These are dog bones.
Dogs like dog bones.
Dogs eat dog bones.
Dogs bury dog bones.

These are trees.
Trees live in forests and sometimes homes too.
Trees have branches.
Branches go on top of trees.

This is a puppy.
A puppy is a small dog.
Dogs eat dog bones.
Dogs pee on trees.

This is my small dog ( also known as a puppy )
  dragging me along to find a proper hiding place 
 TO BURY A TREE piece by piece after totally 
ignoring the dog bone I gave him.

This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his first officer William Riker of the Starship Enterprise expressing my feelings of exasperation succinctly.

This is Snoopy not caring about what
Captain Picard and first officer Riker
think as he dismantles the next tree branch.


Rohit said…
LOLZ! Looks like Snoopy's a vegan :P Gave me a much needed chuckle this lazy Sunday :D
On another note, he may be the only one to go in and out of a dinosaur exhibit without making a dash for em' big yummy bones :D
Nisha said…
When I started to read, I thought you have written a poem!!!
Anonymous said…
Cute post, loved how you introduced dogs, then trees, then the double facepalm as well, so very appropriate !!! :D
hahahaha how cool ! And how much you adore this dog ! :D It shows.
Alka Gurha said…
Nice, you love dogs don't you?
This is what they call a dog log, right? Or shall we make that a log dog? Pablo's specialty is coconuts! ;)
True... he is very environment friendly isnt he? trying to plant trees and all !
Vegetarian? Ya right... tell that to all the bite marks on my arms!
I do not do poems at all.. I love 'em but I'm no good at them !
Haha.. thanks man. Wanted to keep it simple... in this case, pictures (and videos) do speak louder than words !
God help me.. I do like the little vampire!
hehe.. yes. I am a dog lover. No two ways about it.. have had minimum of one in my house since the age of 5.
Corinne... definitely aiming for a dog log :) Dogyears at Godyears :)
Don't let Pablo and Snoopy mingle... Snoopy will spoil your fella' !!
Kathy said…
LOL very clever and funny. Made me smile today! ♥
Anonymous said…
Your puppy is so damn adorable!!!

Karanth S R said…
OMG, Snoopy has grown up so fast! Nice post :)
BK Chowla, said…
Find this very imaginative
Glad you enjoyed it !
Thanks... I'm sure he feels the same way!! he's one super-confident pup!
He certainly has grown a bit since he last appeared here..
Rachna said…
Snoopy is so cute! When it comes to dog bones, my Coco will not hide but will consume all at the risk of falling sick :).
Richa Singh said…
I had read this a while back. But office doesn't allow comments, some issue with proxy. I keep readin quite a few of your posts. Perhaps someday will mail you comments in ad hoc. This particular post is like super cute! And to think it all fits in so perfectly together. Doctor sir you are a genius at all of this :D

ME said…
Snoopy is cute and this post is hilariously cute. :D
Anonymous said…
Hahha...they are both adorable!!! I have never had dogs but I always wanted one (Mother did not approve of them :|)

For how long did he do that ?
This fellow is much the same.. nowadays, he even enters the dobermans kennel and eats his food if left unattended... he's lucky the doberman is more of a gentleman and doesn't go attacking him for it..
All comments are most welcome 24/7 :)
Thanks.. this was the only way I could think of making it fun and presentable.
He did that for half an hour.. finally got distracted and chased a cat... the only plus point is its easy to distract him... he wants whatever moves around !
John Albert said…
lol....awesome :P

like it :)

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Anonymous said…
Exactly my thoughts. And it can be turned into a poem with some effort.
Effort !! That word is not there in my dictionary !!
Binu Thomas said…
Hehehe... Wonderful way to explain a simple fact! Way to do doctor..
Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it :D