Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling

One of India's most popular sweets, the Gulab Jamun needs no real introduction. The milk-solids based sweet is actually not just limited to Indian cuisine or even South Asian but is also a part of Caribbean cuisine! 

Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling

They are delightful melt-in-your-mouth little globes of heaven and can test the character of even the truest of calorie watchers as they sit there in their golden hues, bathed in a glistening sugary syrup.

Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling

So how can we improve upon this heavenly treat first prepared in India? (Yes, I know. We Indians did make everything in the world from gulab jamuns to spaceships!)

Well, we add another sinful delight to it. And who else but Dark Chocolate to upgrade the traditional Gulab Jamun? Calorie shmalorie! Life is too short not to indulge once in awhile and try to make heaven a little better.

Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling

So here you go! Enjoy your double delight of Gulab Jamun with Melted Dark Chocolate within.


  • Khoya (mashed) - 250 g
  • Flour - 50 g
  • Chenna (mashed) - 50 g
  • Cashews (crushed) - 1 tsp
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Dark chocolate - 40 g
  • Sugar - 600 g
  • Ghee - 50 g
  • Water - 400 ml

For those of you who are wondering, khoya is the milk solids you get after slowly cooking and evaporating the milk. You can read about how to prepare it here.
Similarly, chenna is coagulated milk similar to paneer but not as firm. You can read about how to prepare it here.

Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling


Mixture 1: Mix khoya, flour, cardamom powder & chenna and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Mixture 2 : Add cashews and grated dark chocolate with 25 gms of Mixture 1.

Heat the sugar and water for around 10-15 minutes on a medium flame till you get a syrup. If you like the traditional rose flavoured syrup, you can add a few drops of rose water to this mixture before heating.

Covering portions of Mixture 2 (inner layer) with Mixture 1 (outer layer), make 15 round medium sized balls.

Deep fry in ghee on medium heat - a high flame would cook unevenly, leaving the outside ready but not the inside - until you get the characteristic golden brown colour.

Drain and soak in the sugar syrup for half an hour.

Serve hot or warm, as desired. 

Recipe - Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling

Click the image above to convert it to its full size and download the recipe

Gulab Jamun with Dark Chocolate Filling
You want to really go to heaven on this one? Try adding a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of this Gulab Jamun with Dark Chcocolate within it.  
Can you picture it? Oh sweet Lord!

Expect to see the odd food recipe like this at Godyears too - all prepared by my mother - from recipes she has collected as far back as the 1980's - with some unique to Kerala cuisine and some variations of international dishes. 
Since the goal is to share, I will be looking to make all the recipes into easy downloadable single images as well so that you can save them on to your mobile/device and use them offline. Of course, if you do try them out, it would be awesome if you gave me (and her) feedback here on what you thought of the dish.

For the list of all the recipes so far (including seafood, egg dishes, sweets, twists on traditional dishes et al), click here:
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Shaivi said…
They look sinful! Will definitely try.
Bushra Muzaffar said…
This sounds too good...chocolate in gulab jamun - double treat.
Nisha said…
Freshly cooked Gulab Jamuns - nothing tastes better than that!
My Era said…
This is a double delight of being a home-made gulab jamun with the delightful surprise of dark chocolate within. I'll surely try it sometime :)
Parul said…
Oh man! this is heavenly. Why can't you come live in Bangalore? Mum's invited to o ;)
And such an innovation. Good one!
Please do... they are DEFINITELY sinful :)
yes, that was the plan - a double burst of heaven :)
true... totally agree. Damn now my own mouth is salivating!
Please do... it will definitely be worth it
If you check my facebook timeline on this post, you will see that the order is different... shes invited first and I am the afterthought!
Indywrites said…
That is downright decadent!! Must be really yummy but I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Salty all the way.
I am trying to lose weight here, Roshan! This is not helping! :|

Having said that, thank you for the recipe. Bookmarked. :P
Pink Mango Tree said…
Hey Roshan! I feel like an alien in blogosphere now. I have no clue of what's happening here - what to read, whom to follow and things like that (which i used to do, once upon a time). However I have to tell you - hats off to your determination, enthusiasm and interest to post interesting stuff regularly on your page. And you have been doing it in style for so many years in a row! Claps, applause & *Whistle* :)
Alana said…
Chocolate is what life is all about. Some of the ingredients are outside of my normal dessert beaten path, meaning I need to expand my chocolate eating just a little. It's all in the name of cultural research, of course.
Shilpa Gupte said…
I am not a fan of the Gulab Jamun, but Roshan, the way you have described it made me drool, like how Chikoo does when he smells cheese! And, the dark that's a weakness! How I wish technology develops in such a way that the next time you write such a delicious post, I get to smell it as well as taste it just by looking at the pictures! :-)
I will account for that in the next dish :)
Hehe.. I am the enemy of all dieters..
(checks to make sure noone else is watching)
Since uve been gone, I have been anointed the KING OF INDIAN BLOGOSPHERE.
You may call me your majesty as you address me. :)
But yes, there is a certain sadness seeing the old gang go and new bloggers step in.. I think I've seen three to four cycles of bloggers start, do well and then disappear.
Cultural research of this variety is a must!! As a doctor, I totally endorse it!
You never know. We would never have expected to have free messaging facilities like whatsapp back when we were studying in school in the 90s. Who knows what the future holds.
tulika singh said…
O My God this is sinful... absolutely sinful.
That it most certainly is :)
this looks so damn irrestible i am sure i can gulp down atleast five..i am so going to try it
Recipe for such an awesome dessert. Will definitely try it out soon and let u know. 😊
Thanks for sharng.
Tina Basu said…
ohh my my, this is my kinda thing. Lovely jamuns, when am I visiting you?
Geethica Mehra said…
Oh my God, gulab jamun is my weakness. I can't tell you how am I resisting it. And now dark chocolate in it. Totally sinful.
Oh my God .Unbelievable deliciousness in darkchocolate filled gulab jamun
Bushra said…
Omg this is you made at home. This looks so rich soft and creamy. Wanna try this version