Moments that made me Smile in February

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Well, February sure has been fun. 
Not as wild as January where I was dancing in the streets of the capital city goaded on by a chief minister or having bellinis for breakfast and meeting film directors. 
And yet, it had its moments.

Mom learning to use her new 'birthday phone' camera and getting this 
delightful photo of Snoopy pretending to be a ninja and trying to 
blend into his surroundings

So once more, I take up Vidya's Gratitude Circle Blog Hop as well as MacKenzie & Janine's Friday Reflections and reminisce over what I am grateful for and what made me smile in February 2016.

1. Getting Published in Huffington Post

Another one of my vision board desires came true so early on in the year. It is a big one too, being published in THE HUFFINGTON POST. 
What was even more "Yahooooooo!" about it was that I ended up with the extremely rare distinction of being published not once BUT TWICE within a fortnight. My articles?
1. How we need to talk about violence against doctors in India. (A post which garnered 1300 likes & over 350 shares in a week.)
2. A love story that you have all witnessed but never realized. It felt great to be one of the featured 'love' posts in the site on Valentines Day.

Me alongside Deepika Padukone, Modi & Vin Diesel. Not bad, eh?
This also takes my published stories list past the 50 mark, though that number includes 13 guest posts. 

2. Mom's birthday & a lesson in online behaviour

Mom enjoyed one of the most memorable birthdays she has ever had in decades. 

Her first chocolate brownie with ice cream & hot chocolate sauce
Never expected to see that in Kannur. Do visit Sahib's Grill & Kitchen
near SN Park road for a unique European styled menu & decor.

The whole family being together for it was just a tiny part of the reason. 
The fact was that she has been a part of a foodie Facebook page (one of the most talented & uplifting ones I have been in too) for years now and Mom makes the extra effort to share tips, recipes and encouragement to most of the people who post there.

On her birthday, literally hundreds of members - including strangers - from across the city, country and even beyond messaged & phoned in, thanking her for being the encouraging and caring person she is and for inspiring them. 

She has not received her due from life thanks to dubious choices we have made in our friends as well as family. So watching people become her family and share their love & respect for her based on their interactions with her was overwhelming.

It is also a lesson for me and perhaps you too: We fight and judge good people today based on a difference of opinion on politics and hatred. We (myself included) share images mocking and insulting the personalities we do not like. If we were to just focus on sharing loving thoughts and being around people who we can help, then the end result of it all is so heartening. 

We share the same internet, she and I. Yet, her social media is a web filled with love and care (not to mention superb food). Mine is one of arguments and counter arguments. I need to work harder to be like her.

3. I also won my first prize vouchers for blog contests this year. 

One for the comical Bollywood version of Star Wars and the other for the inspiring story of Arunima Sinha who lost her leg and went through hell before deciding not to allow it to stop her from achieving new goals. 

4. It felt great to hear a fellow doctor tell me to my face that I was an inspiration for the present generation of doctors. 

It was not for any skill of mine as a doctor but rather for the name I achieved as a blogger; for showing doctors that they can be more than just a person running around with a stethoscope inside a hospital all day. That they do not need to give up on their dreams just because they are in this profession.

And yes, I do want that for doctors. I want them to be able to switch off from work once their hours are done. No doctor should have to feel guilty about spending time with their own family or chasing their passions.

5. The joy of a family function after a long time and more to love in the family is always heartening.

6. Attending a live karaoke night after so many years. 

It was a Kishore Kumar special and was simply lovely as you got to relive hit after hit of the maestro. 
It was also one of those very rare occasions where 
three sectors of my friends - childhood, family & work colleague 
all ended up being together at the same place.

I personally believe the true talent of an singer is visible during a live performance. It separates the true talented singers from the stage performers. 

7. Stability under duress.

There has been a lot of stress at work of late and not necessarily because of the cases themselves though any surgery comes with its own burdens. So, it is heartening to get through the month under such circumstances without allowing the tensions to affect any single patient.

8. The post that does not rest.

An email update led me back to one of the sites that had first shared my viral post a few days after it released last year. 9 months have passed and still doctors - seniors and juniors alike - continue to comment on this article

The present tally of comments at this site alone stand at 463, which is insane as the page struggles to load because of all of them. And I honestly replied to only 1 or 2 back in May 2015. If I were to reply individually, we would be staring at 920+ comments on that page alone. But the number of doctors who agree and appreciate me writing down what they have felt for years is truly gratifying. 

What I learned this month:

  • My dog is a ninja. Which should not really surprise me since people always liken me to KungFu Panda.

