When opportunity knocks, are you ready for it? #WillYouShave

by - December 01, 2014

Like most Indian males, I have experimented with my facial hair a lot – A LOT – over the years. I have oscillated between a long early adult phase of being clean shaven to having an Arabian beard for a few years (mimicking my dad) before finally reverting back to being clean shaven.

That middle one was during my brief phase as the
Mexican Superhero 'El Loco de Burrito'

Of course, as anyone will tell you, it is not easy being clean shaven all the time. Especially when you work 24/7 as a doctor in a busy hospital. And you have to realise that as an anaesthesiologist, most of my time is spent hidden within a surgical mask. The temptation is always there to not bother to shave and just allow the mask to hide my face for days on end. I admit I and my colleagues have done it on many an occasion during my post graduate days when you would enter the operation theatre on day one and leave as the sun was setting on day 2.

Am I smiling? Am I sticking my tongue out at you?
You will never know!
But that was one aspect that I left behind when I finished my post graduation. Working as a consultant, I made sure that no matter where I was, I always shaved before heading off from home the next morning. The patients I encounter on a daily basis still do not get to see me for the most part as the mask forms an integral part of my everyday gear. And yet, the simple act of being clean shaven every morning gave me a truly unique opportunity in the most unexpected way.

Early in 2013, flush after attending the book launch of Ten Shades of Life where I was a co-author, I was back inside the operation theatre and handling the usual bucket load of cases. Tired after a long day, I finally descended down to the hospital canteen and settled down for a cup of tea. As I waited for my cup to arrive, I checked my online mail and social media networks for the day. That is when I saw a mail marked ‘URGENT’ in my inbox.

It turned out that a journalist with a reputed newspaper wanted a quick word with regard to an article that was due to be published in the paper the following day. The deadline to send in the replies was 6 pm and here I was, sitting exhausted inside a hospital canteen at 5.30 pm. The kicker? He needed a picture of me, preferably with one of my books as well since his article revolved around the theme of short story anthologies.

And that is where lady luck combined with ‘being prepared’ for me. Lady Luck, because I happened to have my newly launched book sitting in my car that day as I was supposed to hand it over to a fellow doctor. But being picture friendly? That would have been impossible had I been sporting a four day old unshaven face that made me resemble a grizzly bear.

So even as the waiter sauntered in with my tea, I rushed out promising to be back. I got my book from the car, typing the answers to the journalist’s queries as I scurried past patients and doctors. Retrieving it, I rushed back in tricking a less-than-enthusiastic fellow doctor to join me with the lure of free tea and snacks. Once she had sat down, I handed over my phone, revealed my true intentions and eventually got her to take the pictures with the promise (bribe!) of an extra snack for her ‘efforts’ (It’s clicking a button on a phone, for God’s sakes! It was not like I asked her to perform rocket science! Grumble grumble.)

And thus it was that at the stroke of 5:59 pm, my email was sent (I’m not going to say ‘in the nick of time’. That would just be too punny for this post!!). So how did the story end, you ask?

Well, I did have to buy my colleague an extra veg cutlet… oh! Oh, you meant about the article.
Well, see for yourself.


My first appearance in a prominent newspaper as a bonafide author.

Truth be told, if I were unshaven that day, I would not have considered sending a picture or even replying after a long day at work. I would have just turned off the mobile and sipped my tea before heading home. The simple act of placing my hand over my face and feeling the neat non-caveman cheek did boost my confidence, making me think “Hey, at least I would look more like a homo sapien and less like an Australopithecus in a picture today.”

That is the difference that being well-groomed and clean shaven can offer. Opportunities may come knocking at any second and often in the most unexpected ways. But the main question is – when the time comes, will you be prepared?

Author’s note:

 For those of you not from India or having no knowledge of Bollywood, I am the handsome, six-pack-ab-wielding guy in the black mask on the extreme right. Seriously! Can’t you see the word ‘Roshan’ in the article?!

Also, 'This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'
In addition to being asked by Blogadda, I have also been tagged by quite a few blogger buddies, including Vishal Bheroo, Amrit Sinha and Arvind Passey.

Contests aside, you have to admit that they are right. I have been using
Gillette for over 18 years & the MACH 3 since it arrived in India years ago.
I would definitely vouch for it on any given day. 

In turn, I tag Nisha, Anita Jeyan, the Red Handed defender of the law, Nairita, Ritika and Vyshnavi  

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For Guys:
  • Missed chances- Stories or instances where you missed out on an opportunity because of a non-shaven face.
  • Luck or Confidence?- Will you leave your fate in the hands of destiny or will you step up and say yes to a well-groomed face to be at your best everyday? #WillYouShave.
For Girls
  • An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
  • An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

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  1. haha...It's not only your docs...my lazy husband is one who hates to shave...

  2. Very interesting post,Doctor. i was reading with bated breath whether you would be able to answer the questions within the stipulated time.Nicely the suspense was maintained !

  3. That is awesome! Loved the suspense and how you managed to pull it all off! Kudos! ♥

    1. Thanks Kathy... my life tends to alternate between comedy and suspense most of the time, anyway. :D

  4. Roshan, you crack me up with every post ;)

  5. Hahahahaha!
    But you know doc, the unshaven look looks good on some people! :D
    And fuuny on others! :P

  6. Gillette is my fav..true that, I couldn't shave owing to hecting schedule..the different avatars, moustache man and clean shaven..so cool...naam hai Roshan:)

    1. I have been using Gillette since I can remember.. the Vector series, the Mach series... and yes, it does last really long.
      Hehe... thanks. I myself feel like laughing seeing some of the old pics...

  7. I loved your Villan meesha look! :D

    1. hehe.. which one - the first or second one in that pic? :)

  8. Wow you (in the black mask) and Roshan the Doc came on the same page of the newspaper! That is something to flaunt ! On a totally different note, do u think Hrithik Roshan may have adopted your 'behind the mask' routine of not shaving when he was shooting for Krish? He had mask too !

  9. Love your sense of humour Roshan! You sure do look like a Mexican with that particular moustache though I must say I like the sans facial hair on you, but even more so the goatee. I am particularly fond of goatees - ooh la la! ;) - though it doesn't suit all males! ;) Glad you squeaked in your 'assignment' on time: well done! Bonus marks for creativity! LOL <3

  10. Since I work from home mostly I don't usually shave very often. That does not mean I have a beard reaching my feet either :). I do make sure to do it going for any event :D and thankfully I do attend a lot of events


  11. the moment Niku saw the title of ur post, she was like "read that, read that...its probably 4 u"...:P

  12. Lol! This was so cute. I always enjoy your posts. Congratulations for becoming such a celeb. I think the clean shaven look is way better.


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