.
But I don't believe he has withdrawn it. You should see the video ( check the link I put in a comment above ) of the devotee defending that Saraswati Mantra claim.. Felt like banging my head on the wall.

And 100% right... its been only rape rape and more rape in the papers... so depressing. Even with the whole media watching, people are still not scared.
amit said…
Sometimes I feel choked and intoxicated knowing that I am breathing the same air as all these human excuse of a scum.
And I don't know why but I want to hold Asaram with his beard and use him as a discus and throw him on the moon. Disgusting creep!
Roshan R said…
These kind of molesters crawl out of the woodwork because they know the conviction rate is 1 in 600 odd... with such idiots sitting in the chairs that govern and make laws, how do you expect women to stay safe.

Thats why I'm saying - all women to take matters into their own hands. Be aware, be prepared. Because this political system willkeep on failing you..
beingFab said…
When the inane comments by various politicians first started coming out, I was wondering if they were crazy, saying stuff that were sure to get pounced upon by everyone, from women's groups to the media. Then as more bullsh*t started pouring in, I realized that they were just echoing what a large number of Indians (mainly in their constituencies) are thinking. I felt so let down to think that the protesters in Delhi and bloggers like us are a miserable minority amongst beasts who will forever blame women. Not just beasts, idiots too. "No rapes take place in villages", seriously?? All of it just makes me sick,sick,sick.
BluBluBling said…
Thank you :)

This gives me hope. If only all men think like this. So again thank you, this is the reason why I will never generalize against men.
desi Traveler said…
Great will be @@ss holes for a long time to come... Do we wait for laws to if a potential rapist will think about law before raping. I agree if in trouble kick some balls. Also use technology for being safe. check this post..
Shail Mohan said…
Sharing, hoping it will open a few eyes at least.
Btw, I loved the answer, "Not happening Mrs K!"
Bhavana Nissima said…
My pain has been that the comments that twitter harangues against and is attributed to big politicians and so-called gurus are also spoken by common men and women around me. I am suffocated because post-delhi incident I feel my movements more scrutinized, more kept under check than before by everyone--even with the best intentions. I feel more conscious now than I did. Frankly want to be badly join a slutwalk just to breathe again.
Regarding is not easy to position and defend oneself that easily. And sometimes it might provoke the guy/s further and also excites them.
And what the scientist said--well, actually, if I realized I might lose my life, I will play along and instead talk. Use a softer approach to humanize. Survival stories tell us about the ways women escaped death. Sorry, sometimes we need to make very hard choices to survive.
Thanks for venting and being present. Everything around makes me very angry and very very sad and helpless. One needs to keep finding light in all this...and I dont know how.
Sorry I am also rambling, not writing cogently.
Shail Mohan said…
//"the comments that twitter harangues against and is attributed to big politicians and so-called gurus are also spoken by common men and women around me"//

Roshan R said…
What scares me is that I never heard of this guy.. and he had 5 crore devotees... if you have half a dozen such morons alone, you've brainwashed 30 crores of the population... can you even begin to fanthom how crippling that can be to a nations mindset ?
Roshan R said…
true... thats why the goverment was so surprised and had no idea how to react except using force... they had never seen people demanding rights like safety. Till now, its always been divisive politics.

We cant keep going back to the old traditions claiming they were better... they were as flawed, if not more so, in my opinion. They got away because women werent allowed any rights... if Dhridhrashtra is blind, wife must also cover her eyes 'out of devotion to hubby'. If husband loses you in a game of dice, you are allowed to be disrobed in full public view, even if you a Princess.

One side we're talking of space missions, the other side we want women to be 'hubby satisfiers' and sit with their mouth shuts.
Roshan R said…
Doesnt help, BluBluBling.. seriously. Be safe. It doesnt matter if the 'sensible outraged' youth is a majority or minority presently... the system is so flawed and impotent, you have to defend yourself..
Do you think that that girl had any idea when she left home for a movie with her friend that she would never come back ? Its a normal deed that everyone of us has done... yet you have politicians saying the mistake is ours.
Roshan R said…
Definitely... use every possible option to survive..
Roshan R said…
Frankly, I dont understand how people so proudly quote these scenes as signs of honour and duty ( Draupadi becoming everyones wife, Ram ditching Sita over a fishermans words, Sita being blamed for being abducted )... its not a question of blasphemy, its a question of logic.
What if Kunti had said 'I want a share of whatever you guys got'... what then ? o_0
Roshan R said…
Thats the flaw, Bhavana... the rape has just got these perverted geezers (including MrPaintedDented) tut-tuting about how girls are to be blamed while the victims are running scared... for how long ? A month ? A year ? Forever ?

