Puma El Rey Future

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Blogadda as one of the lucky few to get a pair of Puma's El Rey Future series of shoes.
Blogadda has been really kind for me over the last few years (6 Tangy Tuesday/Spicy Saturday winning picks, being chosen as one of the Premium Bloggers, many a good novel to review) and so I jumped at the opportunity to review this.

Of course once I got chosen, the most obvious question struck me : How do you review shoes? I mean, it isn't like reviewing a book. I can't just say that I enjoyed the character development of the animal on the logo or chide the editor about the fact that I found spelling mistakes (in the one word - 'PUMA'?!?)

Well, I finally figured I would divide the review into 3 categories :
  1. Brand.
  2. Looks.
  3. Comfort.

Brand :
Irrespective of whether you play sports or not, Puma, as a brand needs no introduction. The German company have been manufacturing footwear and accessories for more than nine decades now. They are the official brand for many sports teams  (official sponsors of various national soccer teams including Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay) and superstars (from legends like Pele and Maradona to present day Buffon, Ibrahimovic and Usain Bolt).  Closer to home, Puma are the official sponsors for two IPL teams - the Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals.

Looks :
The Puma El Rey Future series is unabashedly different in it's looks and will be loved by those who want a change from the mundane colour palettes of other labels. Key features which I felt deserved closer scrutiny (click on the pictures to enlarge for better view) :

  • The mesh panels across the sides : allow for more comfort and air for your feet.
  • Loop collar band (velcro) is designed to split and wrap across the sides symmetrically, leaving the distinctive PUMA logo visible across the centre.
  • Well cushioned footbed allows for greater comfort.
  • Thick rubber bottom (sole) gives it a look and feel of a boot. 
  • The pull tabs at both ends allow for ease while putting on your shoes. If you notice, the tab design at the front blends into the collar velcro band.
  • Variety of colours : I received the black-and-red El Rey Future. For further colour options, click here. 
I know that there are other colour combinations in this series 
but I personally love the red-and-black contrast best.
Comfort :

Of course, we all know that looks is only half the battle as far at footwear apparel are concerned. I used these shoes for a good week across a bunch of terrains before writing my final observations.

Somebody's pissed that he isn't the coolest 
"black-with-red-collar" animal in the picture.

  • First of all, the obvious : these shoes are extremely comfortable to wear. It is not just about the meshed sides; the right sized shoe hugs your feet well without suffocating you. Trust me, I know. I have elephant feet!

  • The thick rubber sole can take a beating and carry on effortlessly. As I mentioned, you get the feeling of wearing a boot due to it. If you know my area, you would know that the roads and pavements can get pretty uneven along the way. Yet, not once did I feel it while walking. 
  • There is no doubt that the shoe attracts attention. The unique side profile in particular grabbed a lot of pleasant attention and queries when I went for my evening walk.
  • Puma were looking to provide an option for people who want sneakers that don't look formal. Well, I think they've easily succeeded in that matter, don't you?
  • The first evening I wore it out also heralded the onset of unexpected heavy rains after a few months of scorching summer. Oh, I don't intend to go lyrical about any co-relation. It just gave me the opportunity to try out the shoes on another terrain - the wet roads and slippery slopes. Again, no complaints. The grip was excellent and didn't slip or slide on polished surfaces either after coming in from the rain.

I know that it's meant for casual wear but 
don't you think it goes pretty well with formal wear too?

Puma's El Rey Future series is a fine addition to their collection and, atleast in my opinion, is just as good, comfortable and unique as some of their previous products including the Future sky Hi and Terai FAAS Hiker series. It is now available in stores across India. 

"Own a El Rey Future and win a trip to Spain. This review is a part of the product review program at BlogAdda.com" 

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  1. Any shoe that has to be reviewed (Worn)by you can be considered torture tested!
    Nice review, liked the shoe too but a little too young for my taste. :|

    1. amen to the 'tortured shoe' bit :)
      And as for young, considering the car we've been discussing, I think its safe to say, we're looking to take off a few years and gray hairs from our lives :D

  2. God ...modelling and all!!
    The shoes look very comfy!

    1. Yes.. me modeling shoes. Kya zamana aa gaya :D
      They are really comfy..thick sole cushions the outside uneven roads well.

  3. Reviewing a shoe is definitely not easy and a good job there Roshan :)

  4. Actually if u are wearing a plain grey t shirt or something, this red in the shoes can add a bit of color and make a statement...!

    1. hmm.. should have tried that. I just felt the red would be better accentuated by more black.. a red-and-black combo always strikes me as a good one :)

  5. Take a tip from me.
    It is time you took up medelling seriously

    1. Sir, you are being way too kind. I doubt if there is much scope for a fat, balding person like me... maybe as the aging uncle in McDonalds Ads :D

  6. Wow!..How do you manage to write about any topic given to you :)..
    And it really made a good read, though am not interested in shoes :D
    You have great writing skill

  7. Interesting! I like your perspective and style of reviewing the shoes!!!
    Came here searching for others who reviewed El Rey!
    Esp., I liked your last pic - perfect composition.
    Do have a look at my review post too sometime, when you find time! :)
    Bhusha's India Travelogue

    1. Saw your review.. loved the pics. Helps that you're more photogenic :D I need to hide the paunch, the bald spots and yet appear in the pics :D

  8. Nice shoes, nice review...nice modelling :P

  9. Nice way to review shoes by categorizing the review by brand, looks and comfort.. So now you are turning into a multi-faceted reviewer :)

    1. Yes... next I'm waiting for KFC to give me an offer :D

  10. The shoes are thoroughly fine and you are lucky that you have got them easily. I want the same but with some other colour. Please tell me the source where should I get them?

    buy puma shoes online india

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