*Phone rings*
Me: Hello.
Voice: This is Blah Blah Couriers. We have a parcel for you. Where does your house come exactly?
Me: Do you know Saint Micheals School? From there you take the first right and then ask around.
Voice: Ask what?
Me: You can ask for me, the name in the courier. Haven’t you heard of me?
Voice: (pauses to read name on parcel) No sir.
Me: I’m an internationally famous* author.        (*in my house only.)
Voice: Sorry. Never heard of such a name.
Me: I’m a big doctor and all, you know.
Voice: No sir. Never heard of you.
Me: You must be new to this town. I’m actually a big celebrity in…
Voice: OH WAIT! This is that beagle’s house. I’ve been here. You are that fat guy who was trying to chase that funny beagle after it stole your chappal. Hahaha… yes yes. Now I got it.
Me: ….
Voice: Hello? Hello? Anybody there?
Me: (in a low menacing voice) Just bring the damn parcel!

Snoopy completed one year at our house last week. We have had pet dogs for nearly 27 years as far as I can recall, each with their own unique personality traits and yet nothing like this guy.
Snoopy came to us at a time of despair when we had lost a lot in our lives and the recent loss of 14 year old Ruby had all but devastated us. We needed someone to love and bring laughter back into our lives and where our own species proved less reliable, this petulant four legged dynamo took up the challenge. Right from the beginning, his antics were just hilarious – he refused to be scared of us and took the warnings of a raised stick as a playful challenge, running past us to commit the crime once more.  

beagle time

Chappals and laptop adaptors were chewed and mangled. He would/still does observe the location where my dad rearranges the soil and places seeds for gardening and waits for him to leave before promptly going there, digging up the seeds and placing my dad’s cap/muffler inside that spot.

He’s eco-friendly too. You can’t dispose of anything from the house. He immediately assumes that we are playing fetch with him and hence it becomes his new toy. I’d already shared the video of “the tree” with you all… there’s also the curious incident of the dog who walks around the house with a paint bucket to add to that now!

One easy way to identify him is of course, by the presence of a chew toy bone in his mouth. Where ever he walks, he carries it with him as though he were an aristocrat with a smoking pipe in his mouth. The only thing missing is a silk bathrobe I guess! My parents found it hilarious how every evening he would turn up at my dad’s feet demanding to have an apple. I found it cute… till I realized he knew I was a doctor! The “apple a day…” bit does not seem amusing to me anymore and seems like a subtle threat in fact now!!

Who're you calling small, fatty??

We were initially worried about how Victor, our Doberman, would react to him. Vicky has “been Roshan’d” as I trained him when he was a kid so now he’s the most docile Doberman in town and also the only dog in our house who readily obeys orders like ‘sit’ and ‘go to the kennel’. Still, the small 1.5 kg pup Snoopy vs the 35kg Doberman? One wrong move and he could end up eating Snoopy, my family fretted. I was more confident of Victor’s nature and was worried about the pup troubling him. Turned out I was right. A frequent scene that occurs now  (once we realised they were good friends and could be let out together) is the sight of Snoopy chasing the Doberman around the compound till Victor races back into his kennel and looks at me to lock the door from outside!!

Snoopy and Victor
Snoopy: My, what big teeth you have, Grampa!
Victor: Kid. Just leave me alone and you can have my plate of food. 

Most of this could probably be considered as the normal antics of a pup, I guess. But there are some things that really shocked us by their pure brilliance and ingenuity.

When he was small and was about do his business, we used to immediately carry him and race to the bathroom so that he would do it there. A few months later, one night my dad heard the sound of a door opening and turned the light on to investigate. It turned out Snoopy had just got up from his bed, nudged the bathroom door open at 3am and gone in to ‘do his business’ before returning to sleep in his own bed. This has now become a routine and he’s accustomed to it – my Mom has even had to wait after waking up one morning to go to the bathroom and turning on the light to see him at it while staring at her with an “OCCUPIED, LADY!! OCCUPIED!!” look on his face.

The other thing that left us stunned was “the ball”. We got him a squishy toy which squeaks as it is compressed. We figured it would keep him busy… we did not expect him to turn the tables around. Nowadays, every night we have to play fetch within the house as he dutifully goes, finds the ball and brings it to us and waits for us to throw it around before repeating the drill… for hours (talk about your beagle energy!)
He seems to have realised the appeal of it too because recently we saw another aspect of his nature. When a young boy was scared to play with him, he went, got the ball and gave it to the boy, demanding he throw it so that they could play together. An hour later, both were good friends.

