This post is part of my #A2ZChallenge for April 2016 where my theme is TV Sitcoms.
For the letter J, I choose the British comedy Jeeves and Wooster.


Based on the iconic literary series by author P.G. Wodehouse, the show focuses on the travails of the aristocratic Bertie Wooster who often finds himself on the wrong end of a predicament and requiring assistance from his brilliant valet, Jeeves.

Why you will love it:

1) True fans of comedy will acknowledge the value British comedy adds to the genre. It's dry wit, based on situational comedy and alleviated by excellent script writing. Verbal jousts frequent over visual gags.

2) P.G. Wodehouse remains the gold standard for the British voice of humour for over a century now. The wizardry with words holds good for a laugh even today.

3) This show does an amazing job of capturing the essence of his prose and even the era (1920's). Those who grew up reading Wodehouse will be glad to see the TV versions sticking faithfully to how they imagined it (unlike a certain Guy Ritchie's mangling with the movie version of 'Sherlock Holmes')

4) You have all enjoyed seeing Hugh Laurie as the bullish doc genius in House MD. You know he was perfect for that role. Well, decades ago, he was also perfect for the role of the bumbling rich man Wooster who always gets himself into trouble. He excels with those sarcastic expressions as House. Imagine how good those expressions are when he is given full freedom to be funny.

5) Very few shows can manage to be funny resting solely on the laurels of one actor. You need someone to be the polar opposite to highlight the differences. Stephen Fry as is zen personified as the dignified valet Jeeves, often disapproving of his master's ill thought off schemes and yet bailing him out without batting an eyelid or showing a moment of tension.

6) The combination of manic and furtive vs dignified (and British!) has probably never worked better in a show. 

7) 4 seasons, 23 episodes. Short and sweet.

8) There are many British shows that I would unabashedly recommend to you all. 'Coupling' and 'Mind Your Language' for those seeking humour, the new 'Sherlock' for those seeking brilliance in adapting the classics to the present day and  'Poirot' and 'Sherlock Holmes' for those seeking a faithful version of the books they grew up with. Jeeves and Wooster fits in this final category. Its the kind of show that is constantly busy with characters and keeps you busy and often guessing how Jeeves will win the day this time around.

If aliens were to judge us based solely upon this show:

After conquering Earth, they would make all the British butlers take over as Presidents and rulers of the countries. After all, only the Jeeves of the world can find a solution for every problem there is!


Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were a dynamic duo long before this show started - they were a comedic double act on Friday Night Live (think of it as Britain's version of Saturday Night Live!). They even had their own show on BBC - "A Bit of Fry & Laurie".

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Pri said…
Loved the duo in the series. And Wodehouse is simply the best!
Shalini said…
How! Exactly how do you know so many shows? And isn't that House? Seeing you mention Hugh Laurie made my eyes pop! Wooowww! I would so love to watch him in a complete comic avatar!
drcow said…
Love them so much. Bertie n Jeeves my favourites. When finishing all the Jeeves books didn't satisfy my appetit, I went through all the Audio book versions.. Before finally discovering the tv series. True, the dialogues are enough to tickle u to the rib :D
Archana said…
Jeeves and Wooster- my favourite characters! Hugh Laurie has done justice to both the roles.
Great post!
Tina Basu said…
I have not seen this one! will be in my to watch list
Tina From
The Sunny Side of Life
Twinkling Tina Cooks
Rajlakshmi said…
whaattt !! there's a series on Jeeves and I don't know about it... Damn I am living under a rock!! I would like to see how they portray the dry humour of wodehouse :D

A Whimsical Medley
Twinkle Eyed Traveller
Kala Ravi said…
I say chap, you've done this bloody well! My ultimate favorite characters created by the Inimitable Wodehouse! I loved the suave Stephen Fry obviously since Laurie is relegated to expressions of being tongue-tied, flummoxed or total bewilderment...which is exactly how Bertie is supposed to be! What ho!
@KalaRavi16 from
This one I missed.
Parul said…
I need to watch this. One - your suggestion and two - House! :) :)
Ann Bennett said…
This is my first time seeing Stephen Fry as a young man. Quite a change in him over the years. Of course, you can say that about me. Anyway, it does look like a good story.
Visiting from A to Z.
Reema D'souza said…
What? Is there a show? I never knew of this. I love reading Wodehouse and now will watch the show too. Thanks doc!
I immediately recognized Hugh! I definitely need to check this out. I jsut added it to my TV show app :)
vishal bheeroo said…
I enjoy reading the books and one of them is left, unattended. Gotta check the show for I haven't watched!!
Shilpa Garg said…
I'd like to watch this one since I'd be picking up PGW books soon to read!
These two had magnificent coming timing :)
Hehe... I lead a much more boring life than you think.. and yes, I've seen all these and more shows that will come up in this challenge :)

Hugh Laurie has been a brilliant actor for decades now. House is just what the present generation knows him for.
actually even I had the audiobooks and they were pretty good. I remember listening to them late at night.. got me through some tough times
Totally agree... he nails both roles :)
Do check it out... you'll love it if you enjoy Wodehouse
You really have to check this out. They do a brilliant job of it
True.. Fry as Jeeves was magnificent. Never flustered and always winning the day without even breaking into a sweat :)
Really? Its actually quite nice
Haha... today's generation knows him only as the gruff Dr House.. here you get to see him in all comic glory
Sigh... don't we all feel the same way, growing old over the decades :(
You are welcome :) Enjoy!
Haha... good choice :)
It is a wonderful tribute to the book, capturing the essence really well
You can never go wrong with PG Wodehouse... it should be mandatory reading for the next generation, if you ask me :)