Underrated TV Shows That Deserve More Love #AtoZChallenge

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Not all good shows get the love they deserve.
The reasons can be so many - too complex, too serious, too funny, too real, too satire-y... sometimes a good show is just released at the wrong time and lost in the shadows of other more popular shows. With the advent of online streaming, downloading and binge watching though, we have been blessed with the chance to find so many gems that lost the battle on television ratings but won the war to be loved by the public.

These were shows that were well above the average and yet for some or the other reason, never got the love they deserved while they were on air. So which shows pop in your mind when I talk about Underrated shows? Here is my list. 


People assume this is a 'monster of the week' horror show which is so sad because Supernatural has to be the best ode to family and how far one will go for them. Great effects, genuinely heartfelt emotions, super cool lead duo, excellent classic rock, smart storylines (except Season 7 - always ignore Season 7)... what more do you want? The two brothers, Sam & Dean have died (and been reborn) for you!

Sure, they've also opened the gates of hell, pissed off God, made deals with the devil, have the King of Hell literally on their speed dial, have the most flawed angel as a friend and gone evil at times, but hey! Who doesn't, right?

Arrested Development

The brainchild of Oscar winning director Ron Howard, this comedy launched the careers of many future movie stars.
The tale of this scheming 'riches to rags' dysfunctional family works brilliantly when binge watched as you get to see why it is one of the best scripted comedies ever. Jokes for the tenth episode get their foreshadowing and setup in the second episode and the plot weaves so beautifully into previous episodes that you can only stand and applaud once you realize what they just pulled off.
I repeat, binge watch this. Thank me later.

Will & Grace

It won 16 Emmys. And yet, noone has heard of it. Everyone shouts 'FRIENDS' 'FRIENDS' when we talk about late 90s comedy shows. The antics of this neurotic insecure woman, her gay best friend and their two friends was on par, if not better than FRIENDS, with hilarious gags and audacious jokes flying quick and fast. 8 seasons of comic gold.


Space Cowboys who just want to survive after a universal civil war but face constant challenges, including the vile flesh-eating Reavers.
Directed by THE Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Avengers). Cancelled after one season, there was so much anger from fans that finally an actual movie 'Serenity' - which was really good - was made to give closure. 
P.S. Nathan Fillion fans, that's your captain. For more Joss Whedon underrated, you can also seek out the sci-fi mystery DollHouse.


It is not brilliant. But it is very good humour by a bunch of talented comedians. A well meaning bar owner tries to help his romantically challenged friends find love... even if they don't want his advice often! In Season 3, the show moved into a live show format and honestly, I find it funnier now, seeing the actors struggle to gain control of their expressions as their co-actors go off script and screw around with them.


Damned if I know why it is not more popular. BBC at its insightful best. This mini-series starring David Tennant deals with the murder of a young boy in a small town and how the investigation and media affect the people who all seem to have something to hide.  Beautifully shot, great star cast. 

Veronica Mars

People mistake this teen detective show as some sort of a Nancy Drew rip-off. The world Veronica Mars lives in is a lot darker than Drew ever faced, as this rape victim fights her own demons while balancing a turbulent high school life with being a good detective and helping her friends. The show mixes humour, a bad ass heroine, good sleuthing skills and some very unexpected twists to provide a satisfying experience. 
Again, a show so good that after its cancellation, it has had its own movie.

Cougar Town

Slow to gather its footing, this show was written off early. But the cul-de-sac crew of middle aged neighbours dealing with divorce, insecurity and wine (oh, so much wine) finally found its footing as a lighthearted pleasant 'gathering of friends\ genre comedy which also manages to slips in a moral lesson... well, the creator of the show Bill Lawrence is also the creator of Scrubs so what did you expect. I count this as the best show by an ex-Friends alumni (Courtney Cox), honestly.


I have spoken in detail about this highly intelligent 'X-Files meets Matrix meets Homeland' show.

The rest:

Oh Man. Too many coming to mind so let me just add it here -

Comedies: Ground Floor, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Exes, Rules of Engagement.
Crime Procedural: Luther, The Fall.
Drama: Mr Robot, The Americans, Orphan Black, Sense8,  Spartacus.

