The Best of Hrithik Roshan

by - January 24, 2017

Best movies of Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan.

Hero. Superhero. Thief. Villian. King. Terrorist. Quadriplegic.
And come this weekend, blind too in Kaabil.

Let me say something that I have been saying for years: I do not believe Hrithik Roshan has lived up to his true potential. 

Watching him from his first movie onwards, it seemed a given to so many that this was the rare Bollywood talent who could have struck gold had he moved to Hollywood. Watch the best movies of his and you can see a man dedicated to the intricacies of his character, never just phoning it in or resting on his superstar status. He makes the extra effort; if anything, he has been guilty of overdoing it at times. And when combined with terrible movies, that earnestness can be disastrous, sadly. (Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon... oh God. Why, Hrithik, why?)

When the time comes to sift through his filmography, you will be stunned by how few movies there really have been in this 17 year career (not including his assistant director or child actor phase). That is sad for me. Because I truly feel that with the right director and script, he is capable of being the best in the business even today.

So in a career that spans less than 25 movies till date, which are the best movies of Hrithik?

Worth a Watch


A sister whose brother disappeared during the Bombay riots of 1993 looks to gain closure by finding out what happened to him. Her worst fears come true when she finds out that he is now a member of a terrorist group.
My two cents - This was primarily a film showcasing Karisma Kapoor's skills as a competent actress but a young Hrithik still was extremely impressive in a role filled to the brim with emotional conflict. Lovely songs too, FYI.

Best movies of Hrithik Roshan: Kites


A dance teacher who helps immigrants get a green card into USA by 'marrying them' is set on marrying a rich woman for money when he finds himself falling for her violent brother's beautiful Mexican fiance, a woman he had helped acquire a green card earlier.
My two cents  - I like it but I wanted to like it more. Anurag Basu does well as a director, the Hrithik-Barbara Mori chemistry is a spicy tamale and cinematography was top notch. But yet...

Keeps You Hooked

Koi Mil Gaya 

A young mentally disabled adult (Rohit), bullied & pitied by all around him, inadvertently restarts his late father's device to summon extraterrestrial life. His encounter with a young alien left behind changes the lives of everyone in the town while attracting the eye of various government agencies.
My two cents - KMG came at the perfect time following a string of average movies in Hrithik's career. The graphics for the alien were some of the best Bollywood had seen, the ET-esque concept was fresh for India and Hrithik played the various 'parts' of his role really well.


In the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya, we meet the son of Rohit, blessed with superpowers. Sheltered throughout his life, his love for a woman finally takes him out of India where revealing his abilities makes him a marked target.
My two cents - Pretty decent for a sequel though not great. Has a nice twist that many did not see coming so bonus points for that.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham 

An 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' level Indian family drama, it revolves around the lives of a wealthy family who break up over misunderstandings that arise when the elder son marries a poor girl.
My two cents - Yes. I know how hokey that premise sounds. But this is Karan Johar and Yashraj at the helm with a star cast where Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan share screen space with Shah Rukh & Hrithik, Kajol & Kareena. It is long, rich, fancy, melodramatic, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you fall in love but above all else, is total entertainment.

Best of Hrithik Roshan: Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 

In the sequel to the hugely successful 'Dhoom', officers Jai & Ali find themselves up against a master thief, Mr A, who has some truly ingenious methods for getting what he wants.
My two cents - Big budget. Lots of action sequences. Lots of humour. Some romance. Peppy songs. This movie had it all. Yes, it is Bollywood fare but it is immensely fun Bollywood fare!


A radio jockey (a quadriplegic ex-magician) who spreads hope and laughter to listeners seeks to legally end his life, tired of his condition.
My two cents - While he is brilliant in this role and the movie does a decent job of dealing with the tricky topic of euthanasia, the 'larger than life' Sanjay Leela Bhansali aspect of everything from the house to people's emotions takes away a few marks for me.

Essential Viewing

Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai 

A young couple's love story appears to be tragically cut short until the grieving girl finds herself in a different corner of the world staring at someone who looks exactly like her old lover once more.

