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by - July 03, 2015

The best thing about the internet? There are so many wonderful sites online that we are absolutely unaware about until we surreptitiously come across them. Someone sends us a link and we read that article with an appreciative nod. Before we know it, we are clicking to see what else is there in the site and soon we are lost in the plethora of awesome articles available there, bookmarking dozens for future reference.

Rewardme has been that kind of an experience for me. Categorized under various headings including home, health, family, food, beauty et al, it offers you literally thousands of tips in the form of short succinct articles. I could talk about any number of those articles with you but I will choose to stick to one which was relevant to my family and helped influence some of our decisions over the last month. To be frank, we took a print out of said article and went about ticking off the things we completed in the list.

The article in question was, "15 little tricks to make your living room more inviting." and it was fortuitous that I came across it when I did because we were in the process of doing a little redecorating of the house. The article talks of how we need to give more importance to the look of the living room and how to gain a new idea when it comes to decor, seeing as how it tends to be the favourite place to spend time in most homes. They are right, of course and for far too long, we had delayed making any alterations, going with the "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" motto.

Anyway, the article did inspire us as we started modifying aspects, both small and large, within our living room till we finally incorporated almost all the points from the said list. So what did we do?

We did our research. We collected pictures from magazines that had ideas we wanted to incorporate.

When it came to choosing a central point, we eschewed the concept of 'the mid-point', opting instead to use the length to form two comfortable halves, each with their own central point. This also helped us de-clutter the anterior half of the room and made it more spacious for everyone as they walked across rooms. One wall in chocolate brown broke the monotony of white across the rest of the walls and gave us the focal point for the colours we would use for the rest of the room. 

The serene Buddha on the coffee table got the pride of prominence spot for the front half, greeting everyone as they enter the house.

If you choose to retire to the back half of the room, you get this alluring tribute to romance as your companion while you chat with the guests.

Choose curtains of a similar colour to the dominant piece of furniture in the room? Check. The light pouring through the windows adds a lovely shade to the room in the mornings.

  Radha and Krishna arrived less than 24 hours ago and brightens the otherwise plain white wall with their own vibrant shades of love. 

Meanwhile, a floral touch is given to the back half of the room with cushions matching the similar themed split wall art. 

Sitting space for all was something we ironically lacked for the front half so we added a bean bag in between the two halves of the room. Well,... I had planned on occupying that bean bag for myself but somebody else had a different idea. *stares angrily at dog who doesn't give a damn*

No room is complete without lighting that adds a touch of class? Well, how about this regal piece to light up the surroundings?
Batman uses this as well.
That's all the reason you need.
For maintaining a good aroma in the room which would be most used by people, I stuck to the fan favourite - Ambipur Air effects. I'm partial to the New Zealand Springs and Thai Dragon Fruit myself but to each, his/her own. 

Personally, I loved the final look of the living room. From the cluttered mess that was, there is now a sense of calm and class to it that was missing earlier and I am thankful to Rewardme and the article for helping. For more articles on home decor, you can check out their list of specific links here. For the entire avalanche of links and lists that they have, do visit their site here.

P.S. It is a pure coincidence that the dog too ended up following the brown-and-white colour scheme of the room!!

Authors note:
“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

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