So here's your chance. Which show did you love watching and wonder why no one else had heard of? Which shows deserved more love? 
Tell me and I will add it here. Let's make an awesome list, what?

Update: Shows you have requested to be added here:

  • Night Manager. 
  • Roswell. 
  • Monroe
  • Angel. 
  • BTVS 
  • Scrubs. 
  • Scandal. 
  • Revenge. 
  • ALIAS 
  • Lost. 
  • Suits. 
  • Gossip Girl.
  • Nikita
  • Blood & Oil
  • Monk
  • Mentalist
  • Packed to the Rafters
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Dharma & Greg
  • Charmed
  • The Thin Blue Line

To see all the shows  I have talked about till date, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. I used to love Supernatural and have followed the series. Loved the emotions, story and as you said - the duo.
    Others - Packed to the Rafters? One Tree Hill? Revenge? (Peeps may have heard of Revenge)

    1. True.. big Supernatural fan here :) And yes, Revenge is pretty well known.

  2. The Mentalist! Used to love it. The hunt for a killer and the hero is a bit dysfunctional too.a loveable crook.
    Monk....the detective with OCD & other funny characters.

    1. Monk was so awesome... sad that today's generation never got to see Tony Shaloub at his peak

  3. I have just heard about one or two of them.. but as you say, never heard anyone even talk about them. Will check them out.

  4. The only one I watched was 'Will and Grace' and that was only occasionally. I really liked Blood and Oil and can't believe it was cancelled.

    1. Okay, I didnt even know there was a show called Blood & Oil.

  5. I have not/did not watch any of these shows. But, on the other hand, I rarely watch the popular shows, either.

  6. Once again you've mentioned shows that I didn't even know of. How do you know so much!

  7. Board walk empire - period gangster drama

  8. Out of the list I have only seen Supernatural ... and I absolutely love it. Not to mention the brother are super duper .. umm likeable :P

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

    1. down girl!! This is a family friendly blog ;P

  9. I loved Will and Grace and have watched it a few times. :) But I really struggled with Undateable.

    Adding to the list - Dharma and Greg, Charmed, Black Adder, The Thin Blue Line (apologies, if I've missed any of these in your posts).

    1. Adding all except Blackadder because it is a known classic that launched so many careers :)

  10. Will and Grace used to be so nice!!

    1. Totally agree... laugh out loud level of humour

  11. Hmm yep, many under-rated ones here! Fringe I watched, the rest not so much. Only five more to go Doc....great going, cheers!
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Thanks.. same to you. Your series has been brilliant.

  12. I didn't realize Supernatural was underrated. I can't speak in terms of stats and weekly viewership but I was aware it had a following.
    Arrested Development is fantastic! Oh man!
    Hey there was this one show that got cancelled after a season cos it was apparently such a flop. But I saw it while I was in school or something and it was a show about high school so I was nearly heartbroken when it got cancelled. It was called Life as we Know it. In all probability, it may have sucked, but the age at which I saw it played a major role and I am still sad it got cancelled! Weird the things we remember!
    But you're so right about so many shows going under the radar simply because they're too many now! Can't even keep a track of it all!

    1. Oops just noticed youre updating the list as per comments. Dont add the show I mentioned. It wasnt underrated strictly speaking. Just a , cancelled show that I miss :P

    2. Many good shows get cancelled after just a single season due to poor marketing and timing. Firefly is considered one of the biggest examples of this.
      But then, I really don't know the show you are talking about.
      Still, if you can think of any, do add it.

  13. I am bookmarking this list! Have only seen a few till now which are highly popular!
    I have heard a lot about Mentalist!

  14. Sorry, same applies, don't watch TV much. Again, a very long post for the A to Z.


  15. I've watch two of the shows you mentioned and liked them so maybe I will give the others a try

  16. Undateable was on the wrong network. It could have been a great show.

    I still miss Arrested Development SO MUCH. After their Netflix special, I really thought they would do more but there cast has got so much more famous and popular after the show ended that I am not sure it will be possible to put them back together.

  17. I'd say Lie to me and Body of proof was underrated as well. They were on par with Castle and Homeland when it comes to the mystery element.

    Thanks for a list. I have a lot of torrenting to do now :)

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