Regarding self-defence, is there a likelihood that your assailant will get enraged ? Of course. But again, look beyond this one case. Rapes have been occurring all year... many of the victims weren't just raped, but killed as well. They expect a 'free meal' with no complications and they will do anything to ensure they dont get caught.. rape alone is a horrible violation, killing to ensure their safety is just another step.

I'm not convinced about 'trying to humanize a person' about to commit rape to get him to stop. They are doing it as an ego trip, the ultimate act of dominance...pleading plays right into their hands. But how far would it stop them from raping... I dont know.
nazneen said…
uve said it all and uve said it all right sir!

Ash said…
Excellent post! Bang-on target.
jaish_vats said…
Brilliant Post Roshan.....Loved the way you made your point...I am going to share it on my FB page :)
Nisha said…
I hate these self proclaimed Godmen. They have such a huge number of followers. All this particular 'Baapu' has done is given the hypocrites support. There are lakhs out there who are still blaming the girl. And now they have someone 'big' to quote.

There should be a rule - Never been touched in the wrong way? - Keep your mouth shut.
Deepa said…
Bhavana, I doubt she would have realized that it would cost her her life. The reason they were so brutal with her was because they wanted to teach her a lesson for having stood up for her friend. It was not even about her at that point of time. Also, I agree with Roshan that it's not about a single rape. Rape psychology of the rapists is taking a turn for the worse with the passage of time. First they used to rape solo. Then they probably realized that women are capable of fighting back solo men. Now they've learnt about strength in numbers. It's sad that as a society, as mute bystanders we are yet to learn that lesson. Now rapists have learnt that if the victim survives, life could become tough for them so they've progressed to killing the woman. I know when you talk about humanizing the act, you're talking about the rape victim who wrote about how she survived torture in the caves around Chembur. (They were softer after that - atleast the ones who weren't raping) - but honestly, I do also think that was a few years ago. Now, rape has got to do more with impunity. Knowing that they can do it and get away with it. Even if a woman tries to humanize the act, I doubt they would let her stay alive when they're done. The recent acts after the Delhi rape are trending that way.

Roshan, Thank you for a cracker of the post. Yes, when we have an almost impotent combination of government, law and order and civilian society that fails to provide the most basic need of all - safety to its citizens - it is definitely up to us to save our own skin. Loved the 'Not happening Mrs K!'
Bhavia said…
Sharing this and as I have decided to react for even the slightest indecent move,I hope I will be able to make it.But to be very truthful,all this while if I had bore the disgusting comments it was only because I was scared of risking my own life.

pinne nammude naattil vechu oruthane thalliyathinte ksheenam ithu vare maariyittilla. soumya train incident undayittu enthayi,ipozhum train travel dhuritham thanne :(

The only prayer is that let this fire not die;at least within the women
BK Chowla, said…
I agree with every word you say.
I never take seriously comments of politicians on such sensitive issues because they think after they have spoken.
I don't know who gave them the title of GodMen?
In my opinion,it is time girls stood up for themselves and don't feel they are week...they are not.
All that girls need a support from their parents,brothers,husband whatever may be the case.Let us not make them feel small and weak.
And,my dear girls,please stand are too strong
Roshan R said…
doesn't make it any less safer a world sadly... as someone mentioned correctly in the comments section, people talking common sense are the new minority
Roshan R said…
Thanks Ash...
Roshan R said…
Thanks Jaish.. I saw the share in Facebook just before I came here... its necessary to see beyond all the anger and move forward.
Roshan R said…
exactly.. lakhs ? reports claim he has 5 crore followers.. and when he is not ready to apologise, why would they ?
And as for your rule - these are a bunch of sex starved gurus who would gladly allow themselves to be touched any which way... so it wouldnt work on them
Roshan R said…
that fear is what empowers the next man... and the next. The Guwahati case was not a situation of 40 men waiting to rape.. a few men started, others seeing the scene just joined in to 'cop a feel'... 'if he can do it, can we' attitude.

The Soumya case was another horrific case.. why was she never called Indias daughter ? Thats my point - the media woke up because women woke up this time..otherwise this case would have been just a statistic, another case file number..

