In the past, I have tried various methods to make you all part with your hard earned cash and food. I have pretended to like some of your cookery posts with the sole hope that you would send me some of your dishes out of gratitude. Did Not Work.
I tried befriending some of you, hoping you would reveal your credit card information to me after I wooed you with my 'A/S/L' dialogues (Yes. I'm very old-fashioned.) Did Not Work.
I tried meeting some of you in real-life by surprising you at work. Did Not Work. (I DID however find out that pepper spray stings very badly and does not taste half as good as pepper chicken.)

One of my more hare-brained schemes involved me writing enough short stories and earning millions from it to fund my RIHUA (Retirement in Hawai with Unlimited Appletinis) dream. That seemed a sureshot success initially until my chartered accountant/coconut vendor informed me that I would need royalty from roughly about 12,684 short stories... to pay for the Hawai chappals I was planning on wearing in Hawai.
For those who are interested, the list of all published stories till today (23 and counting) are here. Yes. Just 12,661 more to go.
Anyway, to facilitate my plans, I'm providing you the links to the e-book of my short story 'HeartStrings', now available on AMAZON and FLIPKART.
The links for the same are here :
Who would have imagined that my e-book would be in the same e-rack alongside names like Jeffrey Archer and Ruskin Bond... those guys must be so proud, whoever they are. Anyway, the rates are fixed at a princely Rs 25 (roughly 9100 Dongs for my Vietnamese fans. Seriously guys.. you call your money dong? That's just so... wrong). I will expect to see all your cheques and coins in my mail by the end of the month, at the earliest. 

Presence in presents(cash/coins/cheques/chickens) only.

P.S. For an extra Rs 15, I will also dance like an Egyptian in the operation theater in your honour, if you so desire.


Ankita Singhal said…
Congratulations. :)

PS-- I am ready to pay that extra 15 rupees. :)
Vietnam has a currency ??? :o
Oh completely missed reading your e-book part :P :P
Nisha said…
Dong?? And btw, will Penguin let you keep that money? :) I thought getting published was the 'prize'.
Anyway, I will check if I can afford it ;)
You big spender you !!
*puts on egyptian headgear* would you like some fries while I warm up?
Its one of the few ones I found less than ours [-(
Ooh... did I mention I have a 'Premium Blogger' badge on my sidebar.. you must check it out before you go... I insist =))
Oh believe me.. the less said about how much we will get out of that money, the better ;((
Congratulations :) Someone is going places...I am so ready to pay that extra 15 Rupees...heck I will add another extra 15 :>)just to see you dance
I will wholeheartedly pay the 15... and LOL at the Hawai chappal part :D
Seriously Dong was a revelation to me... other words rhyming with it is ringing in my ears right now :D I am such a loser :-(
Dr. Roshan,
Will pay that extra Rs.15 just to see a Doc doing Egyptian dance :) Provided we get to see the dance live or a DVD :-)

Jokes apart, CONGRATS (h)
Nisha said…
Ok, ok!! Shhhh!! :)
simply me said…
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Dr.Riyaz said…
beautifully written as ususal (h) archer and ruskin bond will stop writting.. when we have u wats the need for them...
Venda Venda don't go there .. i am warning you [-(
8-)Fine... I'll let you go for now !
Extra 15 !! Dear God ! I will vacuum clean your house for that much money ! cheer
So much money !!! Its raining 15s on me... yeeeah !! I'm a 15-ear.. just a few steps more to Millionaire. :-d
aNOTHER 15 !!! I'm rich rich !!
exactly..poor guys. Unemployment cheques from now on for those poor people.
Fun Fun Fun! (o)
Anonymous said…
Really you would? :d I will pay you.. 15 for the dance and 15 for vacuum cleaning my house :-d But you will have to bear your Visa and travel expenses :)
Congrats (h)and wish your RIHUA dreams are fulfilled soon! cheer

And The new format of you blog is really good and loved the emticons (0)

So many 15s ! I maybe able to retire 15 years earlier.. whoopee :D

And yes, I like the new look as well... have been hunting all over for a good change of look.
jaish_vats said…
Hmm! What do Egyptians do in operation theaters?? ;) Good luck with the ebook Roshan.
Jyoti Mishra said…
Hawai chappal itni mehangi hai to khana peena to...
God I'm not going Hawaii anytime soon :P

Dong... added in my very little GK :)
I'll buy your book and to see you dance.. Twice... 30 Rs.. done :)
Meety said…
Congratulations Dr... (h) Now as a good citizen you ought to share those presents (esp those in the for of chickens) with your old schoolmates... and when you do a good old schoolmate I am willing to contribute to your RIHUA fund =))
I meant I would dance in the operation theatre like an Egyptian :D
And thanks..
30 rupees.. My God !! Let me get you a Rasna as well while you sit and enjoy me dance !! cheer
To paraphrase from Braveheart... "You may take my life... but you will never take.. MY CHICKKEEEEENNNNNS !!" :-t
My RIHUA fund grows larger and larger with every day.. mwahahaha 8-)
Getting published is an honor , congrats on that first doc however funny you try to sound(ahem! ahem!)- and for the PS part, 15 bucks for a dance , now that's funny :)
Thanks a lot Uma. Glad to see you here :D