For this week's Friday Reflections, the dynamic duo of Everyday Gyaan & Sanch offered an option to talk about the top 3 bands or singers we love.
As with most other choices in my life, it is hard to narrow it down to three. But then, I decided to just seek out the top 3 I enjoy listening to presently and lo! and behold. It is 3 singers who were extremely popular in the late 80s and 90s as I grew up.

Do their songs stand the test of time? Hell, ya they do!
This post will get way too long if I start going on with my trivia knowledge so I am just going to let you enjoy the songs from the 3 groups/singers I have chosen. Get your headphones on, matey! We have some lovely rock, pop and romantic ballads for you.


It Must Have Been Love

Sleeping in My Car (One of my Top 10 ear-worm songs of all time)

Fading Like a Flower

Got some more time? Also check out:
Listen to Your Heart
The Look

George Micheal

I am actually not counting hits like Last Christmas and Wake Me up Before You Go Go before that was with him as part of the band WHAM.

Careless Whisper

Father Figure

Fast Love

Got some more time? Also check out:
Freedom 90
Jesus to a Child
I Knew You were Waiting (with Arethra Franklin)

Michael Jackson

Where do you even begin with the King of Pop? There must a 100 songs that could be showcased here! So, I am just going to choose a few for your pleasure. You will have to seek out the rest yourselves.

Heal the World

Smooth Criminal

You are not Alone

Got some more time? Also check out:

Seriously, you can find a treasure chest of awesome songs from these 3 singers, the key being the versatility. All three could croon love songs or flip a switch and turn the beat on just like that. Their live concerts were amazing (always a guide to a singer's true talent) and their songs still bring a smile to my face, a bop-bop to my neck and a tappity-tap to my feet.

So have you heard these 3 artists? If so, which songs did you like the most from their vast discography?
Also, tell me an artist you love & a few songs of theirs you would recommend.

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Ls said…
Ah..i wrote half a post and lost interest wondering if anyone would be interested. But after reading yours, I want to say so much more. I loved Roxette. And George Michael is my favourite too. I also love MJ. Getting to only 3 is difficult.
Jaibala Rao said…
How did you narrow it down to just three songs and just 3 artists. All the songs are so amazing. Of course I love all these. And going by the way our choices coincide, I am begging to wonder, have you ever traveled to Kumbh! :D
We are the world ,Last Christmas are old but timeless favourites.Its beautiful how songs travel time .People may no longer be there ,but their creations stay.Lovely post
bellybytes said…
Even though I was really grown up when you were growing up, these songs were my favourite too. They still make my feet tap and I remember the drives back from school when my little girls used to listen to these tapes ( yes we had cassettes back then in our cars!)
CRD said…
Must have been really tough to narrow your selection down to three. The 80s gave us many music superstars and groups/bands - since I am a fan of hard rock and metal music I'll name some of my favourites as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden, Queen, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Nirvana.

If I had to name my top 3 they's be:-

1) Iron Maiden - The Trooper, Number of the Beast, Aces High

2) Dire Straits - Walk of Life, Your Latest Trick, Money For Nothing

3) AC/DC (the Brian Johnson era) - Highway to Hell, Who Made Who, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Interestingly, all of these bands sound better when they perform live.

Let me know which of these you liked.

Shilpa Garg said…
This post brought back so many memories. I remember listening to Careless Whisper on a loop during college days and MJ is amazing!!
Shalini said…
Those are some fab choices, Roshan. I love Boney M as well. Thanks to Mom, she is a huge fan and listens to 'Ma Baker' all the time :)
P.S: I am so looking forward to your A to Z Theme reveal!
Stopping at 3 is so infuriating. You feel bad thinking of all the ones who missed out!
Do write on this...would love to see more bands and videos featured :)
Pretty sure, we have... I would have been easily distracted by the gol gappa vendor while you went for all the ice lolly sellers!
Sadly, you are right there... we did lose George Micheal and Micheal Jackson. And Roxette has been battling cancer for a decade now :(
haha... you think we didn't? I am very much a 'cassette player specially fitted in Ambassador car' generation guy. Man, amazing to think how time passed us by, huh? Today, a single pen drive and we have literally 1000s of songs.
You are right... selecting 3 bands sucked. Especially when you see all the ones left behind like you pointed out here.
Ok, of the lot, I am more inclined towards Dire Straits and AC/DC than Iron Maiden. And I would love to add 'Back to Black' in the AC/DC - one of my top 3. For fun, I would probably put 'Big Balls' in there too :D

These need separate lists, huh? Retro rock, heavy metal etc
From what I recall, he wrote Careless Whisper when he was 17! Can you imagine that?
Shalini, Boney M would easily get ya 6 chartbuster songs... they had so many classics. As for the A to Z challenge, it is going to be different, I assure you.
Reema D'souza said…
I love these songs! I'd never heard a lot of them before. "Heal the world" is one of my all time favourites!
Only three artists and three songs each? What self control! I could name thousands of "favorites" because it all depends on my mood. Today - U2 (Mysterious Ways) DragonForce (Through the Fire and Flames) and the Charlie Daniels Band (The Devil Went Down to Georgia).
Many were classics but a few got overshadowed by the others. That's why I thought I would showcase them as well by making it 6 videos instead of 3 each.
Haha... I know. Tough stopping at 3. I actually don't know most of these so you just gave me a new playlist to check out. Thanks :)
Sanch Writes said…
MJ was an amazing artist...shame about his mental health though. I do like Careless Whisper. I almost wrote on this prompt but to be honest, I have more than 3 bands/artists I love!
Ness said…
Great choices! You're right, you can't help but tapping away to their songs. I'm a big Karen Carpenter/Carpenters fan, but I guess a lot of their songs were mournful, except perhaps Top Of The World.