Now, the next step depends on the justice meted out.. but that still wont deter the next person, I personally feel. Hence the need for self protection.

Roshan R said…
Sir, people who say girls are weak should visit hospitals and see the doctors and staff in action.
Whether it is in handling sudden severe complications as a surgeon, or saving lives of others loved ones as an emergency team or delivering newborn after newborn through litres of blood, they are brilliant ... there is no discrimination - they are our peers.
To suggest that women like these should throw away their life-saving abilities so that some idiot man in khaki shorts or a Godman can be pleased... never.
aishu_here said…
One of the best posts on the topic I have read so far Doc. Sandra Bullocks mantra definitely beats any other options the swamis and babas are suggesting us over the media.

No exaggeration, you were damn right to say not being raped/sexually violated is turning into a luxury in our country now. When a friend/acquaintance says she felt safe growing up in India and never came across any sexual violation, I see jaws dropping ( including mine). We wow on how rare is the breed of her kind.

It is disgusting to feel that way, it really is. Feeling safe growing up should be a given, not a rarity.

Binu Thomas said…
An apt post needed for everyone concerned about the incidents happening across our country! Men, for some reason, think of women as their property and abuse their so called physical power.. Self defense is very much needed today and will always help. Very informative doctor..
Inara said…

Felt good reading about your point of view. Wish more Indian men would think like you. Many educated men still think that women need to be covered from head to toe and stay indoors. It is "that" mentality that needs to change. These are the same men who call "saree" a modest attire. I don't know how a skin-tight, thin blouse even made it to the "uniform" that most schools prescribe for teachers. Seriously it is time Indians stop referring to everything as "this is our culture" and question if it is logical.

I went to the west for a job and never came back and feel liberated as a woman.Even in the west, logic is not applied everywhere but it certainly is incorporated into the system. Consciously, if I still make illogical, bad choices , be it the west or India, it will have consequences. But at least it will be only me responsible for it and not the cultural pressure from the society.In the west, I at least have the freedom to walk without fear - that improves one's quality of life.

Journalism, Education are some fields in India where syllabus has to be revised to suit the modern society. Teachers calling kids by names of animals...seriously don't they learn child psychology in B.Ed?

A 3 yr old girl was raped by the playschool owner's husband, somewhere in the north of India. Only who have a degree in specialized early childhood education should be given a license to run a playschool. Being a mother or having a lot of experience working with children doesn't make someone eligible to run a playschool.

There is a total lack of internal controls in many areas and that affects the citizen's everyday life.

Rohan said…
I was wondering how come you did not put a post regarding this. Really informative post. . It is better to teach the ladies to defend themselves than to try putting some sense into such people. The world is going forward and India is going backward. And as for today's joke! It is the Khaps again. . They told yet again that the girl is to be blamed for rape. I seriously cannot understand how can they even think like that. Or are they that stupid?
Roshan R said…
I agree with you Deepa... the fact that they can get away with the act is the ultimate power-trip for these people.
There is no humanizing the act... this isn't picking a pocket for money out of hunger and poverty... this is a brazen, violent, brutal crime...
Roshan R said…
Was it really that bad when we were growing up... maybe I was still too naive but I just feel things have become much much worse now. Of course, the number of unreported / coveredup incidents would have been even more back then, I fear.

As for your last line, thats what annoys me the most... this is not about some controversial group or minority ... its about 50% of the population of a 1.2 billion laden country !!
Roshan R said…
I still don't get the absurdity of it... we study in co-eds, grow up together in colleges. At what time does it change and become a scenario where we demand we ( as men ) are allowed to molest/strip/rape/assault a girl simply because she wears modern clothes ?
Again, even my own statement is being myopic.. surely small children and elderly women are not wearing miniskirts ?

Instead of focusing on the man, people are conveniently talking of chowmein and mobile phones
Roshan R said…
Inara, I'll ask you the same question I asked Aishu above. Did you feel the safety of women was this bad back when you were growing up here ? I'm sure we were more conservative as a nation, but what about overall safety for young girls and women ?

Every country has their own quirks, no doubt - but the very basics of safety and logic are usually followed. Thats where the system differs here... any rape is considered an excuse to talk of Bharat's CLEAN reputation vs India's spoilt attitude.