Remember me at WIN15?
  • When we actively look for happy moments, we do tend to attract more of them into our lives.  I learned that concept years ago from Rhonda Byrne's 'The Secret' and I see it working every day around me.  
  • 'Give happiness and get it back manifold' - that would be the takeaway from Mom's birthday.

Here's hoping you had a great February too. 
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The Gratitude Circle will be held on the last Thursday 
of every month giving you the chance to relive
your happiest moments and share in the joy of others.

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  1. Congrats on the Huff Post feature !

    And the birthday wishes are all sooo adorable! I have got to be honest, I was looking more at the food pics

    1. Thanks.
      And yes, I can understand the feeling when so many varieties of food are posted simultaneously.

  2. Roshan so much foooood! The brownie.. Yum! Your mom much be a complete sweetheart judging by the deluge of messages. DO wish her a happy birthday from me too. Ah so you're a follower of The Secret! It so shows.

    1. haha.. yes, that was a food avalanche, was it not? And when you think of it, what else would you expect from a group dedicated to food :D
      Very much a believer in the 'Secret'.

  3. Congrats Roshan for all your laurels !!!

  4. Wow! Congratulations for all these achievements

  5. Wow! And still a few more days to go in feb, huh! I feel happy when I see children being proud and happy of their parents, it is almost always the other way around. God bless Aunty! Kudos to you on the Huff Post debut...par yeh toh hona hi tha! Cheers to many more such milestones.

    1. Thanks... I am sure she will be happy to read this too.

  6. Roshan, hugs! You are definitely Superman in so many ways - beginning with your wonderful heart. A very happy birthday to your Mom, I know exactly what you mean by making choices! I am so glad she had a wonderful celebration surrounded by love! I am also thrilled she's on social media. Somehow that warms my heart so much!
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments - you so deserve more and more!
    Thank you for being a fantastic human being!

    And thank you for joining me in Gratitude.

    1. You can see her usually hitting 'LIKE' for most of/all of my Facebook posts :)

      And yes, touchwood will try to be there for gratitude posts throughout the year :)

  7. Congratulations you fulfilled one of your dreams!! That is such an achievement you should be so proud. I am so happy for you mum too I am glad she felt so much love, you are such a great person and thank you so much for linking up with us #Fridayreflections

    1. Was lovely to link up... still have so many good posts in the linky which I have to get around too. :)

  8. You are on fire, Roshan! Congratulations for being on Huffpost. All the dishes look so tempting and yummy...

    1. Thanks. And yes, I agree... most of those dishes prepared in that group look simply gorgeous!

  9. Congratulations on many fronts and a belated happy birthday to your mom. I love your Snoopy stories.

    1. Thanks... Snoopy is due for another solo story soon, I guess :)

  10. How cute is Snoopy! Adorable! And by the way, I've had dinner but all that food is now making me hungry again! Way too much good. Congrats on all the good things that have happened re your writing. Keep up the great work! Hope March is a good month too!

    1. Hehe... the group is one of the best as far as variety of food and cuisines go. That's why you see such a wide variety in the pics :)

  11. Food food food... happy faces... food food food ... seriously you are not helping me keep my diet in control :P
    the year has only started and you are making waves :D congratulations.

    1. A post by me featuring happiness invariably involves food :D
      I am the devil on your shoulder, meant to demotivate you :D

  12. I am tired of saying Congratulations to you :-/
    But Congratulations !:D Huffington Post! That is so cool !
    I am not saying anything about the food pics. You know why.

  13. boy! when I started reading your blog I was making mental notes of what all things to congratulate you on :)
    The list was endless :))

    Congrats on the huff post. The topics are intriguing, and the food pix are delish and glad you are enjoying life inspite of being a doc.

    1. Thanks Ruchira... the idea with these gratitude posts remains to showcase the happy moments. There are the scary and sad bits in between but shifting focus to these moments is important to me :) Gives me a perspective on all I've done right.
      Yes. Enjoying life "inspite of being a doctor in India" seems to be the thing that surprises many of my own colleagues.

  14. I need to get on that KFG Group! OMG such droolworthy pics!!!

    The docs are right, you know. You are an inspiration, with your duties and your long hours, and still you find the time to write some of the best blog posts and stories out there.

    Congrats on the Huff post (next to Deepika, nice! ;)) and for the great month!

    1. Have added you to KFG just now :) Enjoy...

      And thanks. Yes, I do consider it important that doctors not lose sight of themselves and do chase their passions once work is over.

  15. Wow! So much to celebrate

    1. Thanks.. yes, it has been a lovely start to the year

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