Ever had one of those days where your own dog is so embarrassed to be seen with you that he hides his face to avoid having to talk to you?

the beagle

Sigh... Dogs have selfless love, they said. Selfless love, my hiney!

Anyway, I don't have any prizes to offer but I would love to hear your comments/captions for the above picture of this rapidly growing 4 month old pup who is now chasing my two year old doberman around the house.

In case you're wondering, that green thing is all that's
left of a Ford Figo that he's been chewing since last week.


Oh my God I am ROFL at the pics...and the green thing that is left of a Ford Figo !!! :-d
As for the caption...all I can remember is how Mohanlal and Sreenivasan turned up wearing sunglasses at office in the movie nadodikkaattu...... kannadi maattan pattilla...kannu randum cheenju alinju irikkuva...shoes in this case..
Nisha said…
God, the green thing!!!
The picture looks like he's hiding behind a ghunghat in preparation for a 60's suhaag raat!!!! Cheap, I know!
Karanth S R said…
Snoopy ko muh dikhayi mai kuch nahi mila kya? is it the reason for him to hide his face now ;)
Karanth S R said…
Iss haseen chehre ki kya baat hai Ke ek jhalak ke liye saari duniya bekaraar hai... :d
Bushra Muzaffar said…
I am not talking to you till you get me another car, loser! And it better be more chewy and classy :/
was just wondering when that mutt was gonna get his own posts on the blogosphere....but kinda miss him too....he definitely grows on you...and i dont mean like a spore or fungus or something...best cardio workout ever....
simply me said…
Go away....you disgust me....you scare away all my girlfriends....I demand justice... :-b
simply me said…
Oooh he is very adorable..i still cant imagine any other reason why he is so upset with you :) :P :P
Anonymous said…
He has such googly eyes ! And how did he exactly manage to chew Ford Figo :-)
hehehe.. ah! Good times. Isn't it funny how you can always relate to a fellow Mallu just by quoting from Nadodikattu, Pattanapravesham or Akkare Akkare Akkare ? :-d
Hehe.. trust you to put a wedding night scene in there :p
Haseen chehre? I guess your idea of buttering him is the right way to go! Teaching him obedience is flopping miserably.
I gave him a Ford Figo to chew on! @-) What more can I get??
Oh... my hard earned pennies... will have to start showing him car brochures next so he can choose between sedan/hatchback, diesel/petrol, colour, accessories etc
He was just maskifying you because you were the new guy and he wanted to appear nice. After you leave, its back to Mr Hyde!! @-)
Ouch. Whose side are you on... mine or his?! (m)
Gee thanks.. how about "I am made of meat and I am not letting him eat me!" :o
One wheel at a time, motivatingria... One wheel at a time. The ketchup helped I guess. ;((
Sumana said…
Cant think of any quotes ..But you are a lucky guy to have such cute puppy :)
It looks more like he is talking on the phone saying " Can I get a replacement on my new pet called Roshan...he is no fun I say..."
Ekta khetan said…
Rupee value has gone dogs eeeks...government ko chappal maaro
Rohan said…
"No I dont want to answer questions about that missing ford car. "
(For the first one)
Karanth S R said…
Yes, :( buttering is the only way with these lil ones... :)) especially when our dad or mom is full time supporters for them...
Thats true... he is a fun addition to the family.
Gulp... you may have a point there !
=)) About time we got the government involved in this
That sounds pretty accurate.. he did refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer present.
He's got naughty written all over him, doesn't he? Love the expression in the second pic!
extremely extremely naughty. Doesnt sit quietly for a second. Wakes up all licking and sweet.. by night time, hes Dracula biting everything and everyone.
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jaish_vats said…
Loved the first pic ...He is adorable :)
Hes getting naughtier with every day, as far as I know.
anjujo said…
so this s sssssssssssnnnnnoppppiiiee..:) miss my robin..:(
Binu Thomas said…
Caption - "I thought I will get a Puma my master has.. Am trying hard to search for the brand name"
Binu Thomas said…
Really love these 3 movies!
Come over next time... this fellow is a lot crazier than the others.. friendly but over-active. That too in our house where everyone is half asleep.!
Do not give him ideas... if he sees this, Im screwed.