Everything you Need to Know About the new Batman v Superman Movie Before Entering the Movie Hall

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on the 25th of this month in India.

For those of you who do not know, it is only the most anticipated movie of all time.  You have the two biggest comicbook legends of all time coming together on screen for the first time ever and going head-to-head against each other.

One of the biggest problems many friends have talked about in recent months (since the trailers started releasing) is that they did not know much about this movie.
Sure, they know Batman and Superman as famous comic books but they did not get why they were fighting, who was that lady in a tiara, what was that ugly monster shown in one of the trailers and why didn't Superman just kill Batman with a single punch?

Everything  you need to know  about the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie before  Entering the Movie Hall  (But were too embarrassed to ask!)

Since almost everyone who reads this blog will definitely go for the movie - 75% voluntarily and 25% along with their kids/friends/pet poodle who just happen to know the A-Z behind this iconic movie - I thought I would make it easier for you all with a handy quick refresher on what is going on, what to expect and thus get updated easily before the movie arrives in theatres.

Why is everyone talking about the 'Dark Knight Returns' comic book?

A large part of the enmity between these two iconic superheroes is inspired from Frank Miller's 1986 graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns" where the return of an older, more violent Batman still trying to fight crime causes a misguided Superman to go up against him. 

  • The suit you see Batman adorn in this movie is based on that drawn for the comics 30 years ago.  
  • The world got to know that such a movie was being planned when the film was announced at ComicCon 2013 by speaking Batman's iconic words from the book to Superman after beating him. 
  • Kryptonite makes its debut in this movie and it was the way Batman could beat up Superman too - by weakening him using Kryptonite. 

Who is this Batman and what happened to Christian Bale?

Remember that awesome Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy? Sadly, that series will remain self-limited. The Bruce Wayne/Batman you meet here is an older, angrier, frustrated iteration. Snippets shown in the trailer reveal a damaged Wayne Manor and a defaced outfit of his ex-partner-in-crime Robin sitting inside the Batcave which frankly does not bode well for the Boy Wonder. 

If I had to guess, I would say that is part of what leaves Bruce Wayne so damaged - the death of his partner Robin (which is a pretty famous/controversial storyline from the comic books where the second guy who dons the Robin outfit gets captured, beaten to a pulp and ultimately killed by the Batman's arch nemesis, the Joker.)

Why do the public and Batman hate/fear Superman?

When Man of Steel ended, you figured the world would be grateful to Superman for saving them. But hey, little did he know how ungrateful we humans really are, eh? 
While some do consider him a God, you can also see that many blame him for the lives lost and the devastating destruction caused by General Zod in the first movie. They do fear what he could do should he turn against human beings. 
And it looks like that does frustrate Superman too. In a moment from the trailer, you actually hear his adopted mother console him with some very honest advice:

"People hate what they don't understand. 
Be their hero, Clark, be their angel, 
be their monument, be anything they need 
you to be... or be none of it! 
You don't owe this world a thing, you never did."

Why are Superman and Batman fighting each other?

This is pretty much a battle of differing ideologies (ironic, considering that is exactly what causes Iron Man & Captain America to part ways in Captain America:Civil War later this year.)

Superman sees Batman as just a man taking the law into his own hands and does not approve of his violent vigilantism. Unfortunately for him, one of the people who conversely worries about Superman being too powerful and thus a threat to society who thus must be stopped just happens to be a guy in a cape who is infamously paranoid about everything and goes by the name of Batman.

He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. 
If we believe there is even a one percent chance 
that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty.
- Bruce Wayne/Batman describing Superman

Batman v Superman? But Superman can just break his neck in a second. How is this a fair fight?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions and yet, if you see any opinion poll, the majority will tell you that Batman would get the better of Superman in a fight.

You see, Batman from the books is all about the detective work - with no super powers at his disposal, he plans his moves and prepares for any and all eventualities. He is trained in all forms of martial arts and uses any and every gadget available at his disposal. He isn't afraid to do what it takes to defeat his opponent. 

Superman on the other hand is the quintessential boy scout. 
He would not cross the lines he himself draws based on his moral code. Unlike his opponent, he is blessed with a lot of powers but being calculating is not one of them. He is not a fighter and is definitely not well versed in the art of combat. .

Batman blocking a punch from Superman? That is impossible!! 
Until you add in the Kryptonite factor.

What's Kryptonite? 

Look out for some form of a shiny green rock not unlike an emerald. This thingy is what drains and weakens Superman big time. There is a clear moment in one of the trailers where you can see Lex Luthor gazing at one such piece. 

The fact that Batman would have it and use it against Superman has some disturbing implications on the relationship between Lex Luthor and Batman.

So Lex Luthor is the big bad villain again?