The fact that he needs to be the centre of attention cuts into my own egoistic delusions of grandeur, of course. When he felt no one was paying attention, he started sitting on the ‘arabian chair’ (I really don’t know the correct word for that thing you see in the pic!). Fine, big deal… even I can do that, I told him pompously. 

The next night, he decided to show me who’s boss – he went and sat on the table top as a centre piece. (I tried to compete with him but my parents took a cane and started chasing me around the house till I ran into Victor’s kennel for refuge…. Grumble grumble.)

Besides being known to all the couriers in the city, he’s an online mini-celebrity in his own right too, being featured at Dogspot, the site where he gets his share of treats, bones, shampoos and toys. (How embarrassing do you think it is to be a doctor and find that your dog is featuring in more health-related articles than you? *wipes away tear*).

One year… it’s hard to believe he’s been with us one entire year. He’s entirely changed the ambience and mood within the house with his loving and playful nature and that’s something none of us envisioned when we first laid eyes on him within that orange basket he arrived in. 

It is hard for me to understand people who say they don’t like dogs. I kind of pity them because they don’t know what they are missing out on. There is possibly no better example of selfless love towards another person than a dog. It’s like a cauldron of happiness that just keeps on giving. I know that Snoopy has been a Godsend for my family and I’m truly grateful for that.

Of course, if in one year, the courier people know our house as the ‘beagle house’, I shudder to imagine what Year 2 is going to bring!    

I don't know what this writer is talking about...
I'm just a gardening enthusiast!


drprashant said…
Roshan great job wd nice little words for cute puppy....Snoopy is Damn cute...( although i am too much scared of dogs..!)
Anjali Khurana said…
When can I meet snoopy and victor?
Anjali Khurana said…
If you love and write about dogs (was about to say animals...Nevermind), imagine how affectionate you'd be towrds humans. Snoopy and Victor must be glad to have found you.
Vinodini Iyer said…
Hehehe...Snoopy sounds so funny besides being cute! I'm sure you receive all your couriers on time, courtesy his network of friends ;) It is such a blessing to be able to love dogs and access unlimited plus unconditional supply from their reservoir of love. You're right, I wonder how people can't like dogs!
I have blogged about my dog experiences too....some fondly and some peevishly! You could read them here if you're keen: http://vinodinii.blogspot.in/2014/06/dhobi-ka-kutta-washermans-dog.html and http://vinodinii.blogspot.in/2014/04/romp-ades-rogue-ades-with-roger.html
This is such a sweet post. I loved all your grumbling and still snoopy wins.
Truly dogs can do for us is remarkable.
Very sweet post.
Tempted me to get a beagle for myself - almost.
Reema D'souza said…
Such a cute doggy :) And a nice post :)
Cathy Graham said…
I loved reading about your Snoopy! What a character! So true about the joy and unconditional love they show. Pets are the best. I have two cats and two dogs who keep me laughing, enjoying the moment and remind me of what's important.

