Asian Paints "Aquadur PU: Luxury Aqua Wood Finish" - Review

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Awhile back, Blogadda had teamed up with Asian Paints for a intriguing venture. They asked bloggers from God's own Country, Kerala, if they would like to have the natural good looks of any wooden surface in their residence preserved and in fact enhanced by Asian Paints new product - Aquadur PU Luxury Aqua Wood Finish. I was lucky to get shortlisted from among the many who raised their hands across several cities including Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi for this unique opportunity.

One constant which you will find in most of our homes is the presence of wooden furniture. This may range from teak doors with immaculate carvings to mahogany and rosewood dining tables. Good woodwork lends a touch of class to our abode.
Variations of shades with
the Aquadur Wood Stain

But do you know what the other constant is, sadly? The fact that wood is also vulnerable to physical damage, UV rays, moisture, the vagaries of weather and decay.

Coming to the product itself, Asian Paints seem to have endeavoured for something that brings out the best of two different worlds with the Aquadur PU - on the one hand, it aims to give the furniture a premium look and feel while simultaneously looking to be more environment friendly than products from its competitors.
It can be used for both external [ door, pillars, balcony railings, chairs ] as well as interior furniture [ cupboards, wall panels, tables ] and acts as a wonderful shield against all the usual suspects we fear when we have wooden items in our homes.

The Aquadur Wood Stain is available in 6 different shades to help you choose the perfect look for your house. Based on the level of application, you can choose to make your furniture as dark or light as you wish.

The Asian Paints team members were very courteous in their demeanour and took on the pretty challenging aspect of doing my front door. As you can see in the pictures below, it has got quite some intricate work of its own and over the years has kind of faded to a dull maroon shade.

The process itself involved the following levels of application by their staff:
  • Using sand-paper and cleaning the door with a fine muslin cloth.
  • Applying Aquadur Wood Stain (as necessary to get the shade you desire) - allow it to dry for 2 hours.
  • Apply 2 wet-on-wet coats of Aquadur Wood Filler - allow it to dry for 2 hours.
  • 2 coats of Aquadur Basecoat at intervals of 4 hours helps in grain filling and seals the wood for the final finishing.
  • After 4 hours, 2 coats of Aquadur PU Exterior (Matt/Glossy based on your preference - we chose glossy) were applied at intervals of 4 hours and allowed to dry for 4 hours.

Close up of the front door
showcasing the new shade

Personally, guests who have arrived since it was done were able to notice the difference quite easily and loved the new sheen and shade of the front door as compared to its former avatar. My family too were quite happy with the final product and have given their own thumbs up to it ( not an easy thing to achieve when it comes to us Mallus and our carved front doors, mind you! )

To conclude, what does the Aquadur PU really offer in comparison to others and why should you consider it?
  • A truly environment friendly product: Safer for children owing to low metal content. [ Following stringent European EN 71.3 standards ].
  • Water based product: Easier to apply using brush/roller. Is also solvent and spray-free. 
  • Odourless: No smell of paint during application.
  • Choice of shade: The Aquadur Wood Stain allows you to experiment by choosing to alter the shade of your furniture while maintaining the underlying texture.
  • Non yellowing of the final product. No change of the tone.
  • 5 year exterior durability of the furniture: resists cracking due to expansion and contraction of the wood, it is also water and UV resistant.
For more knowledge on the product, do check out the Asian Paints Aquadur PU exclusive site here.

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  1. Good read! I was looking for a good sealer. Traditionally Shellac is used which is animal based but needs to be cut with denatured alcohol. Looking at the pictures you can clearly tell that how well the sealer works as the grain really pops out at you. Will definitely try it for my next project.

    1. yes, especially considering the young one(s) in your house now, this would be a safer alternative, I think. Check out their site at the link I placed at the end for more details and to contact them directly for more specifics.

  2. It certainly offers a beautiful array of colors and sounds fairly easy to use! Thank you for the lovely review. I have been in a renovate the house mood this is much appreciated! ♥

    1. It did seem fairly easy to use actually. The fact that you can play around quite a bit with the shades and yet keep it child-safe and solvent free is something really handy, I felt.

  3. Good informative post !

  4. Such an elaborate post Doc! Great the front door esp. Lovely gloss and very neat!

    1. Yes.. even I liked the new shade and look of it. Makes a difference when its the entrance of your house especially.

  5. ARE WAH! It does look great

    1. It looks different , doesn't it? Even I didn't expect the shade to alter so much...

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