While they did reveal the presence of the monster Doomsday in one of the trailers and Jesse Eisenberg does seem oddly geeky for a Lex Luthor, all early reports seem to suggest that there is a lot more to that role than depicted in the trailers and he is in fact a really really bad guy to go up against. 
How, I don't know yet since it is unlikely you will need three superheroes to take on just one rich guy. There is definitely a bigger physical threat yet to be revealed (I still say its not just Doomsday but I could be wrong.)

What could possibly make a visibly angry Superman
bow down in submission to Lex Luthor?

Wait. Who is Doomsday? And why were fans ecstatic yet annoyed to see him in the trailer?

To put it in a nutshell, Doomsday is the creature from the comic books who KILLS SUPERMAN in what remains one of the most famous/controversial Superman storylines of all time

A creature created via genetic experimentation by scientists from Superman's home planet Krypton, the being had an amazing ability to adapt and would match Superman blow for blow, eventually killing him.

Image: ScreenRant
The Doomsday in the trailer looks like a 'less horny' version, does it not?

Obviously, fans were ecstatic to see the iconic villain in the movie and all that it could imply but it also made people mad. You see, they felt that the trailer revealed too much by showing him rather than allowing him to be the surprise package. Moreover, Doomsday is a villain with a major backstory rather than just being introduced in the final act to battle Superman.

My two cents: Well, I was pissed too when I saw him, thinking that I had the whole plot figured out. Not so much now. From all that I've read since, this version of Doomsday may not be the main villain but may possibly just be a "Frankensteins' monster" version of the late General Zod (the villain from 'Man of Steel) reanimated by Lex Luthor. Boy, does that guy hate Superman or what?

Who is that lady with the tiara standing besides Superman and Batman?

That lady would be Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman. Alongside Superman and Batman, she is the third most popular character of the DC comic world and a founding member of the Justice League.

A warrior Princess of the Amazons (all women, mind you!), her powers include -
  • Superhuman strength
  • Excellent combat skills. (Seriously. Superman is the third most skilled fighter in his own movie!)
  • The Lasso of Truth (once caught within it, you have to tell the truth. Unlikely to see this in the movie.)
  • Indestructible bracelets.
Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman are arguably the most iconic trinity there is. 
Well, unless you ask a Malayalee who will tell you that the most awesome trinity of all time is obviously Mammooty, Mohanlal & Suresh Gopi. 
MalluMan v MalluMan v MalluMan: Dawn of Malabar Meen Curry.

So DC Comics is finally building their cinematic universe.

Yes, they are a tad late, what with Iron Man & Co. now having over a dozen movies in the Marvel Universe while DC Comics officially becomes just 2 interlinked movies with this one. 
But better late than never I say and while this approach (having half a dozen superheroes appear together for the first time onscreen AND as a team IN THE SAME MOVIE) differs from Marvel who built their movie universe step-by-step over years, it is still a good thing to see that they are finally forging ahead. Later this year, they connect to another movie, Suicide Squad which features most of the villains from the DC stable. That trailer too was really intense and awesome, by the way.

HALF A DOZEN superheroes? What are you talking about?

Seems pretty silly to have a team consisting of just Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman, right? Well, relax. Though its not shown in any of the trailers, it is already confirmed that before the end credits of the movie start to roll, you will meet:
  •  The Flash (The Fastest Man Alive. That includes rapid speed, thought & reaction times, the ability to phase through walls by vibrating one's self. In some major storylines, has also been able to travel back in time), 
  • Aquaman (the superhuman Ruler of Atlantis residing in the depths of the oceans with the ability to command telepathically with all sea creatures. Even without his trademark trident, he is a really really scary person to piss off) &
  •  Cyborg (a more hi-tech Robocop). 

While most people suggest that this movie will feature the other members as cameo roles and focus on the trinity (not Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and Mammooty! The other one!), I am gonna call it here and say they will have a much bigger role in the final battle (against whoever it maybe) and end up showcasing their prowess in pretty awesome fashion. 

Does this team have a name/ The significance of the word 'Justice'.

A lot of the focus is on the first half of the title 'Batman v Superman' and all that it implies. But the thing that should really get everyone excited if you ask me is the last word: Justice.
You see, Dawn of Justice is a pretty unsubtle nod to the formation of the 'Justice League'. For those who need to ask, the Justice League is DC Comics version of the biggest superhero team-up. 

Ooh. A Family photo! The only one missing from the team-up is
Green Lantern (second from left) which begs the question:
Could he end up being too there too?

Think Avengers but honestly much more awesome. I know you love Tony Stark and Captain America but seriously, they would struggle against the Justice League. Which is also why it has been so frustrating to watch a decade go by before the League finally comes together on screen.