Rajlakshmi said…
hahaha OMG he is just the most cutest dog ever :D
I am still laughing at "Occupied lady occupied". I absolutely enjoyed reading his tales. So adorable and such a laughing riot :D
Carol Graham said…
Surely you must know I am your biggest fan. I loved every aspect of this story. I LOVE Snoopy but I understand the Dobie more (I have had 5 of them!) Keep writing about this wonderful dog. I related to all the antics. THANK YOU for sharing
Jayanta Tewari said…
This is just a wonderful post. Pets do help overcome lots of trying situations...The adorable pics of your dogs...The best one being the conversation between Victor and Snoopy.
Laurel Regan said…
What a beautiful little guy - I've fallen in love with Snoopy already! I hope you enjoy many, many years together.
Alka Narula said…
I just can't stop admiring dogs Ifind them so cute and loving ..I don't share my dogs pictures for the fear of evil eye...honestly you made my day !
geeta nair said…
I for don't like dogs or you may say I am scared of them. But your snoopy had me laughing with it's antics. Lovely post and of course well written as usual.
Karanth S R said…
Too good a post... best ones are, occupied lady occupied, the centre table and an apple a day.... Hat's off to his naughty acts and your narration, what a combo...
how can people not like dogs???even i wonder how!!!
DOG bless your family :)
Anonymous said…
So the little 'Croc' gets his own spotlight at last huh! He deserves it! He is one unique piece and let alone your family, he keeps my family in splits with his antics too! Smart as a button and cute enough to rob your heart, Snoopy be the boss! All hail King Snoopy!
Thanks Sir... tough to be scared of dogs who've been around me!! They all get Roshan'd :)
Come to God's OWN country :D They will greet you there with wagging tails and a bone in their mouth!
ab main kya bolu :)
I dont know about us but he receives his chew toys and bones on time, thats for sure! I You're right... its a free pass to unconditional love, isn't it, Vinodini?
Checking out your blogs now.
He always wins!! I feel like the bad guy in a cartoon :s
Haha.. get a beagle.. best workout and calorie burner you will have :)
Thanks Reema :)
I totally agree.. they add an element to the house that you just cant replicate, thanks to their antics. Each one comes with his own unique set of traits too!
Laugh riot, indeed! It's like one of those wind-up toys... he just goes on and on. Watches what you do and then aims to replicate it. Seeing him go and sit on the table top and stare at us was a ridiculous moment :)
Yes, I loved reading your "dog stories".. the whole A-Z of them :)
Victor is actually highly underrated. He was the first one to actually obey commands like Sit and Sleep and even goes willingly back to the kennel when you just tap on it. Treats Snoopy with kid gloves even though he could easily use him as a chew toy if he so desired... :)
There are many more Vic and Snoopy pics... I just had to be selective and choose one :) But they are a very effective combo in making the family laugh.
Thanks Laurel... touchwood.
I totally understand what you mean... sometimes I too fear about the whole evil eye.. but then I tell myself , there will always be more adoring eyes than evil ones and they will ward off any effect :) Gotta use our beliefs to our advantage sometimes! :D
I adore them... seriously find dogs more lovable and selfless than most humans, let alone animals :D
Thanks Karanth... that last line is pretty much fact :)
Yup, UtopianSoul (nice name.. wonder who helped you select it!). He's had minor posts here and there but it was about time for him to take the center stage... And how come no one ever says "All Hail King Roshan!" Huh? How come??
Carol Graham said…
Then you understand Dobies -- smart, loyal, trustworthy, did I mention smart?
he is the prince of our house!

:D What a cute write up !! Makes me wanna meet Snoopy !
Anonymous said…
Snoopy is so cool and such an awesome friend in your house..love the opening lines, killer:)
Sumana said…
Really? I thought I and Rohit were :p :)
haha.. thanks. Join the queue :)
Thanks Vishal :)
Thanks Sumana :)
haha.. really smart. And extremely loyal
beingFab said…
Snoopy is so cute!!! Sounds like he's really brought a lot of sunshine into your life!! BTW, there's a St. Micheal's school near my place, got to find out where the famous beagle lives :)
I looouuuuuuu Snoopy!! :D :D Cute as crazy!!! This post came at a time, when I really needed to de-stress!! Thank you for the smiles!! :D
Nisha said…
Snoopy is adorable! Happy birthday to him! May he bring lots and lots of happiness to your home.
it's probably the same school :) We may actually be living very close to each other in the end :)
Anytime :) That's what dogs are for :D
Thanks Nisha... touchwood. From your lips to God's ears :)
Aathira Nair said…
Lovely :) Have many more years of fun and laughter with Snoopy!
Meety said…
Wishing u more years of fun, love and competitions for attentions with Snoopy dear!
maithili said…
I louvvvvvve snoooopy. I want to kidnap him already ;D :D AFter a long time, a very pleasing and happy post from you :D Ofcourse snoopy has been in the limelight while you have been busy getting published :D
Smita said…
ha ha ha such a badmaash cutie pie Snoopy is!!! Watched that tree video and I was LOL!!!
Thanks Aathira :D
Thanks Meety... and so far I'm losing all the competitions but as that old song goes "Hum honge kaaamyaaab... hum honge kamyaab ... ek diiiinnnn!!"
True.. happy posts seem to be far and few between :/ Gotta do something to remedy that...
There are many such videos.. I tried sharing one initially in this post too but it took too long to upload so gave up and stuck with pics..
Ceee... said…
Snoopy is hilarious! Those killer puppy eyes ... aww