Money, Honey & Unfunny - My Guest articles in Huffington Post & Money View #MondayMusings

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
A busy fortnight it has been, indeed. 3 articles got published in two different websites, circling around topics as diverse as finances (money), love (honey) & the medical state in India (unfunny).

1 - How I Made a Profit even during Global Recession 

(Published in Money View)
I feel this is really relevant now because almost every stock market analyst who matters warns of an impending global market recession this year. And early on, the signs are already there as we just watched our own market crash from 27000 to 22000 in less than a month.

And yet, the last time we had a similar market crash, I ended up making a profit of 100% even as millions literally lost billions.
This is my real financial story and my recommendations for those investing in the market in the coming turbulent year.

2 - Who will Heal the Healers? A cure for Violence Against Doctors

(Published in Huffington Post)

It is an amazing feeling to see your name featured in one of the biggest new websites of the country/world, nestled alongside names like Modi, Deepika and Vin Diesel.
Roshan Radhakrishnan Modi Deepika Padukone Vin Diesel

When you cannot get the media to become your voice, you become the voice of the media.

The anger at the apathy of the public, the media and even our own healthcare bodies against the horrific assault meted out to Dr Abhishek and hundreds of other doctors over the last few years resulted in a very angry article on the blog which caught the attention of Huffington Post.
I am glad it did because it gave me a platform to interact with the public and other doctors. 1300 likes and over 360 shares in less than 6 days showed me that people are willing to listen.

I can only hope they are ready to make a change. Because we are following the exact same template of violence against doctors seen in China and that has resulted in 40% of the medical staff openly admitting they were contemplating leaving the medical field while 76% percent also claimed they would rather their children never joined this profession. As the guy who stirred a global hornet's nest last year declaring I would rather my kid be anything but a doctor in India and one who still reviews all the posts & shares (and hence, comments) related to that article, I can assure you the percentage of doctors who replied stating the same is disturbingly similar to China.
The problem is real. Choosing to ignore it because of the hard implications instead of discussing it is up to all of us in the end.

You can read my debut article on Huffington Post HERE.

3 - Why the Touching True Story Behind 'Love is...' Comic Strip should Inspire Indians

Roshan Radhakrishnan Modi Manmohan Hillary Sanders

(Published in Huffington Post)

My Valentines Day post for Huffington was one I really wanted to share with the world.

I have always been fascinated by trivia. One such tidbit was of the love within the heart of a young woman for her husband. When tragedy befell her, her love for her husband would make her take a stand against the two biggest forces of the world back then - a moral policing society and the religious heads of the world.

Kim's triumph over them came down to one key factor - the love she had spread in the world returned to her from people across the world, forcing a government and even the Vatican to back off.

You have all seen the comic strip she drew for decades. But you don't know the magical story behind it.

And I want you to.
Because I need you to know that we can't keep living in a world of distrust and hatred. You need to spread love. You need to inspire with love, not hate.

You can read my ode to Kim's love HERE.

Adding the above guest posts takes the list of my published stories officially  to 51. That includes:

  • 19 short stories in print/e-books.
  • 6 in journals.
  • 13 in e-magazines & news websites.
  • 13 guest posts.

I really need to split this page into 2 because it gets tiring scrolling down 51 links, huh? And there really are some nice ones at the end too!

Authors note:
For all the followers of the original Facebook page of Godyears:
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Attempts to contact them to correct this error have been futile so I decided to start a new Facebook page for Godyears, even though it means giving up on 2900 followers 'accumulated' over more than 6 years.
So in case you haven't already, please do visit the NEW PAGE HERE and click the LIKE button to get connected once more and see posts by Godyears on your Facebook timeline.
Thanks & Toodles.

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  1. You know your achievements make me feel so puny! :P

    Jokes apart, you have your heart in the right place doc and that's why you deserve all the accolades that come your way. "I had made a tidy profit of 100% in a terribly bearish market.", WOW! I've got a lot to learn from you.

    1. Prior to 2010, I think that list stood at 0 for over 6 years. Everything started after that.

      Thanks Soumya :) And yes, do read up on the financial article... its pretty easy and sensible when you think of it.

  2. I had read the post - I would rather my kid be anything but a doctor in India, last year but this is my first visit to your blog page. The recent spate of violent incidents aimed at doctors brings out a point that doctors are seldom recognized as humans in our country. Gone are the days when doctors used to be revered as next to God. In today's times, when there is so much of fighting and unrest in the name of saving one's Gods, man has taken upon himself to become bigger than, even, God, so will they spare the doctors?

    1. In the end, the onus of stopping violence falls upon the perpetrators of violence, does it not? The people being beaten are in most incidents duty doctors, emergency docs and ICU staff... if this situation prevails, doctors will forego the option to take up these specialities... the loser becoming the public who lose their loved ones when they could have been saved.

      I've tried in so many ways - simplified and simplified my explanations. Beyond this, there is not much more to do except watch as Rome burns.

  3. you made me cry with that Love is post of yours... it's so beautiful and so touching. Thanks for sharing it... that's probably the most genuinely 'in love' post I read today. I am yet to read how you made 100% profit. Probably that would help me increase the peanuts in my bank :P

    1. Thanks Rajlakshmi. Glad you liked it. It is a story I really wanted more people to know about :)

  4. Read this post. Yet I have to read other posts in detail !!!

  5. Congratulations Roshan on your achievements! It is truly inspiring and motivating to all people who moan about not having enough time to do anything. One complaint though is that your blog is not mobile friendly and it is difficult to read on small screen. So sometimes I give it a skip. Would you be able to fix this? Thanks because you are one of my favourite reads😌

    1. I was wondering about it since it appeared fine in my mobile and did a bit of Googling.
      It comes down to the ' ?m=1 ' bit at the end. When I click links on my mobile, it automatically sees if there is a mobile friendly version and if so, adds the ?m=1 bit (I presume M here refers to mobile.

      I don't know if it is a default setting or not in mobiles. Without it, yes I assume you would be seeing this site in very small words. You can check it here:

  6. Congratulations on all of your publications. I've read through those listed here and have enjoyed them. Interesting that being a doctor is still a high priority in the West. I wish your country much luck in rectifying the situations there. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Ravyne.. there seems to be a marked shift in the mindset about doctors in India in recent times here unfortunately and sadly, getting people to talk about it is a lot harder than it ought to have been. Sadly, violence against them/us seems an easier alternative.

  7. What a terrific three-in-one post this is! Read the Honey and Unfunny ones, going to make hubby read the Money one, what with my poor IQ for anything remotely financial! Kim's love story was so touching, thanks for sharing! Who will heal the healers, was really a true insight into the happenings and traumas faced by the medical fraternity, sad but illuminating! Wonderful Doc,you fully deserve these accolades! Cheers to more such acknowledgements of your prowess with the pen...err...keyboard!

    1. The initial thought was to do individal posts for each article but then I realized that was needless. Instead, one can keep it short and crisp here and allow those who drop by to select the posts that they are interested in.
      And thanks :) Let's see what's next

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks man :)
      Tired of the serious posts at some level... time for some comicbook movie posts or something, I figure.

  9. Congratulations Doc.. Your work is always interesting to read.. And man, those numbers are impressive and scary at the same time! The valentines post was truly a delight to read.. it really really touched my heart..!
    Way to go and waiting for many more :)


    1. Glad you enjoyed the Valentines Post... I really did want to share it with people all over

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