Think of the yummy French toast and you picture golden toasted slices of egg-milk-cinnamon soaked bread dusted with powdered sugar or drenched in maple syrup. Of course, the Malayalee (or is it Indian?) within my mom shrieks against this sweet heaven, even as I try to defend it.
"We need some spices mixed in!"  she cries out, holding a bucket of chilly powder menacingly.
"But... but that's not french toast." I try to reason with her.
"We will call it Indian toast!"
"But everyone will know you stole the basics from the French recipe."
"Fine. So we will call it an improvement! We will name it *pauses for effect* Masala French toast!"

I imagine that is the true history behind this spiced up version of french toast, though I maybe mistaken. My memory is not what it used to be.

Masala French Toast - an Indian twist

Unlike the original version, the Masala French Toast is a lot more spicier thanks to the generous mix of masalas. And while I am a big fan of the traditional version, I must confess I loved this one just as much if not a tad more. But I guess it comes down to individual taste and your craving at that moment in time, doesn't it? Some days you enjoy the sweet, some days you want a bit of heat.

Masala French Toast - an Indian twist

The basic rules while making french toast apply here too:

  • Use thick slices of bread. 
  • The firmer the better (Don't think dirty thoughts! I am talking about the bread!) If they are soft, they may fall apart when you soak them in the mixture.
  • Whisk your eggs really well. It gets that egg white sulphur-y feel out.

Masala French Toast recipe - an Indian twist
Click the image to convert to its full size and download it for your own use

As you can imagine, this variation goes better with sauces than maple syrup.
It still makes for a very easy, filling and tasty breakfast and even a tea-time snack.

Over the course of the rest of this month, expect to see many more such dishes (ranging from seafood, desserts, starters and tea time snacks) - all prepared by my mother from recipes she has collected as far back as the 1980's - with some unique to Kerala cuisine and some variations of international dishes. 
Since the goal is to share, I will be looking to make all the recipes into easy downloadable single images so that you can save them on to your mobile/device and use them offline. Of course, if you do try them out, it would be awesome if you gave me (and her) feedback here on what you thought of the dish.

For the list of all the recipes so far (including seafood, egg dishes, sweets, twists on traditional dishes et al), click here:
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September 2015

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Dude! I'm still recovering from the Squid. The next one, already!
Alana Mautone said…
This (for an American) is such an unusual taste for french toast. My husband would love it. I would use a milder chili.
obsessivemom said…
Yeah this is the one which is a staple at our home - Masala French Toast it is.
Ooh...very different from the French toast {which I do love} but sounds yummy...I'm going through a savoury phase at the moment so it might be a good idea to try this out.
Tweetsmom said…
Wow, I never imagined french toast prepared with heat in it. I love the original, but will have to sample this version. Sounds intriguing! ♥
Definitely do try it out. And yes, you can use spices as per your taste.
Franco Indian toast duly pinned! Just wondering if the tomato doesn't crack the milk? I'm going to try it out soon!
If you are in a savory phase, definitely do try this out.
Technically, squid was yesterday :) the pics for the next few days are presently under construction.
LuAnn Braley said…
Sounds YUMMY! Do you have a sauce for it or....? We eat a lot of the same food, and I'm looking for things to switch it up. And DH loves spicy foods!
Yay. Finally someone who has had it already :)
Do try it out and let me know what you think of it :)
Asked mom. She says no such issues. The egg-milk combination ensures it doesn't get "influenced" by the savoury bits :)
Thanks, Roshan! Now waiting for recipe #3. Tell your Mom she's going to be star by the end of this month! You might need to start a blog for her!
You are the fourth person who has told me this today. I wish I could manage two blogs simultaneously but I honestly can't. I have two blogs languishing for years in the side as it is :s
We tend to stay with the traditional tomato sauces - the ones with some tanginess and a hint of chilli
Vidya Sury said…
Heheh. I remember, Roshan, a classmate of mine used to bring Bombay French toast every day by popular demand. I somehow preferred the spicy-oniony version. In Bangalore most Iyengar bakeries sell the "masala bread" with the onion and masala and sometimes slices of capsicum. Recipe is yum.
Vinitha said…
Mouth watering! Will definitely try it out. Thank you for sharing, Doc. :)
Doctor Sahib, your ma is my new hero! Spicy French Toast. Yum!
Shalini said…
Your Mom is the best. Credits to you for the drool worthy pictures though :) Yum!
Please do and let me know if it turned out well. Also, do return in the coming days... most cookery posts coming up.
capsicum... that sounds like a good idea. Will add some crunch!
hehe... it is hard work eating such awesome food but some has got to do it * burrrrrrrp *
Try it out. Its quite easy and very yummy
Tell me what you think of it :)
All feedback welcome
Shilpa Gupte said…
Hey, I liked this recipe and I am going to try it out tomorrow itself! Thanks, Roshan!
Thanks. That was the one thing I wanted to do different - make it into an easily available format. I know what it's like to cook looking at recipes online so this would make it so much easier, I know.
Vinodini Iyer said…
Ah.. this would a breeze to whip up for an interesting Sunday breakfast! I like the way you're posting the downloadable version of each recipe :)
Thanks. Its one of those dishes that satisfies both the sweet and savory cravings
Nags said…
This is great doc! Love the recipe :)
coralcrue said…
this certainly has got me drooling past midnight. and i can't make this until i go back to base. but i will, it looks so delicious!
me thinks you should publish your mom's recipe book, get some amazing photographs clicked to add to it and write how you write in it.