My two cents - People just would not stop gushing over this movie when it released. Rank newcomers as the leads, wonderful chemistry, brilliant songs, a decent potboiler thriller but oh! Who was this man with the acting chops of Aamir, the charisma of Salman, the intensity of Shahrukh and dance moves unseen before in Bollywood? Oh yes, KNPH still remains one of his best movies till date.

Best of Hrithik Roshan: Mission Kashmir

Mission Kashmir 

A young Kashmiri child Althaf adopted by the police officers who accidentally killed his parents seeks revenge once he realizes the truth.
My two cents - His third film. And in my opinion, the most underrated in his career. Mission Kashmir is awesome at many levels: it showcases the beauty and tragedy of Kashmir; it is director Vidhu Vinod Chopra at his best; the interplay between the leads (Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik, Sonali Kulkarni, Preity Zinta and a very creepy Jackie Shroff) is excellent and there are plenty of deep heartfelt messages embedded within.

Best of Hrithik Roshan: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 

Three childhood friends plan a bachelor trip to Spain, a journey that is filled with secrets & happiness and ends up changing each of their lives.
My two cents - When it comes to 'coming-of-age' stories, you really can't do better than the brother-sister duo of Farhan & Zoya Akhthar. This movie is a must-watch for probably everyone in this generation. Hrithik gets the lion's share of the pie, his workaholic, self-sabotaging life completely disrupted by the presence of his friends, a mysterious woman and even a journey to the bottom of the ocean. Well acted, sincere without unwanted melodrama or moralizing, this is a true masterpiece.


The remake of the 1990 Amitabh Bachchan hit features Hrithik as the iconic Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, a man forced to embrace violence when he finds his father's teachings of compassion are futile.
My two cents - While it takes the bare bones from the original, this is that rare thing - a brilliantly done remake. It is dark and violent and holds nothing back. Hrithik 'on-the-edge' is as good as you can imagine and you find yourself gritting your teeth with him as he schemes and bleeds. Sanjay Dutt as Kancha... damn! I still don't know how he bulked up for this role but Hrithik looked puny next to him. And Rishi Kapoor in his first villainous role as the child-trafficker Rauf Lala made you genuinely cringe. This movie had some truly memorable cinematography and songs and even made superb use of some of the original movie's dialogues (I am thinking of Hrithik finally introducing himself using his full name)

Jodha Akbar 

The eternal love story gets a beautiful retelling as we watch the Mughal emperor Akbar meet his match following his betrothal to the fiery Rajput princess, Jodha, an alliance of convenience between two kingdoms that does not sit well with Jodha as well as certain members of her family.

My two cents - Ashutosh Gowariker in his element (as opposed to the debacle of 2016's Mohenja Daro) can weave a tale almost poetically. With some hauntingly beautiful tunes by A R Rahman, beautiful set designs and wonderful chemistry by the leads, this was a huge hit for Hrithik. And yes, he really did a brilliant job as Akbar.


The journey of an aimless young man who reluctantly joins the army and goes on to play an inspiring role in one of India's most famous wars against Pakistan.

My two cents - I left Lakshya for the end of this list because it is that movie that you should watch even if you miss 90% of the movies in this list. You have Farhan Akhthar directing ( our 'coming-of-age' man, remember). You have Hrithik evolving in front of your eyes from a typical loser to someone you genuinely respect and care for (the closest to this evolution would be Ranbir's magnificent performance in 'Rockstar'). You have plenty of stars in the movie but their roles are well-defined and not meant to overpower this journey. And you have some incredible visuals of the war. A moderate success on release (because we Indians are dumb, occasionally) Lakshya attained cult status thanks to the magic of repeat TV telecasts.

Well, that's my list. What did you think of it? And what do you think of Hrithik as an actor? Do tell. I am all ears.

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  1. You shouldn't even be surprised that I have seen all the movies on this list and yes I agree with every word. You shouldn't be more surprised that I have seen all the movies not on the list too. :D

    1. haha. True, I would expect no less from you :)

  2. I've seen most of those films and liked Hrithik in most of them. It's just that, he sometimes comes across as over-earnest and that can be annoying. But then there are worse faults an actor can have.

    1. True. I totally agree that he has been guilty at times of overthinking the emotions required for the scene. And yes, I would still take it over a lack of acting ability passing off as acting.