What to expect from the movie:

  • Brilliant cinematography.
  • Iconic fight sequences.
  • Dark and brooding tone. Expect strong melodramatic moments over witty banter.
  • A busy movie: You need to set up 
    • Lex Luthor, 
    • Batman, 
    • Wonder Woman, 
    • The ideological differences between Superman & Batman and their physical conflicts,
    • How they resolve their differences, 
    • How they fight alongside each other
    • The existence & explanation for how Kryptonite is available on Earth, 
    • Lex Luthor getting the body of General Zod, 
    • The creation of Doomsday, 
    • Explain how other superheroes already exist (Flash, Aquaman etc) and why they decide to show themselves after all this time, 
    • Some major third act fight sequences... all in less than 3 hours.

The biggest comic book superheroes of all time are finally coming together for the first time ever on the big screen. Hope you are ready for them! Got any more doubts you need clarified? Ask away and I will do my best to answer them so that your Batman v Superman Class 101 is complete before you enter the movie hall with your family/friends/poodle.   

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  1. Holy Cow! Does this man know his A to Z's of the Comic-world or what! Let me tell you Doc, you have received critical acclaim from none other than my 13 year old son! There, made your day, didn't I? You can't imagine how hard it is to impress these chaps! But then full credits to you for sharing this in depth analysis, research into the past and stuff! I am a self-confessed super-hero buff and was thrilled to read this piece! The Mallu trinity...hehehe! Looking forward even more to seeing this film now!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks, that really is high praise and I realize the ones who will be most critical of this post seeking out every tiny error will be the young kids :)

  2. Great write up! You've done your homework well! Not much to add or say except that Batman was always a frustrated person and the death of Robin had left him guilty at that point on... And Superman I think has died and reborn in the comics over three times or so if I remember correctly!
    But great peek ins to some of the characters! I think you've portrayed them rather too well doc!
    The movie is still yet to be rated though there's this big feeling it's gonna disappoint!

    1. Thanks Dan. Yes, the death of Jason Todd was a major factor to him becoming the brooding fella who never trusts anyone. You really should check out "Hush" (remember that series which had everyone)
      Not sure of Superman's new versions since its all over the place but the most famous one will always remain him being killed by Doomsday which is why they bring in the character for the movie but Im not sure how beneficial it is, considering there won't be more than a single fight sequence featuring Doomsday vs all 3 heroes.

  3. Good thing I read this post! I love superman and was so worried about this movie. The post has raised a lot of questions that the movie will answer but solved a lot of them too.
    Not! Do you know your comics!
    Now only if they get Mandrake and Lothar on the big screen. There were talk of a movie a decade ago but no result...
    Great, incisive post.

    1. Superman for me remains far less complex than say, a Batman movie because of his powers. So this method of finding an ideology for him to go up against works better, I feel. Especially when it is two people out for the same goal but using different means to achieve it.

  4. Ah well. I read the Superman and Batman comics of my childhood (late 50's/early 60's). I know there have been reboots of those "universes" since. I would be totally lost. Not sure I will go to see this movie. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Oh I agree... I am totally lost at this point of time with the various multiverses and the 52s...

  5. Hilarious reveiew for the movie. Sure I would like to see the movie with my family. They are our all time favorite.

    1. This should be a big hit financially, irrespective of whether it satisfies the audience or not :) And definitely, will be visually brilliant.

  6. Roshan, your review sounds more interesting than the movie :) Seriously, what an informative and interesting post you've put up!I like both Batman and Superman but my all time hero is Phantom :)

    1. Thanks :)
      The idea was to raise interest and keep people who know 'a bit' updated so that they get what is going on in the movie. Especially with so much likely to take place in 2 and a half hours.

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  8. I vote for dawn of the malabar meen curry!
    That aside, I'm also superglad that you're a fellow geek, Doc.
    Let's hope the movie's kickass!

    1. very much a comic book geek. And obviously, the Malabar Meen Curry League would whip that Superman's butt! I mean, seriously??? No lungi, even for Superman?

  9. I liked it when I read that its about most epic idea of writing about Spider Man & Super Man..
    Nothing much to say but reviews are very impressive
    LEt see what it brings upp...!!

    1. sadly after seeing it, was pretty disappointed.

  10. Aha! This amazing posts showcases your love for superman and Batman. Enjoyed reading it and my heart is torn between superman and spider man:)

    1. I am a big fan... but was sadly disappointed with the movie. A wasted opportunity.

  11. Batman and Superman was my favorite comic books. You have explained its positive and negative side. I pretty much liked it. Amazing write up.

  12. This movie about Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of justice remains to be one of my favorite movies. However I've never understood why they included that lady in a tiara. All in all I really enjoyed watching it and I guess that's what counts.

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  14. in some points i am totally agree with you ... i have found too some mistakes but the movie are awesome. i was enjoyed with my family.

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