Superheroes don't just exist in comic books #WillOfSteel

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Do you remember the name of DC comics 2013 movie blockbuster (re)launching their most famous creation?
'Superman, Man of Steel' right? You are wrong actually.
You see, Superman's name does not appear in the title. He (and subsequently, the movie title) is just the Man of Steel. In that sense, he is very similar to another legend from the pages of DC comicbook lore, Batman aka the Dark Knight. Because they are more than just the people called Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. They are ideals that shine in their world, making the impossible seem possible. Giving hope to everyone around them with their feats.

Sadly, we do not have any Krypton derived aliens in real life on our planet ( or at least if he is here, he is hiding himself pretty well!). But let that not end the thought process that began from the colourful pages of these comic books. There may not be a Flash running around at super speed or a Green Lantern using super powers but right here, in India, there are people who inspire us with their ability to be extraordinary. Some possess a level of endurance that would make honestly make even Superman proud. Others have a capacity for love, patience and courage beyond the odds that even Batman would struggle to master.

And yet, we allow them to remain footnotes in the newspaper while allowing the villains of the day to hog the headlines ironically. JSW looks to change all that with the #WillOfSteel endeavour. Cutting across all fields and boundaries of the country, they have looked to showcase these unsung heroes, letting you know more about the people who truly represent the best of India while also felicitating them.

Honestly, it was tough for me to just choose 'a few'. Each and every one is a hero capable of so much more than you and I... heroes who have braved tremendous odds and sometimes faced terrible tragedies to win. You can see the entire list and nominate ALL the people you feel are worthy winners from this link here.

From my part, let me tell you the ones that caught my eye.

Bhakti Sharma:  Coming from the desert state (irony alert!), she is the youngest female swimmer in THE WORLD to swim in 5 oceans and 7 seas.

KrishnaDas: In a world that is silently being eaten away by the poison of paranoia towards one another based on differing ideologies and concepts, one man stands against the tide of hatred... literally. Believing in the message on his placard "Follow your religion, love everybody", KrishnaDas has been standing at Juhu circle every day without fail for years, hoping to make people believe once more in compassion.
Images source: here

Mohammed Salih: You do not need eyes to see. If you do not believe me, imagine this visually impaired young man who sees the chess board better than you and I. He may not know the colour of the rook in his hand but this national level chess player has beaten quite a few more fancied regular (normal vision) players already.

Mamta Rawat: Closer to the legend of the heroics of Superman's father from the comics as he helped others even as he watched his own planet get destroyed, Mamta rescued hundreds of children who were stranded on a mountain during the Uttarakhand floods, even as she watched her own house get destroyed.

Karibeeran Parameswaran & P Choodamani: They lost a lot more than property when the 2004 tsunami hit. This couple was left helpless as the unforgiving seas took away their three children as well. How did they react? By focusing on the children orphaned by the tsunami and rescuing them. They adopted no less than 26 children (yes, 26!) and care for them even today.

Arunima Sinha: I was fortunate enough to be in the audience at the 2014 INKTALKS when Arunima came on stage and told her story. The national level volleyball player who lost her leg after being thrown out of a moving train by robbers did not allow the end of one dream to stop her from believing in the impossible. Every time somebody told her something was impossible, she took it as a challenge, including the herculean task of climbing Mount Everest barely two years after her horrific tragedy.

The basic theme of the movie Man of Steel was about the concept of  the "ideal of hope" that humanity needed. JSW and their initiative to showcase people with a #WillOfSteel are doing much the same. These brilliant achievers have shown remarkable strength - either physical, mental or often both - to not give in to the norm but to reach out and do the extraordinary.

I have voted for and saluted my heroes. Now it is your turn.
I sincerely urge you to check out the entire list of deserving heroes of our country and vote for as many of them as you feel worthy. It may take just a few moments for you but for them, it is the world letting them know that we acknowledge that not all superheroes wear a cape. 

Author's note:
 The names above are the ones I have chosen and voted for because of their #WillOfSteel and am blogging on Blogadda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW. 



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