When Armani Crews turned 6 this March 5th, she made the news for NOT throwing a birthday party for her friends.

Armani had been pestering her parents for the last few months, insisting she wanted to feed the homeless in her community on her special day. Even when her father informed her that it would mean she would not get a birthday gift, the kindergartner was okay with it.

Armani Crew celebrated her sixth birthday by feeding more than a hundred homeless people in her community

Her parents finally relented, buying a wide array of food (from chicken and fish to corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, cakes, fruit and water) meant for the homeless. When the members of the family's local church heard about it, they too decided to pitch in, creating care packages for the homeless.

Each care package included a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer and a snack, such as a granola bar.
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More than 125 homeless people attended Armani's birthday party in the end, grateful to have not just a hot meal but the knowledge that they were remembered.

Even as Chicago and the world smiles at her wonderful gesture, the little 6 year old is already busy again though. She's planning her next community meal for the homeless within the next couple of weeks.

Armani Crew's story can be read here.

Armani Crews

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Damyanti said…
What a precious little girl! We can always make a difference-- we just need the will to go out and do it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Roshan,and for being part of the #WATWB initiative!
Vinodini Iyer said…
What a kind soul! Imagine having so much compassion at such a young age. Most kids her age would be making a list of what they want for themselves on their birthdays. She's an angel!
BWitzenhausen said…
What a beautiful story! This child has such grace at such a young age! Thanks for sharing! :) #WATWB

Belinda Witzenhausen~Writer & Artist
This is sucha a heartwarming story.Children when taught values turn around and teach us things,we tend to forget.Loved the story of the little angel.
Thanks Damyanti. And yes, of all the stories I've been saving up, this was the youngest hero I found.
Most adults three - five times her age would not consider doing something like this. And she is the one insisting, not her parents. That's what struck me as amazing.
I agree... for one so young, tremendous grace.
totally agree Amrita. This is a child brought up well.
Susan Scott said…
We learn from the young many times - imagine, if we said no thanks to birthday gifts, rather the giver to give in kind to a charity of their choice. Or feed a homeless person/people .. thanks Roshan -
Lynn Hallbrooks said…
Wow, I'm in awe of this young lady. Thank you so much for sharing about her, Dr. R. I hope others will be inspired by her. #WATWB
Me Otherwise said…
Amazing... At an age when kids are busy playing with their own things, here is a child who thinks about others. She is an inspiration for each on of us.
Rajlakshmi said…
what a beautiful soul!!! Thank you for sharing this story. I truly believe that this is the best way to celebrate a birthday - in helping others.
I wonder if in the days to come, more people will be inspired to follow her example. Atleast the adults if not the children.
I certainly hope others are inspired by her too.
Kindergarten. That shocked me. I mean, how evolved do you have to be to be able to think so selflessly at such a small age.
Atleast some small deed for others on one's birthday would also suffice, at the very least.
bellybytes said…
AMazing that a little girl would forgo a birthday for something so noble....Good to know that kindness still exists
She is going to become another Mother Teresa. The world needs more people like her. Thank you for sharing the story, Roshan.
Yes. That's the plan for the coming month. To showcase how good people can be.
Touchwood, Preethi.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That young lady is going to change the world. So giving for someone her age.
Mary Aalgaard said…
Sweet story. We have groups who regularly work the soup kitchen in our area, including youth who volunteer. Great blogfest. Mary at Play off the Page

I agree. That is why I really wanted to showcase her :)
Lovely to hear that. I keep thinking of how we've heard of 'soup kitchens' for so many decades now in USA. But I can't think of a similar concept across India even today. And that's sad.
Deborah Weber said…
Such a beautiful little light and inspiration to us all.
True. I sincerely hope she inspires similar stories elsewhere.
Adults can learn from this 6-year-old humanitarian...what a selfless nature at such a tender age. Amazing!
Thank you for sharing this story.
Only a few with this giving attitude and that too at this age. Appreciate her Parents to support her idea.
Indywrites said…
That is one strong and motivated child! She makes us all proud. More power to her and spreading light and love.

Thank you so much! Team #WATWB
Exactly... we need more kids like this.
True. Looking forward to hearing more good things about her as the years go by.
Adults NEED to learn from this child. No doubt about that.
vishal bheeroo said…
Bless her little heart. I am sure she will make a difference to the world as she grows. What an inspiration to grown ups. Thanks for sharing.
harman singh said…
..these little angels are such inspirations...
we need more and more people like that .. often in schools in US its taught donate a book (USED)to school library on your Birthday (no candies or cakes allowed)so that kids get into habit of GIVING and caring for others.. they usually put on Christmas tree in school (new)hats , gloves , socks ..donated by kids..decorated by kids in school to get in to habit of GIVING since its festive season. .. charity begins from home its a perfect and shining example of this kid.
Simon Falk said…
Thanks for this story of a truly kind young girl, Roshan. She may not have received a present, but she was part of a real moment of giving. Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB