5 Key Steps to a Healthy Heart

by - September 29, 2016

Honestly? Me offering you advice on maintaining a healthy heart on #WorldHeartDay is like a saint advising you on how to make cocktails or like asking Donald Trump for tips on being compassionate and articulate.

I'm a tubby chubby old fella who regularly follows the policy of the universe - we are both constantly expanding. The difference though is that I am aware of what needs to be done to change my life around. And I do want to change now.

The World Health Foundation informs us that 80% of premature deaths related to heart disease come from 4 preventable factors:
1. Physical inactivity.
2. Unhealthy diet.
3. Tobacco consumption.
4. Binge drinking.

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I know (and I need you to realize how important this first step is) that I should stop looking at the end goal and feeling disillusioned at how far away it is. Understand that it takes time to become healthy again. Invest that time - you are worth it. Take it one day at a time. 

It is NEVER TOO LATE to change for the better.
I would like to stay alive long enough to see the Indian soccer team qualify for a World Cup and also to see the two upcoming Avengers movies as well the Justice League movie. I am sure you too have some things you would like to see in the future? 
So what say we tackle the four elements that are out to kill us?

1. Slowly, start getting more active.

  • Take a few more staircases. Slowly keep adding an extra flight of stairs to your routine every week.
  • Walk at least half an hour daily.
  • Some form of moderate exercise daily is extremely beneficial.

2. Add Knowledge & Peace to your life.

  • Know your risk factors. Ignorance is not bliss here... it is fatal. My being overweight leaves me prone to many a health bomb in the days to come. And I need to work on that now rather than tomorrow. The same applies to you - if you can service your car once in six months, surely you can get a health checkup for yourself as well and understand your body.
  • Find time for inner peace. Whether it is a relaxing hobby or just sleep, do it.

3. Eat, drink and merry?

  • Add more fiber (bran, oats, wholegrain cereals, fruits and veggies)
  • 8 glasses of water a day helps.
  • Cut down on saturated fat, choosing lean meat or low fat milk.
  • Certain fish rich in omega 3 fats help against heart disease. Common ones we get are mackerel, sardine and salmon. Other Omega 3 fatty rich foods are soyabeans, flaxseeds and walnuts. If you really like me, you could send me some caviar too since it is rich in this (and in every sense, apparently!) 
  • Cut down on salt and sodium intake.

4. Cut out smoking - it is as simple as that really. 

5. Reduce your alcohol intake. 

There is some leeway there, as there are certain health benefits accorded to certain forms of alcohol in limited rations. Binge drinking is a different calorie-high tale, though. 

I am nowhere near my ideal weight or health profile. But a dear friend coincidentally chose today to inspire me by showing me the benefits of making a constant effort. And it worked brilliantly for her as it does for so many others across the world everyday.

What say you and I start with small baby steps for the next 100 days, slowly building up momentum in each category as we strive to achieve our long term goal of living not just a life but a good life?  
What say you and I inspire someone else with our improved health at the end of this year?

Author's note:

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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  1. Super duper reminder Roshan - good steps!! The best is- it is never too late! I'll also add: any activity is better than no activity - can be of help when someone put too high goals for themselves. Small steps - small changes- all in all big difference for a healthy heart:-) Enjoyed this post:-)

    1. for people like me especially, I think this is the key first step... to understand that it is not too late.

  2. Useful reminders, Roshan. A small beginning is a beginning and can be done by anyone including you. Lifestyle diseases are killing us. It is time to take action.

  3. very good post Roshan. I immediately got up from my chair and stood and read this post. Seriously. Most difficult thing I find is to to break away from work for that walk. But I will do it. Also moving more than sitting on my chair.

    1. You atleast sit... I think my default pose in now lying down Lord Vishnu style.

  4. I feel ashamed to even recollect the no. of times I have started and given up!This time, I want to give it a more determined try. More power to all of us in this endeavor!

    1. No matter how many you think your failed attempts are, surely I have more :) Let's just give it a shot this time too


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