The song of a scarred soul

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I share my happiness with everyone.
I keep my scars to myself.

I want to trust with all my heart. 
I cannot find it in me to trust my heart. 

I would go to the end of the world to win love over. 
Standing beside love, I would label myself unworthy and walk away. 

I cherish making friends. 
I fear trusting them.

I am building the road to my future.
I do not understand my purpose.

I do not visit institutions of religion. 
I pray for every person I care about.

I survived. 
The younger me died for me to live.

I miss who I once was.
I don't remember him.

The best moments of my past haunt me. 
The worst moments of my past motivate me.

In the chaos of daylight, I find serenity within. 
In the serenity of night, I am in chaos.

I will show you my scars to help you heal yours. 
I will not allow you to help me heal mine.

I am lost. 
I am lost.

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  1. True really true absolute truth/on mybehalf i can say daughters STAUNCHLY said NO to medics they are happy Now. The other side i do not know but from my life i can say that

  2. Quiet GirlJuly 03, 2018

    well this got my tears rolling. This is how i feel some days.

  3. Sigh... don't I know it. Still, we persevere hoping to change the tide.

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