  3. I loved him in Kites, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Mohenjodaro. But somehow the Kangana chapter has left me in confusion. I seem to have lost respect for him. Nevertheless, Kaabil must be one movie that helps him exhibit his true potential.

    1. Yes... I know what you mean. I have chosen not to add his personal life in here and be slightly objective. But definitely it has taken a toll on his popularity and people's opinion of him.

  4. Seen all of them and with that I surprised myself!! But I gotta admit I fell for him wholly and solely after Dhoom2!! After that one I liked him in Jodha Akbar. Infact in Zindagi...I thought he was more put on in comparison to the other two. A great compilation and some great observations Doc!

    1. I think he started off overdoing it in ZNMD (his opening scene comes to mind) but gradually I think he stabilized (the Katrina effect? :) ). But yes, the other two were more natural which really helped for a movie like that

  5. Other than Kites - I agree that Hrithik did a decent job in all of these. Thinking like a HR person, who I am, I agree that he did not get roles that explored his potential. Or can we say he as well did not make an effort? There are actors like Siddiqui who have made such incredible mark with smaller roles. Isn't it? So I guess, did stardom take away Hrithik's desire to grow? Maybe yes or maybe not? ;)

    1. good point... he has had better opportunities than perhaps more talented 'actors'. In some ways, I guess this should be a list based on his star power too.

  6. Ohhhh, awesome - enjoyed this evening - with the clicks and certainly noted down some I will try to get a hold of - love the vivid joyful energy in some of the Indian films- very contagious:-)

    1. haha... yes, we always tend to go overboard with the pomp and gaiety in our movies... nothing subtle about us :D

  7. Superb list and i completely agree about Hrithik's capability as actor. I love Jodha akbar, lakshya and his debut movie

    1. Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was like a cult movie back in 2000; everyone was gushing about it for months... it played for months too! Hardly see that in today's day and age.

  8. I think his biggest fault is that he's a Roshan. This whole 'star kid' thing is always going to put the weight of expectations on you.
    Acting wise - I think he has a lot of potential; He's a bit over-earnest, and can be a bit irritating, but I'm hoping he'll do well with Kaabil.

    Let's see

    1. Totally agree.. starting off as a star has not worked as much as he would have liked. And yes, over earnest seems to be the word of the day as far as defining him goes.

  9. I loved him in Kaho na pyaar hai, Zindagi na milegi dobara, Lakshya, Jodha Akbar and Koi Mil Gaya. I was not planning on watching Kaabil, but after reading the reviews of Raees and after reading this post of yours , I am rethinking my decision and am guessing I will watch Kaabil, after all! SRK might be the Badshah of Bollywood, but HR is Mr. Talented!

    1. Hopefully he will fare better with Kaabil than with Mohenja daro... he isn't always the best judge of character when it comes to scripts, I feel.

  10. Lakshya, Dhoom and ZNMD are some of his best movies I believe, where you can see his true acting potential... rest I feel are too bollywoodish. He is so incredibly talented... just the other day I was watching ZNMD again and I could see how perfectly his hair would fly in air, the way he ran ... with his legs in perfect angles ... and his style ... sigh!! too much perfection in one frame. :)
    Welcome back Doc :D

    1. haha.. ZNMD should be essential viewing I feel... its taken well, offers wonderful messages and feels so natural in the camaraderie and insecurities between friends.

  11. The only movie of his that I haven't seen is Kites. I wish his Lakshya got more love. It's a fantastic movie. He was amazing in Dhoom 2, ZNMD and Jodha Akbar. His last movie was bad even though he did a good job in it. Watching 'Kaabil' tomorrow.

    1. I refuse to condone Mohenja Daro.. it was bad from conceptualization and ideally should never have gone for production at all. We aren't ready yet for this level of a movie and when you look beyond the CGI, the story is horribly 80s... Let me know what you think of kaabil.

  12. My favourite is ZNMD and I also enjoyed watching jodha akbar. Not a big fan but love his dancing. Interesting list and good read.

    1. Lakshya? I thought he did a wonderful job there... :)
      And yes, have not really talked much about his dancing prowess :)

  13. I have watched most of the movies in this list. Love Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Couldn't help finish watching Kites. His debut movie made all if my friends go gaga over him. I kind of hated that. ;)


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