I had asked many of you for your help and you had been kind enough to vote for me in the Indireads short story contest. Well, after the voting, the top two voted entries from each genre were selected and then a winner was chosen by the judges based on merit.

I did get shortlisted in the 'Crime' category among the top two stories but fell short in the end. Sigh... winning and losing are all part of the game, right?
I just wanted to thank all those of you who took the trouble to vote for me.  Even though I didn't win, it was nice to have your votes and see you all had my back when I asked for help. Hopefully, next time I will win.

P.S. I'm totally messing with you all.

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I won. You all know what to expect when I start showing off by now, I guess.
  • You still have to address me as 'His Highness the Sultan of Blogpuri III'
  • Godyears will be increasing taxes ONCE MORE for anyone passing by the blog. 
  • You have to pay in Kentucky Fried Chicken pieces.
  • Any and all disputes regarding payment will be under the jurisdiction of the Godyear blogger court. Honourable judge His Highness the Sultan of Blogpuri III presiding. 
For a detailed list of all the rules that you are expected to follow to honour me, please refer to this list I made last year.



Ugich Konitari said…
Congratulations, and being a vegetarian, I will simply shower you with flaxseeds....
I first read about it on your fb page...and then I read you lost here... OMG what pleasure I had reading those words 'you lost' and then you snatched away that joy :-t ....

ok what can one do... this is kalyug... great writers like me will suffer and items like you will flourish said one biiiiggg great person..

Congratulations ...whatever!! ;((
BK Chowla, said…
Not to worry.Winning and loosing is paet of the game.It is more important to participate thhan to worry about loosing
Rachna said…
Congrats again doc! Who were you fooling :).
Congratulations, Your Highness the Sultan of Blogpuri III !!
Flaxseeds !! Oh how low have I fallen! Atleast make it french fries !!
Mwahahahaha !! Yes... it is indeed Kalyug.. my time =))
All mine.. all the contest results are for me !! :d
I was just kidding sir.. I won!
:) It was worth a try.
Finally, someone does it correctly. 8-)
Sumana said…
Congrats :)
Bhavana Nissima said…
His Highness the Sultan of Blogpuri III, as a social activist, I protest the increase in taxes and specially being forced to pay for KFC pieces--totally against my beliefs! I demand, instead that you serve your readers faithfully by writing a special piece dedicated to them (ahem, me included). If you dont, I will start a blogfast!!!
(PS: Congrats! Proud and awed...how do you win so many prizes. Teach me na to write something sensible for a change:))
Alleyo Maharajan ! Vandanam! Maharajavu Neenal Vaazhatte !
Adiyande congratulations sweekarichalum!
Bhavya said…
Ha! I knew you would win. After all it never has happened that I voted for someone and they lost :d
Ceee... said…
Congratulations Sultan ! (h)
Now i know what to do with the forgotten week old KFC morsels in the back of my fridge :))
Shalini said…
(o) he he! u almost pulled that one off...congrats once again Your Highness! There... now I get KFC for addressing you that way! :d
Congratulations, Roshan!! Next time you're in Mumbai, I'll take you to KFC. :)
Blasphemy ! :-t Do you know how tough it is being the Sultan? The prices of basic food items like KFC and lobster are so high these days. I'm barely able to fill the petrol in my five Ferraris from the taxes I'm earning. cheer

P.S. Thanks. And mine is a nothing skill. You are the real hero in my eyes for what you do and the troubles you take.

Ah yes.. my faithful blogger friend. Teach these people how to respect me and I will grant you free land... sorry, blog space extending from your blog till Sukupedia's! (h)
Haha.. thanks Bhavya. It did make a difference.
You may think I'm too high for all that but I accept leftovers too. Being a Sultan with followers who dont pay taxes can be really tough
Yes.. one free chicken wing, one fiery grilled chicken leg and 8 and a half french fries for you. 8-)
Yayyy ! This is why she's my favourite gal !! x-)
Everybody, learn from her !!
DJ said…
that's so nice, Congrats :)
Karanth S R said…
Hey, many congratssss :>) yah, now we know what to expect when u start showing off :p
what about those seeds you were sowing? :p i liked that one more :)
Bhavana Nissima said…
Typical..so typical, all these #HHSB...there I go to Jantar Mantar to blogfast...
Kanthu said…
Congrats. :-)
Roshan... very nice :) I had voted without reading it in between some deadline tasks... good you got it
but now i read and loved it!
Meety said…
Congratulations!! so where are my share of the goodies I mentioned in the last post???? :-d
Haha. Thanks Karanth. Sadly, those seeds I sowed didn't make it into the final list. They were both under same genre (Crime) so in the end, only one would have won anyway. And you know what? I honestly dont know which one I like better. Both are different in tone and I kinda like them both for the anti-hero characters they bring out.
Thanks Sharni. I was actually thinking of you a few days back and went to message you on FB... didnt find you there? :-?
Endaaa?? Kakan illaaa!! Kakan illaaaaa!! Kambali podhappo?? KAMBALI PODHAPPA ?? :p
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deleted account in FB. Mail me anytime :) I regularly visit ur blog.
Karanth S R said…
:) i understand... its like the that question to parents, who is your fav kid? (asking in front of all the kids :p ) difficult to choose from :-) keep up the good work :>)
Dr.Riyaz said…
superb radhae..... congrats.... one more diamond on the crown....
Thanks.. few more to come, touchwood :d
a-hem said…
Awesome! Congratulations.

Question: What did you do to Sultans I and II?
Anonymous said…
I googled you after I read your story on IndieReads. If it were up to me, your story would be on the top of the heap. Great work!
Thanks... and shhh!! We speak not of them anymore.
Thanks so much :)
I started at III cause it sounded cooler to have a name ending in a number... shh.
Congo on your win...:D