And yes,I too read the playschool story. What do you expect will happen ? He will abscond/ disappear from public eye/pressurize the childs parents to drop the case.
And in India, experience or skills dont matter - cash does. If you have cash, you can start a playschool or a college if necessary ( not kidding ) and be the head of the institute even if you are just a 6th standard pass.
Roshan R said…
I really delayed this. I didnt want to, because the first draft I wrote was just negative. There were so many flaws at every step of what occured ( govt handling, the crocodile tears, the statements ).. I finally just deleted most of it ( you can still see a bit at the start ) and decided to focus on the 'What Next' aspect.

Regarding these Khaps and all, I have a major issue with the media on this - why are they asking those old men their opinions ? You know they will talk crap and enrage people. If you and I say 'Superman wears Green underwear', that doesn't become news headlines, right ? Then why focus on some idiots deep inside a jungle who have no authority on the subject ?
Inara said…
I do not remember how I felt as a child, but I do remember being told not to venture out after 7 pm, not to wear knee-length skirts and that it is "appropriate" that girls be covered...the same drama has been going on for years.I still hear the same phrases repeated to other girls today. I guess the warning was always there. A "few" rapes or a "lot" of rapes, it did not matter. Rape is simply a crime - one or more.So back when I was growing, there were rapes and since there were rapes, it was important that girls had to be warned and follow a set of do's and donts.Did the warnings make me feel safe? No. It made me feel more afraid as I was continuously reminded to be careful when stepping out. Yes, it was done with good intentions.Evil was always lurking.It was the same culture then and now.Unless the culture is updated to adapt to the present society, India will continue to rot internally all the while showing external signs of "economic" growth. A country's growth cannot be measured just by the economy. Socio-cultural growth is extremely important to hold the economy from within.None of the Indian politicians or their parties show signs of social or cultural growth.How can they lead the economy blindfolded by a "culture" that kills ?
great post doc! and greater coming from a man...we need more men like u!

going by the godman..Ramayana would not have happened if Sita would have addressed Ravana as Bhaiyya, is it?!!! with crime being as rampant with 3 yrs olds to 65 yr olds, what do they address the perpetrators as? uncle? beta? how ridiculous can one be?!

there was another wise alec, suggesting that women should not go out with anyone other than her relatives....

at the end of it all, it seems, every man worth his salt is making outrageous statements on how women should conduct themselves!

oh puhleese..take a break!
Roshan R said…
thats my entire point - where do u expect these kind of politicians to take the country forward.. they're not just pandering to idiotic mindsets but full-on endorsing such primitive ideas.. the country is surviving inspite of them, not because of them.
Roshan R said…
I keep thinking - even by these people's logic, how many flaws arise within the old stories then ? Why was Draupadi molested when she was fully clothed ( albeit one piece )... she wasnt ever in shorts for them to covet her, right ?

This is all caveman ideas... pretending as though only one gender exists in the world to live and the other half of human population is just there for servitude.
Anonymous said…
Caveman style - one living room to another and thats where we are all headed to. When all our neighboring countries progress in every possible way, we are stagnated at square one unsure of our own morals to start with. What a hell of a country and what @$$holes for politicians !! They say its Bharat Mata...a female.. I mean , is that true or what. I have my doubts! - Anita Jeyan Sandeep
(Commenting from a diff laptop...I dont know whose, hence anonymous)
Alka said…
Be safe - I hear it so often now a days.I know it is an individual responsibility to be vigilant but how can one be safe when there is danger at every turn. Your gaswalah to doodhwala to postman to co passenger to collegue to relative to husband (marital rape anyone?)........ is a potential threat.
So its more like cross your fingers and hope for the best. Expecting politicos, police, family or fellow countrymen to keep one safe would be the stupidest thing a woman can do.
awesome one ! I am already urging my 12 year old siste to go take martial arts lessons ! :)
Roshan R said…
Calling a country a female, praying to female Gods.. is that all that our country is ever gonna consider the term 'feminine' worthy of ?
At a time when we should be discussing so many more serious issues, we're now stuck with something that should be so obvious right on the day of Independence ! And then they blame our generation saying we are spoiling the world by doing such harmful acts like 'celebrating Valentines' and 'going for movies with members of the opposite gender'
Roshan R said…
True Alka.. I have no answer to your question.
Instead of nipping this in the bud, now the weeds have grown to such an extent that people fear every male form... and instead of looking to remove the weeds, you have a system which blames the flowers for being the cause of the weeds existing.
Roshan R said…
Sadly thats the state we are in... instead of dance lessons, they're stuck in judo classes.