The foretelling of human nature

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Image source: MagpieTales

This was how it would end, she had foretold. I did not believe her. 
I had faith that they would be more... human with her.
"You see your innate goodness in the humans, Lord. But it is the very audacity of believing they are built in your form and thus Gods themselves that will lead them to savage me." she had said, apprehensively. Nonetheless, she had ceded to my will and accommodated them.

I gaze at her now - a withered husk of the woman she was - and realize how right she had been. My favourite creation... my gift to the humans. 
I bend down beside her lifeless form one last time, struggling to silence the guilt within me. I manage just four words before the first tear runs down my cheek.
"Forgive me, Mother Nature."

Author's note:
The above vignette is linked to:
1) Magpie Tales 281 where you write based on the image. 

2) Blog-A-Rhythm's Wordy Wednesday for the word prompt "Audacity"

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  1. Well, if only we could learn to respect nature...

    Wonderful rendition of the prompt Doc

  2. That was indeed a creative one..! Wonderful take on the prompt..


  3. If only we could stop pushing her to the extreme... the day she'd stand up and fight back,.. isn't too far away!

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